Love, Love, Love

“Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free
Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love

Listen to the music of the moment people, dance and sing
We’re just one big family
And it’s our God-forsaken right to be loved loved loved loved loved”

— Jason Mraz “I’m Yours” Click here for a Live Version from you Tube


mannions2008christmasWith Valentine’s Day upon us, I felt this would be an excellent time to write about love. Love truly IS the answer to everything. Love can heal. Love can inspire. Love can make you feel all warm and fuzzy like nothing else I know (ok – MAYBE tiramisu does that to me sometimes)! 😉 People emailed and left comments on my last post, “Claim Your Personal Power” about my quote, “You need to be an example of how you want people to treat you”. It is also of course very important to be aware of how we treat others – ALL others in our life. We all NEED love and we are ALL deserving of love. Do you treat yourself, strangers, co-workers, friends, family members, your children and your spouse/significant other with love? Use these points to see where you are in projecting love and to think about what YOU can do to radiate love out to everyone in your life so that you are in the right mode for receiving it back to you.

Self Love

I think I exhausted this in the last post “Claim Your Personal Power” and in others so “self love” will be brief here. You NEED to get in touch with the parts of you that you love and celebrate those! Self love is the basis for all other love in your life. YOU are reflecting to people by your love of yourself HOW you want to be treated. Fall in love with yourself and You can EXPECT an endless stream of love back to you.


How are you when you go to the grocery store? When you need to talk with a customer service person? Are you talking to them out of love? Are you smiling at the other customers in the grocery store or do you have your head down, feeling as disconnected to everyone around you as possible? We are ALL connected. We are ALL God’s children. Essentially we are ALL family. We all need and CRAVE love.

How do you feel when a stranger takes the time to smile at you, hold the door, let you ahead of them, make a nice comment about something? These simple gestures can change that person’s mood in a moment and then they can go and reflect that out to others.

When you are frustrated by something not working properly and you call for assistance, do you think about what it must be like to be listening to others complain ALL DAY long? Try showing the next customer service representative you talk to the same respect and kindness you would like to be treated with and SEE what happens. Try simply thinking “love” the next time you go out to run errands and see how this affects your experience as well as those around you.

Co Workers

Yes, they need love too! If you are coming at your co-workers with suspicion, blame, competition and anger you will get that right back at you. Maybe that co worker that gives you a frown every time you pass is doing so because they feel you frowning at them from the inside. You don’t need to agree with everyone or for all your co workers to become your best friends. You DO need to treat everyone with the same respect and love that you would want to be treated with.

Treat co workers with respect; smile, listen, be conscious when you are speaking with them so you really HEAR what they are saying, and realize even if you are very different you are still connected. When you start to think of us all as connected it becomes easier to radiate love out to those that you might not have thought that way about before.


You pick your friends, correct? Do you show them you love and appreciate them? Do you think of them as people to hear your problems and help you or do you think of it as a reciprocal relationship? Treat your friends with love and respect. We are all different and that is a GOOD thing. Do not judge others too harshly. Be honest. LISTEN to them instead of waiting to talk. Take turns so it is not a one sided relationship. Appreciate all they do for you and always say thank you and show love. Friends are a gift and I am blessed with many I consider extended family. Do not take them for granted — or else they will FEEL taken for granted. Show them love however you can — even a simple note or email saying “thank you” goes a long long way!

Biological Family

I know I am blessed in this regard. I love my parents dearly and even in their divorce they stayed friends and were an example of how to handle things with class. I appreciate them for all they have done and continue to do for me, the life lessons they have taught me and for who they are. I make sure I tell them. I am fully aware not all families have the same experience I have had.

I do see MANY long lived family grudges that can be resolved with awareness and forgiveness. Time for my favorite Chopra Quote again! (sorry regular readers) 😉

You must realize everyone is doing the best they can from their own state of consciousness” — Dr. Deepak Chopra

I would like to ask you to think about a family quarrel you may have held onto from the point of view of the above quote. MOST things that cause feuds are not some long thought out plot to do another person wrong. Many “incidents” are reactions to an occurrence. That person is reacting from how and what they know and while on “auto pilot”. Feelings gets hurt, pride gets in the way, (The Tolle “Pain Body” steps in) and no one wants to be the first one to say “I am sorry”. People go over and over the same thing in their head yet THAT usually does not make it better…. there IS a better way. TRY and put yourself in the other person’s place. Try and ask yourself if they CONSCIOUSLY hurt you. Ask yourself if this is something you can move past so that it is not something holding you both back from a future you can enjoy together.

