Seven Ways to Stay Positive and Happy During “Uncertain Times”

Many people have been asking lately HOW they can possibly stay positive with the world seemingly struggling every day. I have come up with seven ways to do so. I encourage and invite my readers to pipe in with their own as well as submit comments on mine.

1) Limit your News (Watching/Reading/Listening)

Yes, we can recognize that these are very difficult times for many and that the world economy is uncertain. Watching 3 hours of news or checking the stock market every 2 hours will not change that. Talking about HOW BAD it all is and watching as the news makes everything seem broken will not help you feel good. “The News” makes it all worse and the more you watch and talk about how bad things are the worse you will feel. Yes, I believe you can be informed but 5 minutes daily is more than enough to catch up and move on. If you feel “I HAVE to get MORE news” — why not try a site like “New Earth Daily,” “Happy News” or “Good News is News” instead and see how that affects your daily life? There are always POSITIVE things going on in the world – unfortunately that is not what mass media concentrates on.

2) Pay Gratitude for the Simple Things

Yes, it can feel easy to concentrate on what we don’t have when our quality of life has had to change to accommodate for higher gas, food and health care prices…. To WORRY about these things does not help. I love the quote “Worry is NEGATIVE goal setting”. Pay gratitude for what you DO have. Do you have family and/or friends that you love? Do you still have a roof over your head? Are you able to go out for a walk or to read a funny book? Do you have a hobby and/or exercise you enjoy? Switching to what you love instead of what is wrong puts you in a state to receive more goodness. I’ve written about the importance of gratitude several times and it is a little shift that goes a LONG way! If you subscribe to my site you will receive my ebook for free which has worksheets on some gratitude exercises in the back.

3) Appreciate and Take Part in FREE Activities

The Library, a walk by yourself or with a friend or family, reading a good book, listening to music… all of these things are FREE and can fill you with joy.

The Local library is a place to borrow free books and movies and to also be a part of your community.

A walk to get some sun on your face and be with nature is an amazing way to shift your mood. I grew up in NYC and a walk in a park always put a smile on my face. Now that I live in the country I find it essential for my well being to get out and get moving! Hence my post “Nature Heals You — 10 Ways to Enjoy it

Reading is always a good way to feel transported. Get a book from the library or swap books with friends for free and enjoyable reading experiences.

Put on an old Cd, tape or even LP that makes you smile. If you are bored with your music collection — go to a site on the internet that plays music and be amazed… I recommend Pandora where you enter one song or musical group you like and it plays songs that they think you would like based on the one you mentioned. I also love putting on you tube videos and dancing or getting silly with my kids. Nothing makes us smile more than a good old fashioned “dance party”! One of my kid’s favorites is “Mahnah Mahnah” by the Muppets (below):



4) Find a Teacher and/or Hero for Inspiration

A few years ago I ran the group writing project “Heroes of Healing” that has over 20 wonderful writers sharing what they learned and summaries of over 40 “Heroes”. When I was ill it was essential for me to surround myself with positive material. I had over 6 years of bad habits and being on autopilot to un-do! It wasn’t enough to find one teacher for me because there were MANY different areas of my life that needed work. I honestly think I would have gotten bored if I JUST studied one teacher exclusively. By finding people you resonate with to learn from you will:

a) Gain some affirmations and/or quotes that you can say when you find yourself getting “off track”.

My 3 (yes, I know regular readers you have heard this a zillion times – bear with me 😉 ) were:

When you Change the Way you Look at things the Things you Look at Change

— Dr. Wayne Dyer

You must realize everyone is doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness

— Dr. Deepak Chopra

You Have Enough, You Do Enough, You ARE Enough

by Susan SARK

b) Find a different way to look at things and learn new coping skills.

