Inspirational Movies That Can Change Your Life

If you read my blog regularly, you know that after seeing the movie, “The Secret” I became inspired to learn all I could about the Law of Attraction and the Mind /Body Connection. It was because of the push that movie gave me for knowledge that I did heal myself of several chronic illnesses and chronic pain and that I am now healthier than I ever remember being. Books, movies, people all have the ability to change your life instantaneously if you are open and they resonate with you. Yes, I have heard the criticisms of “The Secret” and never did I say it was a perfect movie or that I believed and resonated with everything in it. But it did change my life. It makes me so happy to realize that even more inspirational movies are coming out. A few weeks ago I wrote about an ongoing project to finish and release the movie, “The Shift” that looks amazing. Now I will talk about one movie that is out now on DVD “You Can Heal Your Life” and one coming out very soon in theaters “The Opus Movie“.

I started hearing about Louise Hay almost as soon as I began reading about healing, the mind/body connection and the law of attraction. I read bits and pieces of her writing, heard rave reviews on her book, “You Can Heal Your Life“, watched some videos featuring her, saw her on Oprah and it was obvious she was inspirational and that she has changed MANY people’s lives. I was excited when I heard about her movie, “You Can Heal Your Life“. I looked into getting it shown in my town and is still something I think would be GREAT to pursue. Our town has definitely lost a bunch of stores, jobs and restaurants recently and I hear often of people “not having enough”. Through my invention being manufactured in my town I am hoping to bring jobs to my community but I know it needs even more than that. I think showing the movie to many would inspire people and it is something I will look into some more and I recommend others doing as well for their own communities.

You Can Heal Your Life” has a few other inspirational speakers such as Gay Hendricks and has many stories of people who have healed themselves of illness. Louise Hay has an extraordinary life story. After she had been teaching about healing from within because she had undergone a traumatic childhood filled with sexual abuse that she had healed herself of, she was diagnosed with cancer. She healed herself within 6 months. It is amazing to me that when I started to study the mind/body connection how many people had contacted me who had done just what I did — healed themselves by using their minds when doctors offered no “cure”. “You Can Heal Your Life” talks about affirmations but also really lays out how important feelings are behind the affirmations. It goes into how important it is to be “awake”. Esther Hicks talks about how the feeling behind your words are what puts you in vibration with what you want to manifest. This movie is very powerful on so many levels.

You Can Heal Your Life” takes many moments to show people throughout their days and what “negative self talk” might be going on. You NEED to be awake to hear these messages. You need to WANT to change the way you look at things. Many people do not love themselves — this movie and Louise Hay enforce JUST how important it is to love yourself. There are so many positive messages in this movie and they give a lot of good affirmations to start with no matter what you want to manifest in your life. I can see this movie changing many lives and am very grateful for Louise Hay, Gay Hendricks, Esther Hicks and all the others that contributed.

Following is a preview from “You Can Heal Your Life” which is available now on DVD.

The Opus Movie” has the following statement behind its origination on its site: “One dictionary defines an Opus as the most grandiose and memorable composition of a composers life and legacy. It is this definition that we wish to acknowledge. It is this definition that is the objective of the film The Opus. Every person born on the planet arrives with the potential to create an incredible Opus. But only some people do. Why is that? In this spectacular follow up to the Law of Attraction you will find amazing insights from Top Achievers and Teachers on how to turn your intentions into accomplishments. In The Opus you will be shown the formula and patterns Top Achievers use to create greater abundance in Wealth, Health, Relationships and self achievement.”

What is the Opus then? “To Become the best, biggest, most incredible, abundant, and spectacular YOU possible.” The Opus — From Vision. To Plan. To Performance.

This movie has a lot of the same speakers from The Secret and MANY more. I first heard of it through Douglas Vermeeren who I came in contact through Douglas is the creator and producer of The Opus. He has interviewed more than 400 of the world’s top achievers and because of what he has learned, he is known around the world as “the achievement expert”. This movie looks like it will almost pick up what The Secret left out which was talking about inspired action. Yes, the Law of Attraction is about Asking, Believing and Receiving but you must be conscious and listening to your intuition in order to take inspired action to make your intention a manifestation. I am very excited to see “The Opus” and I think you will be as well after watching this following trailer:

I have written before about how important it is to keep the influences in your life positive. The people, places, news, movies, books — everything you surround yourself with — you internalize and they affect you. These movies will help and inspire many and it is a joy to see the increase in these positive and inspirational films. To manifest you must be conscious and though I have recommended it before, “A New Earth” by Eckhardt Tolle and the Oprah/Tolle free webinar being given are great ways to achieve consciousness and really start listening to those inner voices.

I am now available as a Mind/Body Connection Mentor and can be reached at or via Skype: jennifer.mannion for more information. As always, I welcome comments, questions and suggestions.


  1. Jenny Mannion says

    Hi Shamelle, I LOVED the Pursuit of Happiness as well — Will Smith and his son were amazing and the story was one of never ending courage. Thanks for coming by and for commenting. Gratefully, Jenny

  2. Travis says

    I was also quite inspired by Pursuit of Happyness. Some others that I felt particularly motivated by are Gattaca, Finding Neverland, Dead Poet’s society, Stand and Deliver, Freedom Writers and so many more.
    I’ve got a blog devoted to this subject if you want to check it out. I’m doing it as a project that I hope to use for my PhD dissertation so I would love your comments.

  3. Jenny Mannion says

    Hi Travis, I LOVE the idea of your blog. A place to go where you know you will always find inspirational material is MUCH needed and I wish you GREAT success. I agree with all of the movies you mentioned but haven’t seen Gattaca — I will have to check it out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and for your great idea for a blog! Good luck. Gratefully, Jenny

  4. Sarah says

    I recently saw The Opus and loved it. I think it went well beyond the secret and touched on a lot of stuff that I really didn’t consider. It is certainly a movie I recommend for everyone to see. Ifelt that the teachers from The secret gave a lot more practical application information that the Secret had. I also really liked the story of the film and felt it was very inspirational.

  5. Kyle says

    Thought you might be interested to see this:

    Bob Proctor and Douglas Vermeeren and The Opus… There’s a new movie coming promises to reveal a message that The Secret left out… That movie is The Lost Message. And it features both Bob Proctor and Douglas Vermeeren. ( You can find it online at It focuses around an ancient message that was practiced by rulers and kings to build and maintain empires, but since then it has been lost. Only a few have even had a glimpse at this grand secret. It is a lost message but it will be reveal again in this upcoming movie.

  6. dan says

    I just heard of a new movie coming called, “How Thoughts Become Things,” and I saw the trailer. It is really cool. You should post it here. It is also from the creator of the Opus. But I think this film looks way better. You can find the trailer on the site They also have a facebook group that is providing updates too. This looks like a great film

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