“What If?” — The Life Changing Movie — Clip 4

In this final clip I am presenting from the life-changing movie “What if?” Virginia Ellen talks about people living in the Himalayans having babies at 80 and living until 140 years old who also never encounter diseases such as cancer. We have gotten so far removed from “natural living”. With all the processed food in various packages and chemicals in just about everything we come into contact with daily. Is this shift we are all experiencing one that will bring us back to the “simpler things in life”? Amazing with as far as technology has come how disconnected we have become in so many ways. With more “diseases” now than ever maybe it is time to start looking at the chemicals brought into our own and our families bodies every day. This clip from “What If?” surely makes you think.

Virginia Ellen had a near death experience when she was 28. She saw Jesus and promised Him she would come back and do his work. She has since taught “Sacred Yoga” which is the form of yoga Jesus himself taught. In her near death transformative experience, Virginia Was infused with the wisdom and energy to Activate the Sacred Seals (the light in humanity). Her book “Sacred Heart Yoga” and her CD “The Sacred Yoga Jesus Taught: A Supreme Path to Unity ” outline ways to begin to practice Sacred Yoga.

In my studies these last 2 years on the mind body connection I have read many stories of near death or life after death experiences. What all of them have in common is people’s desire to come back to spread some of the simpler messages in life. Whether it was Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor sharing how we need to get back to consciousness and love or Virginia Ellen teaching Sacred Yoga — these are life changing messages that celebrate JUST how simple life can be.

I have had more friends turn “raw” in the last year than in all my life combined. My own mother was told her blood disease was most likely caused by all the diet soda she had drank… a can a day for over 20 years. In not even knowing what we are consuming we are putting our bodies at risk for unknown results. Maybe it is time to return to “simpler living” as the people live in the Himalayas…. It is my pleasure to present Virginia Ellen in Clip #4 for “What IF?”

So what do you think? If we got back to “simpler times” would our lives be better? Would you able to live without food from a package or “questionable” restaurants? What simple life changes can you make that would help your overall health in the long run?

The movie “What if?” has brought up many important points involving the mind/body connection and healing. I would love to hear your input. Go to the “What If?” website to see the full trailer or visit their You Tube site for more clips. Buy it for $4.95 to watch on your computer or get the DVD or you can even download it to your mobile phone. This is an important movie worth seeing and discussing. Many prominent scientists are featured and there is much to learn by watching. Are you open to having the way you looked at health, healing and your own personal power changed forever? If so, seeing “What If?” is a must.

It has been pleasure promoting the movie “What IF?” and I look forward to hearing additional comments as more people watch this life changing movie.