Do You Want to Get in Touch With Your Inner Psychic and Intuition?

slade1-250x2-ad-air1We all have psychic abilities. Up until about a year and a half ago I thought of psychic abilities as some woo-woo scary fortune-teller like ability. After delving into spirituality I realize I could not have been more wrong. There is a reason psychic abilities and intuition are called “the sixth sense” and it is because it is something we ALL can tap into. I am so very thankful for teachers like Slade Roberson from Shift Your Spirits for the lessons I have learned from him and by applying his methods to my life. Thanks to Slade I am now more in touch with my intuition and psychic abilities than I have ever been and regularly go inside myself to receive the much needed answers and guidance I am seeking. I would like to tell you about my early psychic experiences, what turned me off about psychics and anything super-natural, what got me more interested than ever and how this all relates to healing. I would also like to tell you a bit about Slade’s classes because not only have they changed my day to day life but Slade has become a friend, is someone I deeply respect and is a wonderful teacher.

My Early Experiences

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and at age 6 we moved to Manhattan, NY where I was raised. In Brooklyn when I was really young I had a recurring nightmare. A little girl (I pictured her around age 7) whose head was malformed and tilted all the way to the side would chase and scare my family and I. When we moved to Manhattan I had the dream a few times but it was essentially gone. One afternoon (I was about 9) my mom’s friend was watching me and she asked me to go to the neighbor’s and ask for orange juice. Now, I don’t know if those who have not grown up in NYC have a good idea of what a walk-up tenement building in NYC looks like but everyone is REAL close. There was literally 1 ½ feet between our door and the next door neighbor’s and the staircase leading up and downstairs (we were on the 3rd floor) was about 12 feet away. I opened the door and could essentially leave one leg in my apt and knock if I wanted. I heard someone yell “come on Karen” and turned to look at the staircase. There to my utter disbelief was the SAME EXACT girl from my recurring nightmare. She stopped, stared at me and I ran like hell into my apt. screaming like a mad person and slamming and locking ALL the locks on the door. No, I did not find out what this girl had to do with my life or see her again but the face is still very clear and it was the same girl from my “nightmares”. Would she have come and attacked my whole family – I sincerely doubt it but THAT was my first experience seeing something in a dream and then seeing it in reality.

My second experience happened when I was 12 years old and my best friend liked a guy that lived the building over and he obviously liked her. I had not really talked to him beyond a “hello” and polite conversation at this point nor seen his apartment. He lived in a basement apartment which was very different from any of the other apartments in that building in layout because his family were the superintendents of the place. One night I had a dream I was in his apartment and went from room to room exploring. I thought it was weird and it was very lifelike. Months later when he and my best friend started dating I went to his place and it was EXACTLY as I had envisioned (and there were MANY rooms). Some might call this an out of body experience and while at the time I was actually aware of OBE’s I had never thought I had one before.

My third experience I was about 14-16 years old. My parents had divorced and I was at my dad’s apartment for the weekend. He had strict orders from me – no entering my room before 11AM or you WILL get your head bitten off. ;-) He was very brave one morning and poked his head in at 9:30AM and said he was going down to the East Village to get a rare album he had been looking for and asked if I wanted to join him, otherwise he would be back soon. Something deep (and LOUD) inside me said “go with him”. I don’t know where the message came from but I knew it was strong enough that I could not pretend I did not hear it. I got my lazy butt out of bed and got ready and went with him. When we came back his apartment had been burglarized and ransacked – drawers turned inside out, etc. The room where I was sleeping would not have been visible to people breaking in and I probably would have been sleeping in the room, cornered if they came in. I am very glad I listened to my intuition that day.

In my teen-aged years I was in love with horror films and books. I could not get enough of anything scary. After these 3 experiences happened and since I was going to scary movies all the time, while I saw the benefit of my last experience I still definitely gave myself a message “I do not want to experience anything I cannot explain”. I was afraid and seeing scary movies and reading Stephen King and Dean Koontz books did not help my fears.

rayjenhalloween1Years later we were living in New Jersey and a friend had a Halloween party with a psychic. I was excited. It had been years since I had thought of anything supernatural and was looking forward to getting a reading. I was pregnant, going through my “tired” stages, could not drink and the psychic and seeing everyone’s costumes were the things I was VERY excited about. I was pretty horrified when the psychic told me that my husband would have another woman in his life. Here I was hormonal, pregnant with my second child, could not have a drink (thank goodness — I think I might have gotten ripped after THAT news ;-) ) and I was told at the beginning of a party I had very much been looking forward to. My husband had a reading done and he told me she said the same thing to him and then proceeded to talk with party goers while I repeated the message over and over in my head and fumed. Let me tell you – I did NOT think well of psychics after that and was actually scared if I knew one was in the room that they would tell me something I did not want to hear. I relayed this to my husband after being at an event and being hugely uncomfortable around a psychic 5 YEARS LATER and he asked, “Why?” I said, “you know – because of that horrible time at the party where the psychic told me you’d cheat on me”. He said, “No, Jen – she said there would be another woman in my life, when I told her that was not possible, she asked if my wife was pregnant, when I said yes, she told me we would be having a girl – I told you that”. Ummm – I THINK I would have remembered if that had been the case and had been told that but I won’t go into the he-said/she-said thing here. ;-) I WILL say I was filled with relief even years later and was happy because yes, in fact we did have a girl although at the time of the party I was only about 2 months pregnant and had not had the sonogram which told us that fact. Yes, the picture is from THAT party! On a good note — we did win for best costumes – what did we win? A bottle of wine of course. ;-)

