Jenny from A-Z — (26 Things You Did Not Know About Me)

I gotta admit sometimes I do LOVE memes. Yes, there are too many and you have to pick and choose. But then times come around like this where I get to answer the call of 2 Memes at once. Yesterday I was tagged for the A-Z Challenge (26 facts people don’t know about you from A-Z) by Simon from The Secret of Life. About an hour later I was tagged by Liara Covert of Dream Builders for the “Reveal 7 Random Facts about Yourself Meme“. Thank you Simon and Liara for the tags. Since I love word games so much I have decide to turn the alphabet one into a rhyming poem…. Liara I know you only asked for 7 — but here are 26 random facts you probably did not know about me…..

A is for Adventure games which I thoroughly enjoy…

B is for Belmar, NJ where I met my favorite boy. ;-)

C is for Campbell, my maiden name — yes, kid’s were mean and called me “soup”.

D is for the dares I completed (playing truth or dare) in NYC on my stoop.

E is for early — which I always seem to be.

F is for freezing — I need to wear layers (usually three).

G is for Gratitude, my favorite tool that helped me to heal.

H is for happy and hopeful, which is now how I usually feel.

I stands for Inventor — I am so excited to be one!
I is also for Indian and Italian — both of my favorite foods — YUM!

J is for Jim Dale who narrates the Harry Potter audio books which I adore.

K is for kayaking — something I want to do lots more.

L is for Leo the Lion — which I characteristically am to a tee.

M is for meatballs — my mom and I make the best with fresh herbs grown by me.

N is for Nintendo Wii which utterly transformed the video game.

O is for Oprah my hero — I think you may have heard her name. ;-)

P is for psychology in which I have my college degree.

Q is for quickly, which is how I like to cross country ski.

R is for red my favorite color — the hue of tomatoes and flowers that I grow.

S is for the slow loris, my favorite animal — they are SO cool, cute AND move in slo-mo.

T is for trampoline — we have an in-ground one on which we all love to play.

U is for unicorn — my daughter’s birthday wish is to ride one all day….

V is for the awesome vegetables this summer that I will grow and eat.

W is for woods where I love to go, relax, think and have a seat.

X is for XTC — as a teen loved their song “Dear God”…..

Y is for You Don’t Know Jack — I had to give this hilarious adult online game a nod!

Z is for Zoo Tycoon, a game I LOVE to play with my son —
even if he likes to let the lions out to chase people just for fun!

I had so much fun doing this (yeah, you can probably tell ;-)) and have to thank my children Alex and Christina for helping me come up with some of the words and facts about myself. They are such wonderful children and I am so proud to be their mommy!

I am going to tag 7 people as the Liara meme asked to do… and would like them to either choose one of the memes or, if you are so inclined — to do them both or combine them like I did! Of course I understand how frequent meme requests can be — so no hard feelings if you don’t have the time… but I did find this project fun! The rules and tags are as follows:

For the “ABC Meme” that Simon tagged me for the rules are as follows:

The instructions say that each player starts with some random facts/habits about himself/herself. As you are tagged you need to post the rules and your responses on your own blog. At the end of your post, you need to choose some people to tag, list their names and, of course, leave them a comment, telling they have been tagged and they need to read your blog for more information. Please list 26 facts A-Z that people did not know about you.

For the “7 Random Facts Meme” I was tagged for by Liara the rules are simple — list 7 random facts about yourself, link to the person that tagged you and tag 7 others.

Here are the tags:

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Good luck guys — I hope some of you can do this. I’d love comments on some of the random things you’ve learned about me.