“What If?” — The Life Changing Movie — Clip 4

In this final clip I am presenting from the life-changing movie “What if?” Virginia Ellen talks about people living in the Himalayans having babies at 80 and living until 140 years old who also never encounter diseases such as cancer. We have gotten so far removed from “natural living”. With all the processed food in various packages and chemicals in just about everything we come into contact with daily. Is this shift we are all experiencing one that will bring us back to the “simpler things in life”? Amazing with as far as technology has come how disconnected we have become in so many ways. With more “diseases” now than ever maybe it is time to start looking at the chemicals brought into our own and our families bodies every day. This clip from “What If?” surely makes you think.

Virginia Ellen had a near death experience when she was 28. She saw Jesus and promised Him she would come back and do his work. She has since taught “Sacred Yoga” which is the form of yoga Jesus himself taught. In her near death transformative experience, Virginia Was infused with the wisdom and energy to Activate the Sacred Seals (the light in humanity). Her book “Sacred Heart Yoga” and her CD “The Sacred Yoga Jesus Taught: A Supreme Path to Unity ” outline ways to begin to practice Sacred Yoga.

In my studies these last 2 years on the mind body connection I have read many stories of near death or life after death experiences. What all of them have in common is people’s desire to come back to spread some of the simpler messages in life. Whether it was Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor sharing how we need to get back to consciousness and love or Virginia Ellen teaching Sacred Yoga — these are life changing messages that celebrate JUST how simple life can be.

I have had more friends turn “raw” in the last year than in all my life combined. My own mother was told her blood disease was most likely caused by all the diet soda she had drank… a can a day for over 20 years. In not even knowing what we are consuming we are putting our bodies at risk for unknown results. Maybe it is time to return to “simpler living” as the people live in the Himalayas…. It is my pleasure to present Virginia Ellen in Clip #4 for “What IF?”

So what do you think? If we got back to “simpler times” would our lives be better? Would you able to live without food from a package or “questionable” restaurants? What simple life changes can you make that would help your overall health in the long run?

The movie “What if?” has brought up many important points involving the mind/body connection and healing. I would love to hear your input. Go to the “What If?” website to see the full trailer or visit their You Tube site for more clips. Buy it for $4.95 to watch on your computer or get the DVD or you can even download it to your mobile phone. This is an important movie worth seeing and discussing. Many prominent scientists are featured and there is much to learn by watching. Are you open to having the way you looked at health, healing and your own personal power changed forever? If so, seeing “What If?” is a must.

It has been pleasure promoting the movie “What IF?” and I look forward to hearing additional comments as more people watch this life changing movie.


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    Hi Jenny!

    Okay so as I told you I had a chance to see this the other night and I already told you I would love it…well I didn’t realize just how much I would love it! I highly recommend this movie to everyone and for the convenienvt $4.95 PPV it is a win-win combination!

    I loved this part about the people of the Himalayas! At first when I heard it my jaw dropped and then quickly I realized, “why not”? Looking at the health aspect from my personal education and current studies, everything and I mean everything points to the fact that we were not only meant to heal ourselves but live way longer. That is what the philosophy of Evolving Wellness is all about. Our bodies were meant to be magnificent and serve us for way longer, but we treat them like _________ (you fill in the blank 😉

    As much as I am in touch with the idea that we are spiritual beings, one cannot deny the fact that we are right now in physical form and have these wonderful vessels to go through this dimension in and just like we take care so well of the vessels that say take us to and from work each day …our cars, why not our bodies that MOST important vehicles! We would never dream of putting the wrong fuel in our car and yet we put the “wrong” fuel into our body all the time.

    So to answer your question – YES wholeheartedly I am in agreement that if we went more natural, life would be so different, where health and longevity is concerned. That is why as passionate as I am about talking about spiritual living, I am equally as passionate in talking about physical living – how to naturally take care of our bodies and live in the best holistc way possible.

    I have seen the effects on myself and my husband for over 2 years now, where healthy thinking and eating is concerned – we are in perfect health and I mean perfect – no colds, no headaches… nothing. And we really do feel as if we could live forever.

    There is no way in my mind that a higher intelligence would make “weak bodies” and assign a life to beings, where about 40 of the 70 years were lived out in pain and suffering. It just does not make sense.

    Well I guess you can tell how passionate I am about this – it is just so exciting to know this so early in life and have all of the wonderful possibilities and things that can be created to live through and even better to share it with others and hopefully inspire them too.

    P.S. If you would like to watch a great health/enviro movie on the current state of things and how to go more natural, etc. check out “A Delicate Balance” – it too is available PPV for $4.95 and so well worth it to see.

    Evitas last blog post..Human Doings versus Human Beings

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    Hi Evita,
    I’m smiling — YES We DEFINITELY SHARE THIS PASSION! And it is LIVING it we know how true it is. Like you, I don’t get sick and nor do my kids. My 9 year old son hasn’t missed a day of school in 2 1/2 years. While I would love to say it is all because they eat naturally I cannot… I’m workin’ on it and my son has been a self proclaimed vegetarian since age 2(after seeing Charlotte’s Web he has believed it is barbaric to eat animals and hasn’t since). I have a ways to go on finding things they will eat that are healthy but am good at limiting the cr&% intake…

    I believe it is the change in attitude in this house that has helped… Living consciously…. When I was sick my kids got sick A LOT…. I am very grateful to have learned this early on and to practice this daily. It makes me SO happy to see a movie like “What If?” and science catching up with PROOF of what we know.

    I will check out “A Delicate Balance” — it looks awesome.

    Thanks Evita! I wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season and 2009! xo
    Love, Jenny

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..“What If?” — The Life Changing Movie — Clip 4

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    Dear Jenny

    I’ve been stumbling every clip and haven’t made the time to watch them yet. Based on the feedback, I can’t wait to see it. Thanks so much for blogging about this.

