Interview with Vincent Daczynski

I am so fortunate to be promoting the movie, “What If?” and have met SUCH extraordinary people in the process. You can visit prior posts to find the 5 clips I have posted as well as my interviews with Director, James Sinclair and cast member Virginia Ellen. My next interview with a cast member of “What If?” is of Vincent Daczynski. It took me a very long time to go through Vince’s site “Amazing Abilities” because every time I went to it an hour would go by and I would be deep into learning about someone he referenced on this site. But Vince has much more than the “Amazing Abilities” site to his credit including more interesting websites such as his informational site on Transcendental Meditation, his public service site on health and healing and more. It is my absolute pleasure to bring you my interview with him.

vince_daczynskiJenny: Hi Vince, welcome and thank you so much for the interview. I must admit I spent a LOT of time on your amazing abilities site. What compelled you to put this website together? Have there been any amazing abilities that you had a hard time accepting?

Vince: When I was six years old my dad read to me from a five volume series of books called, The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding. This series of books reports the findings of a team of eleven researchers who traveled to the Far East in 1894 to study a small group of men who reportedly possessed miraculous superhuman powers. After living with these supermen for 3 ½ years, the researchers reported phenomenon such as levitation, mental telepathy, invisibility, impunity to fire, X-ray vision and walking through walls as the common daily life-style of these individuals.

I was brought up to believe that anything was within the realm of possibility. As a result of this orientation I have always maintained a wide opened mind. So, whenever I hear about someone who has extraordinary abilities, it is matter of fact to me. I am not amazed by anything. I am fascinated and very much interested in meeting with the individuals.

Meeting extraordinary people with highly developed abilities has become a hobby for me. When the internet was created I decided to write a book about some of my experiences with extraordinary people and post my book for people to read for free on my website.

Jenny: You also have another website on Transcendental Meditation that I spent a good bit of time on. It includes tributes to Maharishi and Charlie and Helen Lutes. Can you tell my readers a little about Transcendental Meditation, its benefits and the role it played in your life?

Vince: I first heard about the Transcendental Meditation technique from a newscast that mentioned that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was coming to Madison Square Garden to lecture about a simple mental technique that will enable anyone to unfold their full mental potential. I attended the lecture. Because of my orientation to the wisdom of the Far East, when Maharishi spoke about his technique being a simple way to tap into ones inner potential, I knew that this is what I was looking for and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to learn more about the practice. I tried Maharishi’s meditation technique and found it to be everything that it was claimed to be.

At the time I was working as a national manager for a leasing company in New York City. I was a young executive who had it all; excellent salary, company car, expense account, stock options and an excellent health plan. I also had the trappings that go with success; migraine headaches, insomnia, anxiety, obsessive eating, etc. I was a nervous wreck, to put it mildly.

Immediately upon starting to practice the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) my migraine headaches went away, never to return. Within a short time thereafter my insomnia went away and eventually so did my anxiety and obsessive eating. Over time I had developed a deep inner contentment and happiness from within myself.

My problems did not go away. I still had problems, but my ability to deal with my problems greatly improved. I became stronger from my progressive contact with my own inner resources, so I was able to deal with situations from the platform of greater inner strength.

One of the more immediate benefits I noticed from my practice of TM was development of my intuition. I intuitively made better choices and decisions for myself. Thereby, I created fewer problems for myself.

The Transcendental Meditation technique as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is a simple mental technique that enables anyone to bring their awareness deep within themselves from the very first day of practicing the technique.

The by-product of bringing ones awareness deep within oneself is deep profound rest, far deeper than deep sleep. Yet, the mind remains alert, awake. This very deep rest causes the body to release deep rooted stress. It is stress that has been found to be the cause of most health problems. Since TM dramatically reduces stress, it has a direct application in the field of health. Many doctors recommend TM to their patients.

Scientific studies of people who practice TM regularly a few minutes in the morning and in the evening indicate that meditators spend less time at doctors’ offices.

With reduced stress in the nervous system meditators becomes more sensitive to what their bodies are telling them, they become more in tune with the needs of their bodies. They give their bodies more of what is needed and less of what is not good for their bodies.

Jenny: Vince, this is so interesting. Can you give me examples of this?

