My Personal Creed


Thank you Evelyn from Attraction Mind Map, for writing your personal creed and for pointing me to Daphne’s blog, Joyful Living where this project began. I had not been planning on posting but rather journaling or attempting a poem for myself today. This allowed me to do both and feel great while doing it. Here is my personal creed and thank you for sparking my creativity to write this. It is greatly appreciated! This is a wonderful idea and I highly recommend checking out Evelyn and Daphne’s blogs to see the collection of Personal Creeds and to find out how to go about writing your own.

I included this picture of my children because they help me keep my visions clear of being all I can be. They are a light in my life and I want to be all I can be not just for myself but to be an example for them as well.

Jenny’s Personal Creed

I will be kind to all beginning with myself

I will know my boundaries and ask for help

I will continue to learn and share my knowledge and creativity with all

I will learn to relax more, allow myself to have a ball

I will tell and show my family and friends how much I care

I will watch my self talk and try to remain “aware”

I will empower others to heal from within

I will move past and learn whenever I feel I have “sinned”

I will shower my friends and family with love and respect

I will pray for goodness for those who often feel neglect

I will be myself and honor my deepest part, my inner being

I will grow, meditate and celebrate the wondrous joy of living

I will live my life’s purpose bringing healing to many

I will learn to receive and have abundance a ‘plenty

I will embrace that I am part of something much larger than me

I will pray for goodness for all, celebrating our connectivity

I will accept what I can’t change and “go with the flow”

I will meditate on what I need to “let go”

I will encourage others to be all they can be

I will be grateful for everything as it is, including me.

I will not judge others and will always be kind

I will develop and celebrate my intellectual and creative mind.

I will not hold grudges but will forgive myself and all others

I will love and cherish all of my “sister and brothers”

I will treat my physical body which houses my inner self with care

I will grow fruits, veggies and flowers and honor nature everywhere

Above all I will nurture, love and honor myself and others right now

I will be in the state of EXPECTING MIRACLES and not worrying about “how”.

Links and Love

Thank you again for the inspiration Evelyn and Daphne! :-)

Cath Lawson of “Tips For Success in Business in Life” has been writing about the Silva System and her personal experiences with putting it into practice. Wow! I’d start at the beginning with her first post, “Are we Stupid? Silva Life System Review Part 1” but the third post “The Cynic Gets a Surprise” brought tears to me eyes of joy. It is proof of what the core message of my blog is about. You can heal from within whatever it is you need to heal when you find a modality that works and resonates with you. Thank you so much Cath for sharing and for your links to Heroes of Healing.

On the same theme of healing and finding modalities that work for you. Robin of Let’s Live Forever posted recently about a weekend seminar she had with Brandon Bays. Brandon Bays’s work is called “The Journey”,she was written about on Heroes of Healing by the wonderful Suzie Cheel from “Abundance Highway” as well as being featured in the movie I can’t stop talking about “What If?“. Robin posted some videos of Brandon Bays to accompany her wonderful post.

Kelly of She Power wrote a beautiful post this week about “A Moment of Bliss“. Ahh Kelly – your writing always moves me and I wish you many more continued moments like this one. Remember — I want to be given a head’s up for your first book signing – no doubt in my mind you will be a hugely successful writer! You are so so gifted! :-)

Tim Brownson of A Daring Adventure has been a favorite of mine for a while. His comic observations on life are a beautiful thing to see in the often serious personal development blogosphere. In a recent post, he took a bit of a different path to make his readers sit, think, visualize and be grateful in his post, “Imagine This“. He got so many comments that he wrote a brilliant follow up piece to a few questions called, “Do You Want to Change?“.

Ever work with your dreams? I did experience lucid dreaming a few times as a child and it is an intention to get that skill back. Jay Frawley of Inner Noodle has a brilliant series going on dreams (9 parts) “The Inner Guide to Dream Analysis” that is well worth pursuing as well as many other inspiring posts such as “How to Save the World”. Thanks Jay for your wonderful writing and support!

Marelisa from “Abundance Blog” just write an inspiring ebook on tapping into your creativity called, “How to Be More Creative — A Guide for Alchemists“. Mare is a wonderful person and writer and I highly recommend checking out her blog and her ebook.

That’s it for today – I wasn’t even going to post but so much goodness and inspiration is all around me – gotta “go with the flow”. :-) As always, I welcome comments, questions, suggestions and would love to hear from people as they see the movie “What If?“.
Please take the time to visit the brilliant bloggers I highlighted.