Learning about “The Pain Body” from Eckhart Tolle’s book “A New Earth” gave me an A-Ha moment like few others. Reading about how Susan Sark overcame the emotional pain of incest to go on to inspire others gave me new insight on WHAT it was possible to forgive and work through. Hearing Vaishali talk about how you ARE What you love and if you are worried or upset all the time then you are loving being worried and upset – struck a deep chord within. The Heroes of Healing list gives a wonderful opportunity to go through so many different ways to cope including EFT, Hypnosis, meditation and SFT Awareness which embraces traditional Christian values to empower people to heal from depression. There are no shortages of alternative methods to heal emotional and physical pain now — it is just FINDING those methods that resonate with you and keep you on track. I have many services I offer from distance healing and Akashic Record Reading/Clearing to mentoring. All of which I am passionate about and have seen help many people.

5) HELP Others

Whether it is promoting and spreading awareness of wonderful causes like Train for Humanity or getting old clothes together and bringing them to the Salvation Army — there are an unlimited number of ways to GIVE to others. Helping others will fill you with joy. As you give and you are promoting kindness and spreading love. There is always someone that can use help and it does not always have to be monetary help. Take a look around your house and see what you can get rid of — guaranteed there are people that can put whatever you find to good use. I wrote a post a while back “Heal Yourself by Helping Others” that also highlights ways to help that don’t cost a thing.

6) Combine Resources with Others

From car-pooling to having “bring your own dish parties” – there are MANY ways to be social AND combine resources at the same time. Trade clothes with friends for a “new” wardrobe, trade books, CDS, DVDs, furniture — ANYTHING… When it is NEW to you (whether it is new from the store or not) it will give you that sense of abundance, gratitude and happiness!

7) Take CARE of Yourself Physically

When people get upset or overwhelmed there is a tendency to “take the easy way” from moment to moment. While a $5 McDonalds meal might SEEM easier than a grocery trip and making dinner… it will NOT help you in the long run. While bypassing exercise to get in that extra work or to “catch up on news” might SEEM like a better option — you NEED to be moving and taking care of yourself. While sleep may seem like a luxury with “so much to do” it is essential that your body gets the rest it needs to be strong and cope with stress better. While reminding yourself to drink water might be “the last thing on your mind” – drinking water flushes out toxins and is essential for health and in most cases is FREE. Little shifts and being mindful of how you are treating your physical body will enable your emotional body to stay strong and resilient.

I hope these ways have helped you. The last one is the one I personally “struggle” with the most. No, I’m not hitting Mickey-D-Drive-throughs but will rationalize less sleep for work time and less exercise for work time. We all have our areas that can use “some work”. We all have means to cope with these times that would help others by sharing them. How do YOU stay positive during these times” Have any of my ideas given YOU new ideas of ways to stay positive? Please share and help me and others find new ways to enjoy life and be happy no matter WHAT! It is a joy to be writing on my new site and I want to thank everyone so much for their support and wonderful comments! If my words resonate with you, please check out my services and testimonials page. Thank you for reading – I wish you much happiness!


  1. WD Favour says

    These are trying times and anything we all could do to alleviate the wide spreading mood of panic should be done.
    I’d love to emphasize the need to be a little less focused on our own wants and fears and reach out to others. There’s a God that rules over the affairs of men and He has so programmed life that whatever you make happen for others, He makes happen for you. When you take the time to help others, you create waves of favours that sweep back on you.
    Think less of yourself…and more in terms of how to help others.
    I’d also encourage more of what I call SMART HUMILITY. In other words, get on your knees sometime each day and cast your cares upon your Maker – the Great Supernatural Being resident inside you.
    Thanks Jenny for a timely work.

  2. says

    Hi WD, I agree reaching out to others at this time is a wonderful way to help and to refocus from what can be a “woe is me” attitude. There are always people that can use support and love sent their way and it helps us as well to connect with others. I’d equate your SMART HUMILITY with consciousness and gratitude…. realizing we are not our bodies — we are what is inside, connecting with that and being grateful and FEELING “Thank You” for all we do have. Thanks for commenting! :-) Love, Jenny

  3. says

    Jenny, this is a great list of ideas on how to stay positive and happy in any circumstances. Many people think times like this are a reason for us not to be happy and optimistic, but the truth is we can always choose to look at blessings rather than negatives.