Vince: The best example I can give of this is what happened to my parents and sister after they began the practice of TM. They were all smokers. My mother was a hopeless chain smoker, smoking four packs per day. When her cigarette was about done she would use it to light up another one from it. My dad smoked two packs per day and my sister smoked one pack per day. My dad and sister tried to stop smoking but could not. My mother was so addicted that she did not even try to stop smoking. I, by the way, never smoked.

After beginning the practice of TM, both my parents and sister automatically found that they had a decreased desire to smoke. Within about two years they all stopped smoking, without any effort or willpower on their part to stop. That stress in their nervous system, that emotional need, that caused them to smoke, dissolved from their practice of TM. At the same time they became more in tune with their inner intelligence, which gave them the wherewithal to make better decisions for themselves.

Research studies that have been done on TM meditators indicate a lessened desire to smoke, abuse alcohol and drugs.

Over 600 research studies have been done on the TM technique; most of the studies have been on the benefits of TM in the areas of both mental and physical health. I know of no other technique for personal development has received such scrutiny and acclaim. The research studies on the many medical benefits of TM can be found at:

Charlie and Helen Lutes were founding pillars of Maharishi’s TM Movement. Charlie and Helen were friends of mine. Charlie was one of Maharishi’s most spiritually developed teachers of TM. Charlie was known for his lectures which included many topics associated with the practice of TM. When Charlie and Helen died in 2001 I decided to make a memorial website to them to include 108 of Charlie’s lectures, along with a collection of vintage photographs of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Jenny: I will definitely be pursuing learning more about Transcendental Meditation after speaking with you and visiting your site. I also wanted to talk to you about your site that is a public service for lots of healing and health information. You have many good articles on it from the dangers of Aspartame (which is what doctors said caused my mom’s disease) to dangers of Microwave cooking, MSG and much more. What prompted this and what can you tell my readers about the site?

Vince: As my awareness expanded through my meditation practice, I no longer am gullible to accept advertising hype. I came to realize that there were many companies that were pushing products that had toxic side effects, to include medication, food and various household products. Rather than accepting at face value what company spokespersons said, I began to question and do some research. I began to ask myself if the use of a certain product was life-supporting or were there consequences to its use.

For example, is fluoridation of water useful, or are there long term harmful effects? What are the potential side effects of using microwaves? Why is it that after a medicine has been approved by the FDA and has been in use for many years, it is being taken off the market due to new findings about its use? (There have been many incidences of this). If mercury is a poison, do I want to have it in my fillings? What are the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body? Is genetic engineering safe? Etc.

In a rush to make our lives easier and to cure all of our ailments with pills, it appears to me that technology has gotten out of touch with nature. Time and time again, what had been thought of and promoted as being useful and helpful has been proven to be harmful. So, I am more cautious when making choices for myself. One example comes to mind. Back in the 1950’s I saw a promotional film produced by the US Government that showed a truck profusely spraying DDT out of both sides as it slowly went down a residential street with children playing nearby by. Incredulously, the mind set at that time was that it was beneficial to have DDT sprayed in your neighborhood and on your kids. Subsequently the use of DDT was banned. The drug thalidomide is another example. In the 1960’s over 1000 babies were born with very severe deformities as a result of pregnant women being prescribed this drug.

With the advent of the internet I have been able to easily research any area of my concern and have obtained credentialed opinions contrary to much of the party-line promotional hype. I have found the information on a variety of issues helpful to me when making my choices, so I thought others would like to have this information as well. That prompted me to add a public service section to my website. I hope that by doing so, I encourage people to think more for themselves, rather than to blindly accept what companies and government agencies promote as being safe products.

Jenny: Vince, you have also mentioned that you grow your own food and are vegetarian. I recently went 3 weeks with no meat, fell off the wagon 1 day and went right back on. Can you tell me what part this has had in your spiritual growth and health? The “trouble” I had with staying away from processed food and meat is I am so used to “just grabbing something”. Once I started reading EVERY label it made me want to only eat natural foods. In the summer I garden but winters are long here and veggies and fruits can be very pricey. It seems they make them harder to get then the processed food which is cheap and EVERYWHERE. Can you recommend a resource that makes this easier to do?

Vince: Your experience to stop eating meat echoes mine. I was brought up on T-bone steaks, pot roasts and Polish kielbasa and lots of junk food. It is all around us and very difficult to ignore. And if we do not have it handy our relatives, friends and co-workers are sure to offer it to us. Our social culture revolves around junk food. Also, our bodies have been habituated to crave certain foods. Further, food manufacturers hire chemists to engineer their foods with an enhanced taste in order to addict you to their product. I was literally addicted to a certain brand of cheese. This addiction took tremendous willpower for me to break.

