Discovering Your Unlimited Potential

We are all infinite beings and as such can truly create the life of our dreams. No, we are not told as such. From birth we are given limited thoughts such as “life is hard” and we tend to believe it because we are not offered any alternative. When we tap into not just our human self but our deeper, Higher Self, the part that is always connected and perfect we can surprise ourselves with what we can manifest and how life can be in flow!  My book, “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life” helps you do just that.  My friend James Sinclair’s Movie, “The Grand Self:Dissolving the Illusion of Separation” showcases so many wonderful teachers and real live examples of humans “doing the impossible”.  The more we affirm to ourselves by seeing such movies and by reading and doing exercises such as those found in my book, the more we begin to create a life we might never have dared to have dreamed of, for ourselves.

Eight years ago I was sick, in chronic pain and was told I would be in a wheelchair.  Since healing I have helped hundreds of people heal themselves, written a book, taught workshops and manifested a relationship that I never dreamed was possible. I know firsthand we can create wonder, beauty, joy and flow in our lives the first step is to love ourselves enough to know we are worthy!! 

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Radio Interview with me on Blog Talk radio discussing my book and also leading a short exercise in self-love which is the FIRST step in knowing you deserve an unlimited life!!!

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YOU DESERVE to be happy and to have a life in flow and more than you ever imagined could be yours! We are all so special and have our gifts to share.  My loving yourself enough and tapping into those gifts you are beginning to dissolve that illusion of separation and you can start stepping into your Grand Self! 

I offer 1/2 hour complimentary calls if you are interested in help in taking the next steps toward removing the blocks and obstacles that have kept you where you are and to take that leap to the next level.

Changing Your Reality and Well-Being VERY Quickly

heart cloudWhile in chronic pain and living with the prognosis of inevitably being in a wheelchair, my outlook on life was anything but positive. I BECAME my dis-eases and awoke every day thinking about how much pain I was in, wondering if I would pass out that day, be able to drive or be able to do much of anything other than “just make it through another day”. I loved my kids, my friends and family but in many ways I felt like I was a burden and not living up to being the daughter, mother, wife or friend that I wanted to be. After watching the movie, “The Secret”, I knew I had not been doing everything I could to help myself. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I could heal myself of all dis-ease in three weeks! But I knew I could do more to utilize my mind and make my body feel at least a little better than in had been – if even for a few moments each day.  Fast forwarding to today, 7 years later I am in perfect health and know that when I made the decision to change my mind about my dis-ease I changed my fate from being in a wheelchair and on medications the rest of my life to my life now – which is honestly beyond my wildest dreams. It might seem impossible, but with a few little changes to your daily life – you can indeed change your reality.

I have the methods I used to heal myself offered in my free ebook but I wanted to write this as a way for you to start today in a few moments to recognize the power of your mind to shift your reality.  The two methods I found priceless and the most important in my quick healing were paying gratitude and shifting my attention to what I did want instead of focusing on what I was told to expect and believe. I will offer a short exercise at the end of this post so you too can begin to make that shift.  

In every moment we are sending the Universe messages.  Our minds are rarely quiet and usually it is constantly repeating things we don’t want or are unhappy about – sometimes insulting ourselves and giving ourselves tons of limits in the process.  If we are only sending out this worry and angst over what can happen and have made up our minds that is really the only possible way, then how can we possibly expect any different outcome? Taking a few minutes and coming up with ways things can work out the way you want is a very powerful way of shifting energy. You are essentially putting out new possibilities into the Universe. The beautiful thing about this process is it does not take long and it is so much more powerful than the unconscious barrage of comments we are sending out from our programmed and distracted mind.  When you get still and first tell the Universe you have noticed things to be grateful for and follow it up with positive intentions of how you want things to go – you can truly see what one might call miracles manifest and at the very least shift your mood very quickly.

I would like you to try the following exercise:

— First think of one person or thing that you are very grateful for in your life; maybe it is a family member or friend.  Maybe it is that you live in a nice house, have a comfy bed. Whatever can get you into that smiling state while thinking about this person or thing.

— Next think about something you are grateful for yourself for. Maybe you have a great sense of humor, can cook or garden, or are a great listener for your friends.  Find this one thing and sit in it for a moment, giving gratitude for yourself and the Universe for this gift, that is part of you.

— I want you to now think of a challenge in your life.  I want you to put your hand on your heart and see two different ways this situation could work out in a positive manner.  If you are worried about money – maybe you get an unforeseen check or someone that owes you money pays you back – perhaps you even find money or something to sell that is worth money.  When picturing the good outcomes – let your mind go! When we get in that day-dreamy state we are truly tapping into our Higher Self, Our Soul and so many more answers and guidance can come from that space than our rational mind which tends to set limitations.

— Thank the Universe again for the things you are grateful for and for helping you see there are positive ways this challenge can turn around.  Thankfulness and gratitude are ways of affirming what IS good which allows more good to make its way into your life.

— Give yourself thanks for taking this time to look after yourself and create a better day!  Not only will you feel better but the people you are around today will notice that shift and may begin to feel better too.

