Victim of My Own Mind

I haven’t written more this week because I have been ill. It is the first time I have been “sick” since I healed myself of chronic pain. I have all the symptoms back I used to have daily which is flu-like (aches, dizziness, nauseousness, loss of appetite, general lack of energy). It has been a real “wake-up” call to me.

While better for the last 10 months I have been putting enormous amounts of pressure on myself to “make up for lost time” and to be the superwoman I always have striven to be. I have wanted to succeed in all areas of my life and have been putting an enormous amount of pressure on myself to do it all NOW. I have been slacking on meditation and some of the tools I used that helped me the most due to “no time”. What could be more important than time for my mind to clear and focus?

I read Steve Pavlina’s latest post and that was another wake-up. He has been ill as well and has been using the time to assess. I will do that as well. This is obviously a call from my body for help and I intend to listen. I will reapply my methods adopted the first time I healed myself and make more of a conscious effort to keep those practices daily in my life. I will attempt to “let myself off the hook” of all my to-do’s and concentrate on my top 3.

Even when you think you have it all figured out there are times needed to reassess. I was not stopping to listen to my mind because I was too bogged down in the day to day challenges life has been throwing at me — and my body reacted to get my attention. I have faced some serious challenges in my personal life this week and have not taken the mental time to figure out ways I can deal with them constructively and what I can learn from them. Instead I have felt sad, preoccupied, a bit lost and disconnected. I will take this weekend to relax, think, meditate and look forward to coming back to my blog next week with peace and determination and I will try and leave the perfectionism behind! : )