It is very difficult to make the transition to a vegetarian diet and to a natural foods diet. A transition in diet requires a life-style change and, in the beginning of the transition, a stubborn willpower.

It took me some twenty years to transition into a vegetarian diet. The first step for me was to eliminate meat. I gave my body a chance to reeducate itself to obtaining the nutrients it needed from fowl and fish. Then, slowly over time I transitioned down to fish and then eliminated the fish. I refuse to eat processed food, foods with preservatives, foods with pesticides, foods with hormones and foods that have been genetically engineered. Also, I don’t take dietary supplements.

Good food is available at various supermarkets. It is just a matter of making it a habit to read labels. Many supermarkets have an organic vegetable section. I also shop at my local farmer’s market. But good food is expensive.

To solve the problem of cost and to assure a high quality and availability of food, I grow some of my own food. I have a wide variety of fruiting trees and shrubs and I have a vegetable patch. It is very easy to grow squashes and melons. And leafy greens grow like weeds.

Even in the colder climates there is always something edible that one can grow. Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes do well in cold climates. They can be left in the ground and harvested as needed during the winter. A small hot house can help extend the growing season. Also one can preserve their harvest by canning, which will last them through the winter months.

I see people planting many trees, but few plant fruit trees. I don’t understand why they don’t. Apples, peaches and pears cost nearly a dollar a piece now and I don’t foresee prices getting any cheaper.

I think it is time to get back to the idea of “victory gardens.” For people who have kids or grandkids, gardening can be a lot of fun for them.

I don’t use any chemical fertilizers, only steer manure and leaves from my trees that I compost. I don’t use any pesticides and I do not worry about birds. I just grow more food than I need so that even insects and birds can have their share. The insects help to pollinate my trees and crops and the birds sing for me all year, so I think they deserve to have some of the crop.

Over a period of 41 years of meditating I have progressively eliminated the stress and emotional inhibitors that have blocked me from making correct dietary choices for myself. I have reached a point where for the last five years I have eaten only twice daily; at 8:00 a.m. and at 5:00 p.m. I never snack between meals and I never accept food from anyone unless I know the source and ingredients of the food. I seldom feel any hunger. I have come to the conclusion that people eat far more food than is necessary. Half my diet consists of fruit; the remainder is milk, some greens, grains, and nuts. I never gorge myself.

I used to be a compulsive eater and one who was addicted to sugar and cheese. So this transition has been a radical change for me. Now my diet is natural for me. My body has been reeducated and habituated into selecting what is necessary and appropriate. So, I never feel that I am denying myself anything, or need to use willpower anymore.

Upon hearing about my diet I am often asked, but where do you get your protein from and what about all the minerals and calcium that you need? Well, where do the elephants, hippos, rhinos, gorillas, water buffalo, buffaloes and giraffes get their protein and calcium from? They are all grass and leaf eaters. Yet they are some of the most powerful of animals.

Every year or two, I have a full panel blood test and each time the results have shown that I have been without deficiencies or excesses; all variables have been within tolerance.

I am 68 years old and in great physical shape. The last time I needed to see a doctor was about twenty years ago for advice about a knee injury. I seldom need to see a dentist either.

From a spiritual perspective, I believe that God dwells within us; that my body is the temple of God. So, I avoid consuming anything that would defile that temple. By taking care of my body, my health, I am in a way honoring God.

Jenny: Wow, thank you for sharing and that is very inspirational to me. I know how I feel when I do and do not eat well and do believe it is getting past habits and delving deeper inside myself that will enable me to eat healthier. I want to be an example for my children in this regard because it seems tons of the processed foods are specifically targeted at them and are filled with chemicals. Thank you so much for all the free priceless information you offer people. You are truly inspirational and it has been wonderful researching your sites. I am very glad I connected to you through the movie, “What If?”.

How did you find out about the movie What If? and what was your experience in being a part of it?

Vince: While James Sinclair was on location, filming an interview, someone mentioned my website on Amazing Abilities to him and they suggested that he contact me. So, one day I received an E-mail from James and he decided to interview me.