    It’s all in what we focus our time and energy on, and what we look for in our life.I always say anyone that can read my blog has much to be grateful for. They obviously have a roof over their head, electricity, access to technology, so loads of blessings!

    Like you, I try to focus on what I can change and influence in my life and the financial markets are not one of those things. I can choose to spend my money wisely, I can choose to stay abreast of relevant changes, and then I can choose to turn the tv off and focus on all the things that make me feel good!

    And helping others makes it near impossible to feel bad. It’s an instant mood enhancer, self esteem builder and it’s very empowering to boot.

    Thanks for this post. I’d rather read this than a dissection o the economy any day.


  4. says

    Hi Jenny – I absolutely love the new site. The pic is really positive and uplifting. I’m just working on Heroes of Healing right now and I’m panicking because I haven’t yet come up with an idea for Blog Action Poverty day. Are you doing it?

    I think I wrote about poverty so much during my nurse training that I’ve exhausted all ideas.

    I love your suggestions in this post. I avoid most of the news re: the recession, as it’s so depressing.

    Now I have to go check out Pandora – it sounds fab. Thank you.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..Be A Business Success Story, No Matter What Your Age

  5. says


    I commented yesterday right after I wrote you that note on StumbleUpon, and my comment doesn’t seem to have come up. It’s not just here either. I’ve disappeared all over the blogasphere – gone to SPAM or something. Can you find my comment?

    Kel x

  6. says

    Hi Cath, No worries on speed for heroes — I am also taking part in blog action day and am thinking about my post. Thanks so much for the compliments on the site. I am THRILLED to have everything in one place and am really enjoying word press. I am blown away by how powerful it is AND that it is free. I have to train myself not to go plug in crazy!

    Re: this post — Yes, the news is best to be avoided but it is considered “hard to do” by many. I understand people want to “be informed” but considering the “bad” news and how the media can spin things — there are MUCH better ways to spend your time if you want to stay happy. Pandora is awesome — I am a convert — at first I thought “but I can’t hear the specific song” but when I put in a few bands I liked for play-lists and saw JUST how good it was at playing stuff I would like — I realized its power and how cool it was. Ray had been telling me for months. 😉 GREAT way to find new bands to listen to.

    AWESOME to have you comment Cath — thanks so much! Talk to you soon. Love, Jenny

  7. says

    Hi BC, So happy you enjoyed the tips and commented. I feel learning is always important and the heroes on the list all look at things differently and can shed light on so many areas where people can get “stuck”. Thank you for coming by — I look forward to checking out your blog. Gratefully, Jenny

  8. says

    Hi Kelly,
    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Yes, we see things very similarly! Worrying and obsessing over things that you have very little control over doesn’t do any good. You are right — anyone that can read our blogs and has internet have LOTS to be grateful for. Feeling grateful is the first instrument I used to heal and boy was I amazed at the negative stories I had been telling myself. It is a little shift that goes a LONG way.

    Being able to help others in any way has so many wonderful benefits. It is important for everyone to realize you don’t have to be wealthy to help others or to make a difference. If people could STOP worrying about what they can’t control and would start looking around to see how they could help others — everyone would benefit…. I am so grateful there are so many bloggers and people trying to get that message out there to the masses!

    Thanks again Kelly!


  9. Sandra says

    Amen! Especially rule #1. I have told friends not to watch the news because it is abusive to our spirits. We are being bombarded with bad; all it creates is bad so by turning it off we take the first positive step to changing our reality. Great post!