Everyone is different — and how boring a place it would be if we were all the same. You do NOT need to THINK and FEEL the same way about life, politics, religion as your parents/family to get along. THINK about what you ARE grateful to them for. FEEL gratitude for their positive attributes. EVERYONE wants to feel love and love does in fact heal. These are times when we all need to come together and help each other. Show love and appreciation for the family that you were born into. If it was a truly horrible upbringing, be grateful that through their example – you have learned to be a “better and stronger person”.

Think about how YOUR perception of your family affects the way they treat you. Is there any way to show them more love, heal past wounds and move forward in a more positive direction? Show members of your family love — notes, emails, phone calls, hugs, “conscious” conversations… these all go a long way to showing your love and can be used to heal relationships.


If you read my interview with James Sinclair, Director of the movie “What If?” (or saw the brilliant movie) you KNOW just how important it is to send positive messages of love to your kids – from birth! Until the age of 6 we are in “receiving mode”. All the messages and events around us get firmly planted into the our subsconscious to become the recordings we hear when we are “on auto pilot”. PLEASE try and make the messages you send your children positive ones.

Kids ARE LOVE when they are born. They know nothing else. They have been warm and cozy and taken care of for 9 months and are born dependent on us for nurturing and existence. Giving a child love is JUST as important as giving them food. SHOWING them HOW to think about themselves and treat others is giving them a foundation for how they will live their life. If you are a parent or around a young child, your voice will be one of those they will hear when they are on auto-pilot years later… what kind of messages do you want them to be playing back to themselves?

Conscious parenting is essential. Do not leave it up to the TV and computer to parent your child. Do you have “too much to do?”. GREAT, have the child HELP you do it and explain and communicate with them that you enjoy them helping. I have seen folding a washcloth bring joy and pride to children. Take 10 minutes away from your “to do’s” and read to the child, tell them how great they are, listen to their stories. If you want to implant positive messages further, use positive books to help. Wayne Dyer’s “Unstoppable Me” and “Incredible You” are priceless in this and children LOVE them.

Look, I have 2 children, I UNDERSTAND that sometimes you want to shake your head, scream or roll your eyes… BELIEVE ME! Try and stop yourself next time and see how else you can come at the situation…. If it is too late and you have reacted badly, talk to your kids about how you reacted, apologize, tell them you love them — no matter WHAT. Children are very forgiving. Celebrate your child’s strengths. Children look to adults to see how to feel and behave. If you need a “time out” by all means take one… it is a good example to set for your child. I have said, “Mommy is upset right now and I am going to take 5 minutes to take some deep breaths and think about how I am feeling”. Explain to your children they should think about their emotions and process them.

Lastly with children — PLAY. Children do not need any toys to play — there is charades, there are dance parties, there is their endless imagination and simple story telling. Children love to play and love to laugh. Encouraging play and laughter and being conscious with your child as you explore ways to facilitate them is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Fall in love with your kids – every child deserves LOVE!

Spouse/Significant Other

My post; “How to Stay in Love and Help it to Grow” is one of my most popular — please check it out if you have not already. Your significant other is called “your other half” and if you have gotten married — most likely you have sworn in front of God to love and cherish each other. I see MANY couples that do not do this and in fact treat their spouse worse than anyone else in their life.

Why does it seem SO easy if we have a bad day to take it out on the person we have decided we want to spend the rest of our lives with? Doesn’t seem to make much sense, does it? Do we like it when we are talked to in a “less than pleasant manner” by our “significant other” and yet have no clue why?