Being part of What If? The Movie was a novel experience for me. I enjoyed the interview and I was honored to be a part of it. The movie helps to open peoples’ awareness to themselves and helps them to realize that their potential as humans is literally unlimited.

Everyone should see What If? The Movie. Seeing the movie is a consciousness expanding experience.

Jenny: I agree – -the movie What If will help to inspire and awaken many. Okay Vince one last question — With all your studies you have truly seen it ALL. Do you believe in any limits or do you believe we are all limitless and how can we go about tapping into that unlimited potential?

Vince: I believe what the scriptures say, that humans are born in the image of God. As such I believe that the human has the spark of God within him; that his inner life is Divine and with that Divinity comes unlimited potential.

One only needs to bring their awareness to that inner value of life. The material world is so magnetic that it externalizes our awareness and captivates it. The material world keeps our focus externalized. What we must do is to transcend the outer world and bring our awareness deep within ourselves; thereby we can tap into that inner reservoir of unlimited potential within us. Transcendental Meditation achieves this. It enables anyone to easily bring their awareness deep within, and it does so from the first day of practicing the technique.

Having practiced the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 41 years, I am biased towards this practice. But, there are a number of other techniques and methods of Yoga that can achieve this. Any technique that enables you to transcend the outer material world and turn the mind around to enable it to contact that inner Divinity within yourself will suffice. However, the easiest method that I have come across, and I have reviewed and considered numerous of practices, has been the Transcendental Meditation technique as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Maharishi took the essence of the teachings of the East and synthesized it into a simple mental technique palatable for the active Westerner’s lifestyle.

Anyone interested in learning more about Transcendental Meditation will find extensive information at the official TM website at

Jenny: You are inspirational with everything you offer people and the way you live your life. Thank you Vince for your time — it is greatly appreciated and it has been wonderful getting to know you. I definitely recommend your websites to my readers:

Amazing Abilities

Transcendental Meditation & Tributes to Maharishi and Charlie and Helen Lutes

Public Service and Informational Site on Health

Your book Site which is called “For Sales Sake Meditate!” and allows you to read your book online.

Thank you for all you do!

Vince: Thank you for the interview. It has been a pleasure chatting with you.


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    This post reveals an evolution in awareness that is full of positive energy and enthusiasm. The Amazing Abilities website reminds readers that human perception is conditioned to distract the mind from the truth of one’s innate potential. One of the benefits of the modern global sharing of information is that ideas traditionaally known and explored in one part of the world are made available for more energy beings to explore for themselves. You choose whether ot believe senses.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..7 Lessons to re-orient the waking soul

  2. says

    Hi Liara,
    I am feeling the love from you today Liara – thank you for your kind comments! 😉

    Yes it is up to us whether to believe we are limited by our five sense. I now know better and am working on developing my others.

    Boy oh boy are there distractions! I did have a hard time tearing myself away from the Amazing Abilities site — so many people doing things we were told were “impossible”! My daughter (almost 6) LOVES to meditate. When things get loud or even in a long line, she will sit, close her eyes and go “somewhere else”. A few weeks ago she said she was going to rest in my bedroom and came down an hour later upset because “I have been mediating a long time and STILL haven’t levitated”. :-) I fully expect to see her airborne one day and won’t be surprised a bit! She was born knowing anything is possible and it is such a beautiful thing to witness.

    Thanks Liara. Your words always sound like poetry to me. :-)

    Lots of love,

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    Hi Jenny, another wonderful interview. Thanks for highlighting TM – although that’s not my path, I respect the TM organization very much for all the research they have done on meditation, which has made many people who otherwise wouldn’t have meditated do so. They also have alot of school programs, which have been shown to help kids with stress reduction and concentration. And this interview is timely, as I just read that two of the Beatles are going to do a benefit concert to help promote the TM school program!

    Lisa (mommymystic)s last blog post..Mystic Spirituality for Women Series

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    Hi Jenny: I think it`s very interesting that Vincent was brought up with the belief that anything is possible, including things such as levitation and x-ray vision. My mother has a friend who also has a “hobby” of meeting people with extraordinary skills and it’s always fun to listen to his stories of the all the things he has witnessed.

  5. says

    Hi Lisa,
    It was interesting doing some research on TM for the interview. There is a lot of praise, support and research completed and some controversy as well. It definitely intrigues me and is something I would like to find out more about. As I have written… there are so many healing modalities now it feels impossible to “keep up” BUT that is a GOOD thing! I have finally gotten into a good rhythm with my own meditation but am still interested in exploring other methods. Gotta keep learning!