  10. says

    Thanks so much Sandra. I agree, news can be overwhelming can also make you feel helpless — which we most certainly are not. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. Gratefully, Jenny

  11. John H says

    And let’s not forget that in between bursts of “it’s all crashing into a wall” segments of the news we’re subjected to “you’re not happy til you buy THIS product” advertising. What a double whammy to the self-esteem. In my opinion, best avoided completely.
    Life is peppered with worries. It’s not such a terrible thing if handled correctly. To me, discomfort is the first step in a growth process: you feel the discomfort and you are forced/encouraged to evolve/change to alleviate it. If done properly the worry will not occur again and you will have developed a new skill or coping mechanism. YAY! Good for you.
    There will always be worries just as there will always be flowers opening, kids playing, a shining sun, the good rain and the potential for new and undiscovered fun.
    You are what you eat. 😉

  12. says

    Hi John, Thanks for reading and commenting. Umm – best NOT to get me started on the “in your face ads such as the Big Pharmas” — I have written entire posts on it and I will not get myself riled up BEFORE coffee and my kids wake up – this is my calm cool collected time… 😉 YES, you are entirely right. You can learn from every worry and uncomfortable feeling if you are aware enough to know you are experiencing them and don’t get carried away by them. I also wrote a post on this “Appreciate EVERY Moment NOT JUST the good ones” and am passionate about consciousness as that is what saved me from my dis-eases — actually paying attention to where my attention was going! So happy to have you visit! Thanks for your comment. Gratefully, Jenny

  13. says

    I love your new site! As for me, I can honestly say I practice these suggestions. They are very effective. From the time I consciously chose to limit how much ‘news’ I ingest has given me more time and energy to channel into uplifting and positive endeavours. When you are ready and willing to learn or evolve, you automatically attract teachers. You only recognize the ones you are willing to accept at a given moment.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..You are never upset for reasons you assume

  14. says

    Hi Liara, Thank you so much for visiting and for the compliment! I am always joyfully amazed how the right teachers seem to some to me at the best time! I am currently anticipating my next and KNOW they’ll be right here when I am ready! Thank you! Love, Jenny

  15. says

    Hi Mike,
    Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. Yes, I am always looking to learn more. Finding new teachers is something I always benefit from and am very grateful for. The Heroes project gave me a ton new people to pursue and I know I’ll have LOTS of reading material this winter!

    Helping others is wonderful. We all have our gifts and when you share them to empower others — there truly is no better feeling in the world. I am very grateful I am in a position to help others heal and feel I had my years of being ill to put me in the position to do so and find my passion. Even if we feel we have very little there is always something we can give to others… blog action day today is all about poverty and a perfect example of that.


  16. says

    Another way to experience your life is not to anticipate or assume a future. This would imply you are willing to rethink your whole perception of time. When you say you are “ready,” this can evolve to mean you focus purely on ‘the now,’ realize you have all you need, and use it to the best of your ability. Eckhart Tolle is one example of a man who offers related insight about this not only in his books, but in the way he lives his life.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..What does your perception tell you?

  17. says

    These times we’re in are uncertain…and aren’t they always. We never know what can or will happen. And that makes this list, not only a good source now with everything in the world going on, but a list that is good always. As we always face uncertainty in our lives.

    I have recently cut way back on watching the news. And, I’m just generally in a much happier mood. Coincidence? I don’t think so! And, the other big one for me is taking care of myself physically – since I’ve begin doing this (about four years ago) – my life has completely turned around for the better.

    Jenny, what a wonderful list you’ve shared here! Great reminders for all of us as we seek out the positive in the lives we lead…

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

  18. says

    Hi Lance,
    Thank you so much for your nice comments! When I was ill I watched the news a lot and somehow it never made me feel any better! 😉 With the media EVERYWHERE now it might seem like it takes a little more effort to avoid the news — but it is well worth it. I look at my yahoo headlines once a day and if there is anything relevant that I might want to write about I will look at it closer — if not — headline are usually all I need to KNOW I should move onto doing something else.

    Congratulations on turning your life around. I always say I am grateful for those years I was so ill because it ensures that I will never again take my health for granted and will also stay conscious as to my emotions and things that affect me. Sometimes those dark times can bring the most light!

    Thanks again Lance for taking the time to comment and for your kind words!


  19. says

    Hi CG,
    Thank you so much for featuring my post in your beautiful CelebraZine! I really enjoy looking at the images and reading the articles you have put together — WONDERFUL work and so important for us to celebrate what IS right and wonderful!