Instead try listing 5 things you DO love about that person. Recognize that you BOTH need to be shown kindness and appreciation. Somehow after tasks/chores are assigned it is taken for granted that the person will do them. When is the last time you showed appreciation for that person doing that chore? When is the last time you looked at the most important person in your life and tried to understand what they were feeling or ASKED how YOU can help them?

Life moves fast. It feels like we all have thousands of things to do every day and less and less time to do it with. Make TIME — CONSCIOUS time for each other. Time to go over the bills or family calendar DO NOT COUNT. Time to remember WHY you are together and to “Let go” of the daily STUFF that gets in the way of you “JUST BEING”. Show them love and they will be much more likely to give it right back to you.

There are many ways to show love to people in our lives, from the grocery clerk to our closest loved ones. Everyone needs love and we all have the ability to make the people’s days around us a lot brighter by emanating love. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all who you hold dear!

How else do you show love to your loved ones or complete strangers? I would love to hear your stories and ideas. :-)

Link Love:

Thank you to Gayle from God Bless Humanity for Interviewing me this week. It was a pleasure to speak with you!

Thank you to WD Favour, your latest post where you describe to your daughter HOW we are ALL God deeply touched my heart.

Thank you Stephen Hopson, from “Adversity University“, for your very kind words, gratitude and for sharing your journey with me.

Thank you Anna Conlan from “Healing and Insight” for your testimonial for Reconnective Healing — It is so greatly appreciated, touched my heart and I look forward to posting it soon. It has been a delight getting to know you!

Thank you Paula of “Journey Inward Productions” for your continued friendship and coming to my rescue when I truly believed I was going insane! 😉 You are awesome!

Thank you Camille of “Joyz a Choice“, I appreciate your patience with me and you just being so sweet — ALWAYS! We WILL catch up soon and I GREATLY look forward to it!

I am so blessed and could go on for pages for everyone I am grateful for but I think this post at over 2,300 words is ready to be ended! Thank you – EVERYONE who supports, encourages and inspires me…. I am truly grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and amazing opportunities coming my way. Comments, questions and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome here!


  1. says

    Hi Jenny,
    This is wonderful and so full of love. You are so full of love, Jenny! And I think that is pretty special.

    On playing with our children – I do have something I want to share. Many years ago, I made up a game we call “Garbage”. Basically, I’m the garbage man, the kids are the garbage, and our sofa is the trash can. My job is to collect the trash (the kids) and haul them to the trash can (sofa). They then try to escape from the sofa, and the game continues. It’s become more difficult to carry the “trash” as they’ve gotten bigger. And I’ve always thought that as our children got older, they would lose interest in this game – that they would be embarrassed to play. No. They all love it yet! And beg to play. (and in the winter, it ends up being a great games to get you warmed up too!). What’s so neat about this is that it’s a made up game – and it’s one that has withstood the test of time.

    The other thought I have here is wow, Jenny – this is such a great reminder of all the areas of our lives where we can focus more on love. And isn’t that a great thing – to make love more evident, so share it more freely! I always feel loved when I visit here – and it’s one of the things that draws me back again and again. Your love – given so freely.

    And your family picture (this really is it!) – this just really oozes love – such a great picture with much joy!

    With much love and understanding to you Jenny,

  2. says

    Hi Akemi,
    Thank you for the stumble and also for your friendship! It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I have learned a lot from you in the process!

    Love does begin with us. I love heading out for the day with this is mind and stopping to talk and connect with people. It is amazing what a different day I can have when I consciously set out with that in mind!

    I have found all my happiness just lies in me claiming it, being conscious enough not to get bogged down in the little things that might come up and to simply feel the love within.

    Thank you Akemi! For being you and for radiating love my way! :-)


  3. says

    Hi Lance,

    The “Garbage” game sounds like loads of fun! My kids still LOVE “wrestling with dad” and “tickle matches” with mom. With kids I have found it is not necessary to over think “what we should do”. The little unpredictable moments are sometimes the most beautiful. I had a moment a few weeks ago where my daughter was brushing my hair so gently and was so happy that I filled with tears of gratitude… It truly is just “being there” instead of a hundred other places in my mind that brings those moments frequently.

    Thank you Lance for your kind words! You ARE loved here! Your words always bring me joy and make me smile! I wish you and your family all the best and lots of LOVE!