    I know David Lynch is a big supporter of TM but didn’t know about the Beatles — will have to look into that as well!

    As always, a pleasure to hear from you and I am REALLY looking forward to your series on Mystic Spirituality for Women!

    Lots of Love,

  6. says

    Hi Mare!

    So cool about your mom’s friend and I would have been grilling her every time she came over for more stories! :-) It definitely is interesting to me and it is amazing just what IS possible. I feel we ALL have these abilities but definitely growing up thinking everything and anything is possible makes that more accessible.

    I was so happy to see your ebook came out — congratulations and I have put a link on my site and hope many check it out. You always have such creative ideas and I am sure it will inspire many. :-)


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    Hi Evelyn,

    Meditation is so very powerful. I feel after 2 years of practicing different ways — I am just “getting it” and am making some progress but look to make lots more! My daughter Christina seems to “get it” even more so than me and meditate in a room full of screaming boys (her brother and his friends). For me I need absolute quiet and the knowledge I will have absolute quiet for a while to get into a truly relaxed state.

    I still have my set backs – I’ll meditate every day for 2 weeks and feel so wonderful and centered because of it and then will have a “busy” week and not take the time for myself and boy do my body, mind and soul feel its absence.

    Always good to see you here! :-)
    Lots of love,

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    Hi Jenny,

    Another wonderful interview! You are great at this!!

    The idea of foods jumped out at me. I used to eat really quite poorly. And then – one day it clicked – the damage I was doing to my body. So, now we eat lots of fruits and veggies. And meat (I’m not ready for vegeterian diet yet!). The fresh food does cost more. I justify it by thinking long-term. Maybe the food is costing more than were I to buy some processed food today. However, down the road, what are the effects going to be on my health? Will there be higher medical costs because I haven’t taken care of my body. In addition to just simply feeling better today. And that has made buying fresh much easier. We, too, have a long winter (and lots of snow!) – so I usually think of gardening as a summer activity (which we do). Maybe it’s worth visiting the idea of an indoor garden in the winter….

    The more open I’ve become to what really is possible in this world, the more I really do believe that I can’t discount some of the things I hear as being too far “out there”. And the truth is, getting to this point has also made my whole life seem more freeing, more open to what might be. And I take much comfort in that.

    Jenny, your real passion for all of this that can be – all that our world offers- is so wonderfully shared here on your site. Thank you for being “you”.

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

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    Great article and very inspiring. Like Lance, I was especially drawn to the part on diet. I moved to vegetarian lifestyle earlier this year after a zen retreat where we were only served vegetarian food. I don’t know what happened there but since coming back I just can’t face the idea of putting meat into my mouth, let alone into the rest of my body. Nothing to do with ethics of eating animals, but something clearly happened with me on a much deeper level.

    After reading this I’m inspired to go deeper with awareness of what I put in my body.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Ian Peateys last blog post..Garbage dump of natural beauty

  10. says

    Hi Lance,
    Thank you. It has been a pleasure to get to know such inspirational people and THAT has made the interview process flow easily! :-)

    We are all limitless and the more I study the more that is proved repeatedly to me. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get so swept up in the day to day distractions and “to do’s” forgetting to look inward and TRUST ourselves for guidance and support.

    I don’t know if I ever see myself going completely vegetarian as some of my favorite dishes (I LOVE to cook) have meat in them… BUT I was never really a heavy meat eater and limiting that and the processed foods is something I can clearly feel the effects of. Especially since I am replacing it with healthier choices. It was meant as more of a 2 week de-tox but has turned more into the way I want to live my life since I have seen the results.

    Yes, I want to begin to plan next fall/winter with maybe an indoor grow house or canning veggies. I am a city girl who could not even keep a cactus alive so this is pretty new to me! 😉 The last few years my gardens (flower and veggie) have grown and gardening is a hobby I really enjoy in the spring and summer. It helps that my kids are older and can help now as well. Both my children really enjoy helping me plant and water and Sometimes I can get them to help me weed too. :-)

    I am particularly looking forward to gardening because since doing the reconnective healing work my indoor plants have bloomed continuously — even plants that had a history of “being difficult”. I was told this energy was used on plants/landscaping in Russia and elsewhere and WOW am I psyched for my veggies this year!