  20. says

    Great post! I particularly enjoyed points 2 and 7. Right now I’m trying to de-clutter my life and instead of seeing what I don’t have I see all the useless things that are cluttering me physically and mentally. Slowly but surely I’m selling or giving away things to simplify my life and allow me to focus on what’s important. It’s a great feeling to rid yourself of material crap that really serves little purpose. Trouble is, I don’t believe in throwing stuff out (which would make the simplifying process so much easier) so I keep trying to find a new home for my stuff, which does slow down the process and make it slightly more frustrating. I look forward to the day when I take a look around and all I have is all I need and slowly but surely progress is made towards that goal.

    As for #7, this past March I quit my 9-5 corporate cube job (at a big Fortune 300 bank no less) and bought a used bicycle and started enjoying life rather than wasting it sitting in a box. Right now I’m still struggling to produce a consistent income stream but I’ll continue fighting hard to avoid going back to the restrictions of a 9-5 cube job. When it’s nice outside I can on a whim go for a nice long bike ride and forget about everything else. It’s amazing how much better your day can go when you get your blood flowing with some exercise. Having more free time also allows me to cook healthy and cheap meals that make fast food pale in comparison. It really is amazing how simple things like exercise and good food can dramatically change your life!

    Oh, one last note, for point #1 I try to limit my news to reading headlines at and watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. If anything big happens, I’ll see it while also getting a healthy dose of cynicism and comedy with my news!

    Btw, I’m here via Tom Volkar’s Community Leveraging experiment.


    Adam Pieniazeks last blog post..Opening Night for the World Champion Boston Celtics

  21. says

    Hi Adam,
    Sorry for delay in responding – I’ve been away a few days. Thank you so much for reading and for your thoughtful comments. I am the same way — the news I get is headlines and The Daily Show… I have a good friend that works there and also like to receive any news with a bit of humor thrown in if possible. De-cluttering is a GREAT way to feel lighter and more focused.

    Good luck with your new ventures. Tom’s blog is a great way to get inspiration and information on making your dreams a reality and there really is no better way to do your best work than doing something that resonates with you! The how-to’s of how to monetize your passions might take some time to come to you but they will if you keep at it.

    Yes, food and exercise work magic for moods and energy! I am currently trying to get on a good exercise regime and I know it will do tons for my energy level.

    Thanks Adam! I am still catching up a bit but look forward to checking out your blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment.


  22. says

    You are right on with that! The most important, IMHO, is to focus on the positive and expect good things. And look, I won a prize!

    witchypoos last blog post..CommentLuv Winner Notification. Comment author just won a prize!

  23. says

    Witchypoo win confirmed (again!) all comments are good quality and no mis-doins a goin on. well done!

    Andy Baileys last blog post..Mashable voting opened and CommentLuv is a nominee!

  24. Farrell says

    Hi Jenny me again!
    Thank you for the email and feedback and great advice!

    Just wanted to thank you for letting us know about Pandora, I love the website! I love music, it makes me happy. Its hard to find old music let alone remembering any names.

    Now I have something to listen to and keep my mind off of other things.

    Thanks again!

  25. says

    Hi Farrell,

    You are very welcome! :-) I LOVE Pandora and it is probably the #1 way we listen to music in this house. For my daughter’s bday party we put on a “Miley Cyrus” channel (yikes – 😉 ).

    Farrell you are obviously in the right mind set and I am so happy to see you taking positive actions to move forward… please shoot me an email if I can ever help in any other way.


  26. MAITRAYEE says

    Thank You
    It has really helped a lot.
    I hope now I can coprate with life and think about myself.
    I will not un-derestimate myself nd stay happy.

  27. Raju Thombre says

    Thanks jenny it helps me to be happy!! Form so many days i was feeling some what mixed-mood situation some time i was very much happy, but suddenly some small thing happens and i feel dippressed at the next minutes! can u help me to come out from this situation, please???


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