    Love, Jenny

  4. says

    You’ve written a timely message for Friday, Valentine’s Day. What many people don’t realize is the importance of self love, not in the vain sort of way, but deep down. Loving every inch of our body, mind and spirit. From there we can extend love outward to others.

    I feel your love radiating outwards and I’m grateful for it. Thanks!

    I’m amazed what happens when I’m out shopping and I consciously make an effort to smile – not the fake, obligatory smile but a real one. It’s hard not to get one back, even from people who appear weary, tired and aggravated. Seems that a smile has the capability to melt people in some way. It’s amazing! You just reminded me to do that more often.

    Stephen Hopsons last blog post..Stephen Hopson Interview with Michael Lee Stallard, Part I of II

  5. says

    Hi Stephen,
    Yes, the smile is a beautiful thing! Like you said the REAL one…not the fake. People FEEL the love and kindness and it transfers to them… such a simple gesture, yet we are “so in our heads” sometimes we don’t even SEE the person in front of us!

    Ahh self love – it is SO critical. The vain sort of love I have found to be more a defense mechanism and actually based in insecurities rather than the true love of one’s inner self. True love of one’s self is s beautiful thing and does not come off as ego-ic but rather a quiet confidence.

    I have lots of love as we all do and I LOVE sharing it and ways to share it. Love does rule the world and it is gorgeous to see more and more people realize that!

    All the best Stephen. I am very grateful for our friendship.


  6. says

    Love is truly all there is! :)

    Everyone seeks to accomplish love in many different ways. For most it’s in subconscious ways. I observe that sometimes people will seek to know themselves as love by being unloving. Be being unloving they project and create what they do not desire in their lives, in order to know what they do desire. Alternatively some people will banish love, destroy love, and reject love because they do not feel they deserve to be loved. They feel worthless and choose to hurt themselves because in this manner they are asking for love.

    I can see how every attack is a cry for love. Therefore to me, it’s only logical to respond to unloving people… with love. Give someone love when they least deserve it because in those times is when they need love the most.

    Nicholas Powiulls last blog post..Powiull Sleep Day 10-11 (Adopting Powiull Sleep: Different Methods): by Nicholas Powiull

  7. says

    Hi Nicholas,

    Such good observations! I, too feel the ones that are seemingly banishing love are the ones that need it the most because they feel “unworthy” or do not have self love. Approaching ALL with love might seem challenging to some but once you begin – it is harder NOT to do it. You can see the results immediately in yourself and in others!

    Thank you Nicholas for commenting. I REALLY enjoyed your recent voluminous illuminating post on consciousness and am very interested in your sleep work as well! All the best!


  8. says

    Aww Mike – thank you!! You have been so sweet and supportive of me since the bginning of this blogging journey! I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day — filled with love and I wish you all the best with your studies. Remember to put the books down and have some fun! I know with all the credits you are taking that might be hard – but you’ll be better off for it.. now to follow my own advice and enjoy some vaca for a few days! Thanks again Mike, you are a wonderful guy!

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..Love, Love, Love

  9. says

    Hi Patricia,
    Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for your sweet comments — yes, we do love each other an awful lot which is wonderful! Thank you so much for your comments and for reading and I wish you and your family a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend! :-)

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..Love, Love, Love

  10. says

    Jenny, wonderful post as always, and I love seeing the picture of you and your family. Like the other commenters I love that you included co-workers, strangers etc. – it bothers me a bit about Valentine’s Day that the focus is just on showing love to those in your immediate ‘tribe’, instead of radiating it outward to all…

    Lisa Ericksons last blog post..Empowering Your Indigo Child – Book Review

  11. says

    Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for your nice comments — I am glad you enjoyed the post and picture. It IS so important to radiate love out to more than just your immediate “tribe” but I do believe it begins within and with consciousness. Many walk around on auto pilot repeating the same self defeating messages and not “aware” that the messages they are sending themselves are limiting them from radiating and receiving love. It is my hope with this post to bring awareness to the fact that we all need love. It is a beautiful thing to offer people and simple gestures such as a smile or a kind word goes A LONG WAY.