    You are always so sweet Lance — I appreciate your kind words and am so happy to share my outlook on life. I once saw things pretty grimly and now I try to just see the beauty and love in everything — and there is beauty and love in almost EVERYTHING! I am very happy to hear that comes through in my writing. :-) We are truly limitless and I am grateful that is being made more and more known and am SO excited to see what people do with this kind of power to help themselves and others.


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    Hi Ian,
    It is interesting the way some people are becoming vegetarian. As I mentioned to Lance, this was to be a 2 week de-tox for me but it just feels so much better I can’t seem to go back. I am not saying I am a vegetarian because there are a few dishes that if they were put in front of me I might not be able to resist… But while some of my own favorite dishes I cook have meat in them… I feel like I don’t really want to cook with any meat right now… and am following my instincts.

    The processed food is what REALLY gets to me because when you start to look at every label it is SCARY what people put in their bodies every day without even realizing it! I am very happy spring and summer are on their way which will make it even easier for me to stick with healthy eating habit as the fruits and veggies become more plentiful.

    Thanks Ian — I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.


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    Hi Jenny – Thanks for this awesome interview with Vince. If I’d read this a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have believed that meditation could help me stop smoking too. But as you know – it’s done that and many other things.

    And I totally agree on being careful about what medication you take. I am so not trusting of many doctors when it comes to this, as too many take bribes and free stuff from the drug companies.

    I know a lady who was one of those thalidomide babies and she really struggles to do things that many of us take for granted. Thalidomide was meant to prevent morning sickness & I guess many mothers didn’t even question the fact that it might be harmful. But it’s a grim reminder that we need to be so careful about what we consume.

    Talking of food – I need to go bake some bread for dinner – but I’ll be checking out Vince’s blogs as soon as I’m done.

    Thanks again Jenny and Vince – I’m really enjoying this interview series.

    Cath Lawsons last blog post..The Cynic Gets A Surprise: Silva Life System Review Part 3

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    Hi Cath,

    I am so happy for all the goodness that has come of you meditating and learning the Silva Life System. It is truly inspirational and I am SO excited for you. A new life with less pain, no scar, no cigarettes and good sleep must almost seem too good to be true! We are so so powerful!

    Don’t get me started on Big Pharmas… NOT GOOD! When I began this blog I posted a few Anti Big Pharma posts but wound up just getting more upset. I try to make this filled with positivity. That being said I was told for 6 years there were no cures for my dis-eases, I would get worse and to “manage my pain with anti-depressants and pain killers”. I believe healing in almost ALL cases is possible. Finding the right modality and/or teacher can jump start that process. Thankfully more and more doctors are starting to incorporate alternative methods into their practice.

    Thanks Cath for commenting. I was thrilled to get so close to people involved with What If? — it has been an honor. What a wonderful time we are living in — with these new things being brought to light. :-)

    Thanks again for the links!

  14. says

    Thank you so much for the link love Liara. It is greatly appreciated. :-) Yes, Vince and all the people he highlights on his site are truly inspirational. We are all limitless and it sure is nice to be reminded on that! :-)

  15. says

    Hi Jen – I was just re-reading this post and was surprised to find I hadn’t left a comment on it before! So here I am! I have just spent much of this cold afternoon exploring Vince’s sites – I’m planning an upcoming post heheh – she says mysteriously.

    Thanks for all your work here Jenny.

    Robins last blog post..Tomato Seeds And Delicious Fruit

  16. says

    Ohh Robin the mystery! :-) Can’t wait to find out — I love mystique. Aren’t Vince’s sites AMAZING (no pun intended) ;-)? I spent a lot of time and discovered so much!

    Cold? Wow! Robin it went from 30 degrees to 85 degrees here in one day! It has been sweltering but we can’t complain because usually it’s still jackets in April here. All my plants are coming up and I am usually told in upstate NY not to PLANT until after Memorial Day due to the frost at night… weird weather!

    I am so happy we both worked on promoting What If together and look forward to seeing what you have up that sleeve. :-)

    Lotsa Love,

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    I am moved by the way you mastered this topic. It is not often I come across a blog with hypnotic articles like yours. I will make a note of your feed to stay up to date with your hereafter updates.Just brilliant and do preserve up the effective work.

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