So, to say my experiences with anything that “is not easily explained” have been mixed is an under-statement. I knew after I stated I did not want to experience anything that I would not see or experience anything and rarely heard my intuition. In fact I remember one time in my early 20’s I heard that loud booming voice in my head (like when I was at my dad’s place) tell me something and I did the opposite WHICH WAS NOT GOOD! When I began to heal and began to look within I realized that my inner self has abilities I was smothering and holding back. I wanted to give myself permission to delve deeper and see what emerged. I began reading blogs like Shift Your Spirits” by Slade Roberson and my interest definitely deepened. I did not like woo-woo “really out there” stuff and I felt it was a very gradual progression for me. The more I educated myself the more I realized some of the stuff I thought was woo-woo was not. They were things I knew nothing about because I had been scared to “go there”. In talking with someone the other night I said, “why are we scared of other abilities and supernatural experiences – do we believe if we saw an entity it would hurt us? I think most of us would say we are 99% certain we would not be hurt but yet our fear of the unknown and our experiences with scary books, movies, etc heightens that fear”.

ASIDE: I would like to note here that the “ghosts” portrayed in movies, on TV in shows like “Ghost Hunters” are NOT the same as spirit guides and advanced souls as the ones I mention today. Slade describes the difference in his class and that helped me as well to get over my fears of the unknown.

In looking back I agreed with myself (isn’t it great when that happens) ;-) that I was so very grateful my intuition served me that day at my dad’s apartment. I thought if I could get that kind of guidance on a regular basis and even learn how to tap into it, how cool would that be? When I saw The Secret and knew I would heal myself I felt guided to find books and other resources that would help me get to my goal of 100% health faster. I wanted to get that guidance in all parts of my life. There is nothing weird or scary about asking for and wanting help and guidance. In a recent study it was said 70% of Americans believed in angels. (PEW did the study and I have seen it quoted at 68% and 72% so I am safe quoting the middle number) Angels are not scary, nor are our guides, our inner wisdom or our intuition. Thanks to Slade I have learned to tap into inner resources I did not know I had and my life is much better off for it.

Slade Roberson and Slade’s Automatic Intuitive Response Class

sladeSlade Roberson is an ordained minister, intuitive business coach, life coach, a web designer, psychic, marketing expert, Angel Therapist (certified by Doreen Virtue), wonderfully brilliant writer and one of the kindest, funny and most down to Earth people I have ever met. I read his blog, “Shift Your Spirits” for months, making comments here and there before we emailed and began to get to know each other. I considered him so connected spiritually, brilliant and I knew I wanted to learn from him. His classes have taught me so much and becoming a friend and talking with him has truly been a gift to me.

The first and most important head smacking, life changing thing I learned from Slade is that there is more than one type of psychic and way to receive information. This made so much sense to me. There are many different types of psychic abilities and I bet once you read these, most of you will relate to one.

Clairvoyance means seeing clearly. It is taken from the French word that means “clear seeing” and clairvoyance is a common psychic experience. Clairvoyance is an extra sensory ability to perceive distant objects, persons or events which are not visible through the normal senses. This is the one most commonly portrayed in movies and TV yet the rarest of all psychic abilities.

Clairaudience like clairvoyance is made up of two words, clair and audience which together mean “clear hearing”. Clairaudience is the psychic ability by which the psychics can hear those sounds and voices that are not audible to common people.

Clairsentience is a superphysical psychic tool that is used and comes from the French word meaning “clear sensing” and was used popularly in the eighteenth century. It involves the psychic perception of smell, taste, touch, emotions and physical sensations that contribute to an overall psychic and intuitive impression.

ClaircognizantClear Recognition. People often confuse this with clairsentience. This is the ability to know something, no-one tells them and it is not something that they’ve read before, they just simply know it. It is an inner feeling, gut feeling, something which is just known. They have an ability to answer questions and back them up with facts; when before they did not know anything.

Why is it important that I tell you about all of these? Because not everyone receives guidance in the same way and if you are afraid of “seeing stuff” and THAT is why you have not been pursuing delving more into your psychic side – rest assured – you most likely will not.

Part 1 – Talking with Your Spirit Guides

Slade’s course now has two parts that I have taken and is brilliant. Slade is not a woo-woo kind of guy. He gives practical advice on tuning in and getting response and inner guidance. He gives you a 3 part audio program in this first course that helps you tune in and ask questions to your guides. The first part is a lecture telling you how to establish the 4 Intentions for psychic development, The second audio is a 40 minute lecture on how to ask for and receive clairaudient information. He also includes a pdf that gives you instructions for charging your power objects. In the third part he has you attune an item (“the power object”) so you can use it when you ask for help. Is this some kind of witchcraft thing? No, it is your mind’s way of associating this item with WHAT you want to do. This class teaches you how to identify your existing clairaudient intuition, develop your psychic abilities through practical, simple dialoguing techniques, and access divine guidance on a daily basis.

