Meme — Imaginary University Courses

Imaginary University Courses 101

Isabella Mori of Moritherapy tagged me for a meme to develop some classes. Rules according to blue tea, the originator of this highly educational endeavor: to come up with 5 courses that will “fix” something in your life, find a course you’d like to attend with the person who has tagged you, and pass this on to a few other people.

Isabella’s class I would love to take with her is:
confucius on confusion 121

you’ve taken a philosophy course back in … when was it again … but your addled brain has forgotten most of it? you keep foncusing your light brain with your reft? let master kung straighten you out. only one analect per lesson! hard to forget!

prerequisite: the ability to remember to show up for the course.

materials: bring whatever parts of your brain you can find.

with a guest appearance by professor yu dan

My classes are:
Saying “No” 101

Do you say “yes” to everyone and everything that needs your assistance? Are you overbooked, overwhelmed, overtired? If so this class is for you. We role play and help you learn to say “NO” to ANY situation, parents, kids, friends, spouse, strangers… WITHOUT guilt! You’ll be amazed at how much more time and peace of mind you’ll receive.
Prerequisite: being totally over obligated.
Cost: Your valuable time

Do you get lost on every new drive? Can you find your way out of the woods? This course will show you how to use a compass, notice landmarks, and refold maps.
Prerequisite: You can find your way to class without a GPS
Cost: Less than a GPS

What Me Worry?
Whether you’re a full out “Worry Wart” or a bit of a “Nervous Nelly” — this class will give you tools to “let go”. Learn meditation, visualization with a special section on EFT and The Sedona Method.
Prerequisite: Night sweats, nervous stomach or panic attacks.

Overcoming Perfectionism
Are your daily lists 100 items long? Do you think you need to have a clean house, clean car, clean pet, clean kids, clean yard and look and feel great 100% of the time? Do you make other people nervous with all your “I gotta” energy? Learn how to relax, set moderate goals, use time management and meditate.
Prerequisite: You think you can learn all this WITHOUT being taught.
Cost: AT least 10 of your daily “to do” items scratched out to fit this in.

Finding an Exercise Program you’ll NEVER Tire of
Have you gone from gym membership to yoga classes to weight training to belly dancing to every video workout imaginable? Take this class and take our specialized “exercise meant for you” questionnaire that will narrow down your best suited exercise programs for your personality to the top 2!
Prerequisite: Have taken 5 different exercise classes/programs in the last year
Cost: Less than all the money you’ve spent on gym memberships and exercise videos and classes in the past year!

I tag Priscilla Palmer, Alex Shalman, Adam Kayce — Monk at Work, Adebola & Deb. Hope you guys have time to do this one — it’s fun and I’d LOVE to see what classes you’d take! : )


  1. isabella mori says

    thanks for playing along! i’ll join you for the exercise class in a jiffy!

    a few years ago i read about someone suggesting a “movement jar”. you put movement ideas you can do for 5 minutes or so on little slips of paper, put them in a jar, and a few times a day you take out a slip and follow the directions. never done that but perhaps i will one day …

  2. Priscilla Palmer says

    Thanks for the tag Jenny! I’ll participate but, be patient I’ve got to take care of a few other things first. 😉

  3. Jenny Mannion says

    Isabella — thanks for your fun meme! Priscilla, — whenever you get around to writing is fine! I know you have tons going on.
    Deb — thanks for playing so quickly — it took me a while to come up with my classes — yours sound fun!

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