    Happy Valentine’s Day Lisa! Lots of love and a big hug,

  12. says

    Thank you my wife for teaching me how powerful the simple act of giving praise and attention can be. Why is it so hard for people (myself included) to take a moment and say something nice? You taught me through experience that when I turn my attention to all that I love and admire about you that it comes back to me tenfold.
    Thanks for continuing to spread the light and love!

    Ray Mannions last blog post..Article on General Choi

  13. Suze says

    You chose to open this blog post with lyrics of my very favorite song. It’s so affirming.

    Love the family photo, too. The love radiates.

    Suzes last blog post..You Can’t Tummy Tuck a Being of Light

  14. says

    Hey Hon (I mean Ray) ;-),

    Thank you for your kind words! Those moments of saying something nice to someone else are worth it the second they receive the compliment and you get a smile in return. Everyone has nice things about them — as you hear me repeatedly telling the kids. :-) It is so nice to have those things recognized about ourselves and to show other people the same kindness.

    Thanks for asking me to be your wife 12 years ago! It has been an absolute pleasure to go through this crazy ride of life with you! This next year looks like it will be our most exciting yet and I am SO SO excited! :-)

    Loving you madly,

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..Love, Love, Love

  15. says

    I came upon this artical just in time. I am about to go through the tough phase of weanning my self off of effoxer..I have been taking this for my fibro. pain for about 10 years…i had no idea it was addictive…until i forgot to take a pill…twice..the drs. cannot believe i want to get off…i could go on and on…i was considering lyrica …finally found this site that said it was addictive as well as effoxor..i came across your article …by the grace of GOD

  16. says

    Hi Elaine,
    I will help you any way I can. I am happy you found my site as well. Please find out what the side effects are of going off the medications as I know sometimes this takes a doctors assistance in weaning….
    I’m going to email you with some info. Know that healing is possible…. I have seen amazing things happen and healed myself over 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. Thanks for leaving a comment.
    Love, Jenny

  17. says

    Very beautiful post Jenny- I keep saying that we are all in this together so loving each other should be more natural. Once people take down the societal walls and just embrace our togetherness, the world will be a wonderful place to live in!

  18. says

    Hi Jay,

    Thank you so much! We are very much in this together. I feel we are moving toward a world that knows they have to work together and help each other to move forward. It is wonderful that so many inspirational movies, studies and books are coming out that promote a universal consciousness. I am SO so ready! :-) It is exciting watching it unfold!

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you Anna! You are so sweet and genuine and I look forward to working together and talking more.


  19. says

    Hi Jenny!

    I am so delighted to have been of assistance and may I say that losing your mind (in spiritual terms) is often a good thing!

    I’m so glad you decided to write about love as it ties in beautifully with my experiences since we had our Reconnective Healing session together.

    As I mentioned to you earlier, my connection with the natural world grew greatly in strength after the session which I feel triggered me to “download” a technique from the Archangel Ariel (called syncing). It’s really amazing!

    I used it on Friday and the love I channeled was beyond comprehension!!! I walked around with a smile so big it was practically glued on my face :) The universe does not need a reason to love – and of course, neither do we!!!

    Thanks so much for being such a positive, loving example in the world – you rock!

    Loads of love,

    Paula Kawal

    Paula Kawals last blog post..Going Within…

  20. says

    What an amazing post, Jenny. You cover so many areas of what love means and yet there is one universal truth for all relationships – be conscious. Choose what’s important and who’s important (including yourself) and make sure you never let an opportunity pass to tell or show someone special how much they mean to you. Your section on parenting particularly resonates with me because I found my first 3 years of motherhood so unbelievably difficult because it brought all my issues and auto pilot responses to the fore from my own childhood. I also think until you become a parent you have no concept of what responsibility for others really means. Sometimes it is overwhelming, and I agree that you have to be kind to yourself and acknowledge a need for a mommy time out. I also make sure I apologise to my son when I have lost my temper and snapped. Even if he was naughty, if I lose my cool then I always admit I am wrong for that. I think it;s important to show our kids that we can and should own up to our mistakes. I also gives them an opportunity to practise forgiveness, which is invaluable in life.