    Your comment about women having baies at the age of 80 and living to 140 is not a total surprise. There was a time in the past that our experience with aging was very different and we lived hundreds of years (so I am told). How often we have heard of the bodies ability to renew itself from multiple sources?

    It’s a great reminder that we are more powerfull than we realize!



    Lorraine Cohens last blog post..You Think You’re Having A Bad Day?

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    Hi Jenny,
    Living until 140 years old, seems hard to believe. But then, why not! Why do we have to accept that the average death is 77 (or whatever it is…I’m just guessing). We can choose – I think that’s where real power is – in our ability to choose. We can choose what we eat, what we do, what principles we follow.

    Giving up processed foods? In America, I find that it would be difficult. It is such a part of our culture. Difficult, but not impossible. The thing is, we might be able to control what happens inside our house, yet, what about when we leave that place? Restaurants? Friends houses? School lunches? Field trips? We are bombarded by the processed food industry. And leaving our houses – I think it becomes even more difficult to control -although, again, not un-doable.

    Again, I leave here thinking this time, about what we have in our cabinets. And the places we frequent. And, I see there is much that we could do to improve…

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

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    Hey Lorraine,
    Thanks for stumbling! :-) The clips are all about 30 seconds each so not as long as traditional trailers…. I have had a lot of fun writing about the movie as it is at the core of my beliefs and I feel will open a lot of eyes. Robin at Let’s Live Forever also reviewed and it is fun to visit and see what she has written as well. Her blog’s theme makes it another perfect place to write about What If? :-)

    We are all so much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for! In What If? they show firewalkers, people that have regrown hair with their thoughts, amazing feats of strength and more… are the people that do these things any different than us? Nope, they have just made a decision and believe they can do it.

    Thanks so much Lorraine for your support and for commenting. I wish you all the best for the holidays and an abundant 2009!


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    Hey Lance,
    I’m with you on the processed food in America — it seems “hard” yet I know people who have done it. Not me, as I said — with young kids I know it is good to set an example but have fallen into what’s “easy” at 6AM when packing lunches for the day. I was THE pickiest eater growing up and they say you get back what you gave your parents and I now have 2 of the pickiest eaters I have ever seen…. Ah well… I keep trying and know at some point they will get bored of pasta, grapes, cereal, lettuce and the other 5 items they eat!

    There are always choices and picking a salad over McDonalds for lunch is a good start. We are not a “fast food” house but I know we could make some healthier choices and it is in that consciousness that I begin to change my own choices and lead by example for my family.

    Thanks Lance. I really appreciate you visiting a few times this week to catch the clips and comment! :-)
    All the best for you and your family for the holidays.


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    Hi Tom,
    You are quite welcome and it is my pleasure. Amazing the limits we set on ourselves and how our power can scare us! It is my passion to spread the word of JUST how powerful we ALL are and you are so right — only WE set our limits.

    I love your work as well and can’t imagine a more important message than living and working at your life’s passion.

    Thanks so much! All the best for the holidays and an abundant 2009!
    Love, Jenny

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    Well….Jenny, I appreciate you sharing all this great information! So, thank you!!!

    We’re not really a fast food family either. In fact, I think we make it to McD’s about twice a year. Still…we definitely eat out every once in a while – and I know we’re not eating necessarily healthy choices. Lead by example…yep, you’re on to something here, Jenny. We, as parents, set an example by what we do – probably more than we realize…

    See, you don’t even have to post a new article for me to come back and comment (I must like it here!) (maybe it’s the picture at the top – it looks so serene…)(…or maybe, it’s you making me think deeply…)

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

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    Hey Lance,
    Leading by example sometimes is easier said than done! But I don’t want to be the kind of mom that says “do as I say not as I do…” so I press on!

    When my diseases healed — I saw my kids transform as I did so THAT is a constant reminder to me of JUST how impressionable they are. One of the lessons I want my kids to learn is that we are all human, do not ALWAYS do as we say we want to do and mistakes will be made sometimes. I WOULD LOVE to say I ate healthy all the time but part of me will always enjoy sweets and Italian food (mosts of it on the heavy side) that I love to cook…. It is moderation that is important and that is something I tell them kids a lot. It’s okay to eat a sweet but make sure the next thing in your mouth is healthy….

    You are welcome here whenever you want Lance. I love to chat and comments are one of my favorite parts about blogging. I love hearing that I make you think… I know visiting your blog always does the same for me! It has been wonderful getting to know you!

    All the best, Love,

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    Hi Liara,
    Thanks for sharing this article… I found it very interesting. There are so many things we can do to live longer — I think the first is realizing how important our body is and being conscious enough to realize how we are treating it in all aspects. I wish you all the best for 2009 Liara!
    Love, Jenny

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    Hi Jenny – I have just dropped in here, and I realised I haven’t visited this post before or left a comment – I just had to let the computer go over the holidays. I’m trying to get back into it now, with mixed success, and I feel inspired by what I’ve read in the comments above me – maybe life extension isn’t as frowned upon as it seems in some circles! Thanks for that!

    Robins last blog post..What If? The Movie – Clip 4

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    Hi Robin,
    I think once people realize we don’t HAVE to get all the dis-ease we assume we will come down with as we age – more people will be open to living longer. When I do hear people say they wouldn’t want to live until 100 it is usually followed by, “I wouldn’t be able to do much then anyway”.

    I feel like I really JUST discovered what life is all about these last 2 years and I say BRING IT ON! I’d love to live a long long time…. life is a beautiful thing!

    Let’s live forever Robin — then we can look back and say “I’ve know her for 70, 80, 90 years….!”


    Jenny Mannions last blog post..Make Intentions Not Resolutions


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