It is my passion to help people tap into their own unlimitedness of being to begin to heal whatever aspects of their lives need healing. I offer free 1/2 hour consultations and offer tools and resources to people wanting to shift and change their lives for the better. I also offer longer Wellness program packages to ensure when people begin to shift, of they feel some discomfort, we can work through that together to ensure lasting change. 

My book, “A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform  Your Life”, will be published January 8, 2016 by Llewellyn publishing and in it I take the reader on a journey through transformation and keeping the healthy new habits in place.  I am excited about its release and look forward to reaching and working with more people. I welcome comments and questions and look forward to working with you. Please feel free to email me or call for your free consultation. Sending much love and blessings your way.



Andara Crystals – Making Intentions a Reality

andara chakra setOver the last 7 years, since healing myself, I have been passionate about learning and have been introduced to more healing modalities and tools than I can count.  There have been a few that have resonated deeply and those are the ones I have added to my spiritual toolbox to use when I work with clients. NONE so far have blown me away like my work with the Andara crystals.  From how I was introduced to them to how they have worked when I lay them on my clients in person or work with them in distance energy sessions with clients – every session has been amazingly significant and honestly life transformative for me and many of my clients. I have now begun to ask my clients to go into the session with an intention and so far about 90% of the time – they receive answers, guidance and healing in the area they ask for. The other 10% of the time they receive something that they needed or wanted but did not ask for in that particular session.  Some of the intentions include; physical healing of ailments that have been present -some for years, release and healing from phobias, anxiety and/or depression, the desire to have a spiritual and/or psychic experience, asking for advice regarding business, a relationship or general life questions and also intentions of deep rest and calm for people who have been having trouble centering during the day or sleeping. Each time is amazing for the client and for myself and I am starting to believe these Andaras do indeed have the powers to manifest intentions into reality!

This is a testimonial from a recent client where I used the Andara Crystals:


I had an Akashic reading and energy session with Jenny. I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with her. I’m very satisfied with her healing methods. I have several issues that I am dealing with, and her kind manner as well as her professionalism helped me to feel at ease while she worked at a distance. During my energy session I had some revelations/visions that were 100% accurate. I am selling a home at this time and I saw in my vision an amount of $45,000, and I also saw the name of the broker.  The next day the realtor called me to inform me that an offer was made for exactly the same amount , and his name was accurate.  I was astounded.   I recommend Jenny to anyone needing spiritual peace of mind and freedom from physical pain. I plan on continuing my healing with Jenny. 

AB from Texas

So what exactly are Andara crystals?  Well having been found only about 30 years ago there is not a lot known about them but I will share what I have learned so far.  They were found by Lady Nellie, a Medicine Woman and Shaman so she was aware of their distinct and magical properties. They look like sea glass making them even more striking in my opinion than other crystals. The following are some of the advantages to working with the Andara Crystals. They help to:

  • Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention 
into the Andara’s Energy Field
  • Clear and Balance Chakras Automatically
  • Build trust within Automatically
  • Focuse on Working through the Heart
  • Raises your frequency of energy to a much higher rate
  • Automatically expand your state of awareness
  • Increased access to universal knowledge
  • Activates the ability to channeling
  • Accelerates the spiritual development process
  • Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions

I mentioned even the way I  was introduced to the Andaras was magical and there were several synchronistic events that led to me not only finding them but connecting with Erica Rock, who is one of the Guardians of the Andaras.  On Erica’s site and by connecting with her through our good mutual and amazing friend, Director, James Sinclair, I was able to gather even more information.  There has been some scientific research done on them which has been pretty amazing into their Monatomic nature.  My friend, Erica does such a good job explaining The Andaras so I definitely recommend watching the below video:

I have felt many shifts in my own life since working with the Andara crystals and am happy to announce not only will I be continuing to offer energy sessions with them, but I am also beginning to sell them. I am so excited to share these with you and will keep you updated as I begin to sell them or you can feel free to contact me if there is a particular Andara you are drawn to.  

While I obviously can’t guarantee you will get exactly what you ask for in a session – I have seen that every single person so far has had an experience and that is something I have not been able to say about any other modality or tool. Since I am so blown away with my work with them and honestly can’t have enough sessions with them because of the magic they are bringing my clients I wanted to put forth a special offer for a limited time.   A normal distance energy session with me would be $250 but for the first 20 people that order I will be offering them for 50% off or $125!  I can only limit it to 20 but will allow those 20 to book a session whenever they like in advance or to gift it to someone. While my sessions are listed for 1/2 hour I ask that you give yourself 1 1/2 hours – as I facilitate for 30-40 minutes after we hang up and you will want some time to process your experience. I ask that when you come to the session you have an intention ready so please think about this carefully. When you order I will email you so we can schedule a time so you too can experience the magic and wonder of these crystals. It would be an honor to work with you and share the Andara’s energy with you. 

I am now selling these amazing crystals. Click here to see what I currently have available so you can begin working with them and discovering their magic on your own. They are WONDER-FUL meditation tools.