    For me, I think the self love is the part I still struggle with. I am a very group oriented person and have a tendency to put myself last. It’s not healthy and it robs others of the opportunity to give, so I am trying to get better at it.

    Thanks for a grea read.

    Kelly x

  21. says

    Hey Paula,

    You made me laugh with that one – never thought “losing my mind” would be a GOOD thing but you are so right! I have been doing much better and I thank you again for your help and insight as I venture places I have never even dreamed of before!

    I am so happy the Reconnective Healing brought you a new tool and WOW – I want to walk around with a smile glued to my face all day! :-) I am pleased and grateful beyond words with my work with reconnective healing and the gifts it is bringing people (including myself). STILL blows my mind the in person sessions and long distance sessions are JUST as powerful and I am SO happy for that as well.

    Slade knew what he was doing match making us as friends, huh? :-) It has been an absolute joy talking with you and sharing. Thank you Slade! :-)

    Thanks for your kind words and for your continued friendship and support Paula – they mean the world to me! :-) I am so excited to continue to share our journeys and successes.

    Lots of love,

  22. says

    Hi Kelly,

    It just blows my mind that we are expected to pass a test for driving, college entrance exams, etc. but NO one makes sure we get some basics down before we take our children home from the hospital. We’ve talked about the “mommy” thing before… the HUGE responsibility it puts on us, how we can feel a bit daffy at times with all the things we have to remember and tend to but not knowing if we’ll get a shower in that morning…. Postpartum depression? — no wonder! I feel new mommies should have some sort of guide they can read and reassurances that they are not the devil for wishing for time for themselves or for getting angry with a toddler when they haven’t slept more than a few hours a night! These are natural reactions to adjusting and if anyone can write a funny guide to keeping your sanity during new mommyhood — it’d be you Kelly!

    You are a very conscious mommy Kel, you are facing those issues that come up, giving yourself time outs, apologizing, showing your son what forgiveness means… showing your son you are human. You are a wonderful loving mom and it shows.

    Ahh we have the same issues Kelly — I’ve been saying for a while how similar we are! :-) Putting everyone else first, self love, EMBRACING our power, letting others give to us so we can enjoy receiving…. I am working on them all as well. That’s all we can do – be conscious of what changes will make us happier and work towards that.

    I know when I put my mind towards healing, I healed myself, when I put it on spirituality – WOWsers did my world change, now it is on abundance and receiving and I AM expecting and am already receiving greatness! It is that intention and knowingness that brings about real change! Watch out world – Kelly and Jenny are figuring it ALL out! :-)

    Lots of love and hugs Kel – thank you so much for your words,

  23. says

    Hi there Jenny – I think your quote from Deepak Chopra is very much worth remembering, too.

    I think love is the key, too! Even in a practical way – if someone loves themselves enough to share their love by getting on with their creative work, they will find from it the inspiration to heal themselves at a new level – eg overcome some life-long problem with drinking or overeating or whatever – because they don’t want it to hold them back any more.

    Cheers – Robin

    Robins last blog post..Finding Our True Selves

  24. says

    Hi Robin,

    So true, I believe healing needs to begin with self love. If you love yourself you see yourself as worthy of all the best. When you are living authentically and doing your life’s work it becomes easier to want and expect the best from yourself. It does give you the power to overcome anything and to live life to its greatest potential – what’s better than that?! :-)

    Thanks for commenting Robin! :-)


  25. Della Novick says

    Hello Jenny,

    The times they are a changing…and we are all part of a wider and deeper awakening for humanity.
    My Daughter suggested I read your inspiring words and commentary on my own Life passion. My own blog is in the making to share more self-help therapies with anyone in pain or distress. I loved seeing how clearly you understand and communicate the great need NOW. When you’re ready, you’re ready.

    bless you,

  26. says

    Hi Della,

    Thank you so much for visiting. I LOVE meeting like minded people and would love to visit your blog if you leave an address. Awakening is so beautiful and to see all the inspiring movies, book and resources coming out is so inspiring. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. It is greatly appreciated.


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