What was MY experience after taking this class? :-) The next day I did as Slade directed and asked my guides for guidance. I was waiting…and waiting… and waiting for some kind of answer and decided it would be better to leave it alone, “let go” of the attachment that I needed an answer to my question THAT MOMENT and take a shower. While in the shower I SUDDENLY KNEW a few words “Write about the Heroes of Healing”. I came out of the shower and was thrilled — ideas started flowing and I was sure to email Slade and tell him, “it worked”. I had asked for advice on how to build my blog by using my talents and passions and that was my reply. Running the Group Writing Project, “Heroes of Healing” brought me close to many writers/bloggers I might have never met, many more readers AND exposed me to a few new teachers that have been integral in my growth. (ie.Gregg Braden). It was a learning experience on many levels and is today still my most proud blogging accomplishment.

Part 2 — Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing is Course #2 in the series of classes on Divine Dialoguing & Communicating with Spirit. In this Slade continues the dialoguing techniques from Talking to Your Spirit Guides and takes them into the realm of open-ended channeling through timed spirit-guided writing. You receive a 35 minute lecture on Automatic Writing, a 27 page digital workbook with lessons and exercises and a bonus of advanced topic on using divination tools in your automatic writing sessions. What I love about Slade is he breaks things down to basics and makes it accessible to everyone. This IS something you will have to practice just like any other skill you would want to learn. Remember you might have been purposefully shutting down these intuitive channels for years — give yourself time and patience to develop them.

What was MY experience after taking the class? I have been using these techniques now for over a month and yes, they work! Slade’s lessons and practice exercises give concise steps to take and take very little time (thank you Slade!). I definitely use these techniques when I am writing. I have always found my best writing came in short bursts of “feeling in the flow” and this class made that easier to access. I still need to be better about writing down questions that come up so I can have more sessions where I am asking for advice on specific areas of my life and that is definitely an intention. I have done this a few times with excellent results and need to set a regular time to do this because the information I have received has been invaluable.

I highly recommend checking out Slade’s Automatic Intuitive Response Classes to learn to tap into your inner guidance system and develop your psychic ability. Thank you Slade, you know you have been instrumental in my spiritual and psychic growth and have become a true friend in the process.

How Getting in Touch with Your Inner Psychic Can Help you Heal

I felt pretty helpless when I was sick. When I began to think about healing as even a possibility I felt guided. It was listening to myself, I mean REALLY listening to myself and determining who was the “me” I wanted to be. I stopped listening to my blow-hard ego and was beginning to become conscious enough to stop and listen to the little voice whispering to me. Those nudges you get that come from deep inside – those are you – the real you. Your intuition will NOT steer you wrong, but can you hear it? Honestly I have never seen my guides/angels/guardians but boy have I witnessed, experienced and just KNOWN things that I never in my wildest dreams expected. My studies, becoming a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and becoming friends with psychics made sure of THAT! (Thank you Slade, Andrea, Akemi, Paula, Anna, Evelyn, Liara and Erin for your friendship, guidance and support — it is so greatly appreciated).

I also have taken a Medical Intuition course by Dr. Judith Orloff called “Becoming an Intuitive Healer, A Professional Development Course for Health Practitioners“. It is a recording of a course Dr. Orloff gave to doctors and healh care professionals and it is brilliant. Medical Intuition is becoming a fast growing field and is being represented in MANY hospitals now. I am a medical intuitive and can sense things, energy blockages and what emotional reasons are behind them when people tell me their physical symptoms. It is something I am getting more and more confident in, and again it amazes me every time. Of course it is easier with any psychic ability to read for other people because when you try to read for yourself you do have those “stories” you have been telling yourself for years and your ego to contend with. Medical Intuition is a whole OTHER post I will write. Tapping into your intuition and learning about what energy blockages are associated with which physical illness manifestations is priceless and there are so many books and resources that can help you do just that.

When you get in touch with this inner guidance system you no longer have to feel alone. You KNOW you have your intuition and guides that “have your back”. You can ask questions when you are “stuck” and can get real advice from within about how to move forward. When you are ill or suffering from emotional or physical pain most of the time you feel alone. You don’t feel like anyone understands “what you are going through” and you certainly can use help although most of us hesitate to ask for help. This is a way you can ask for help at any time and EXPECT to receive it.

We were all given psychic abilities but we were not taught how to use them. Instead we were taught “they were strange” and people who were born with a clear connection to them had to grow up feeling “different”. I feel there is a HUGE benefit to tapping into these resources and am so very grateful I have. Thank you once again Slade, for your friendship and for teaching me how to do this. I hope my readers will think about looking into Slade’s classes and will offer comments and your own experiences. You all know how I LOVE comments! :-)