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Thank you Evelyn from Attraction Mind Map, for writing your personal creed and for pointing me to Daphne’s blog, Joyful Living where this project began. I had not been planning on posting but rather journaling or attempting a poem for myself today. This allowed me to do both and feel great while doing it. Here is my personal creed and thank you for sparking my creativity to write this. It is greatly appreciated! This is a wonderful idea and I highly recommend checking out Evelyn and Daphne’s blogs to see the collection of Personal Creeds and to find out how to go about writing your own.

I included this picture of my children because they help me keep my visions clear of being all I can be. They are a light in my life and I want to be all I can be not just for myself but to be an example for them as well.

Jenny’s Personal Creed

I will be kind to all beginning with myself

I will know my boundaries and ask for help

I will continue to learn and share my knowledge and creativity with all

I will learn to relax more, allow myself to have a ball

I will tell and show my family and friends how much I care

I will watch my self talk and try to remain “aware”

I will empower others to heal from within

I will move past and learn whenever I feel I have “sinned”

I will shower my friends and family with love and respect

I will pray for goodness for those who often feel neglect

I will be myself and honor my deepest part, my inner being

I will grow, meditate and celebrate the wondrous joy of living

I will live my life’s purpose bringing healing to many

I will learn to receive and have abundance a ‘plenty

I will embrace that I am part of something much larger than me

I will pray for goodness for all, celebrating our connectivity

I will accept what I can’t change and “go with the flow”

I will meditate on what I need to “let go”

I will encourage others to be all they can be

I will be grateful for everything as it is, including me.

I will not judge others and will always be kind

I will develop and celebrate my intellectual and creative mind.

I will not hold grudges but will forgive myself and all others

I will love and cherish all of my “sister and brothers”

I will treat my physical body which houses my inner self with care

I will grow fruits, veggies and flowers and honor nature everywhere

Above all I will nurture, love and honor myself and others right now

I will be in the state of EXPECTING MIRACLES and not worrying about “how”.

Links and Love

Thank you again for the inspiration Evelyn and Daphne! :-)

Cath Lawson of “Tips For Success in Business in Life” has been writing about the Silva System and her personal experiences with putting it into practice. Wow! I’d start at the beginning with her first post, “Are we Stupid? Silva Life System Review Part 1” but the third post “The Cynic Gets a Surprise” brought tears to me eyes of joy. It is proof of what the core message of my blog is about. You can heal from within whatever it is you need to heal when you find a modality that works and resonates with you. Thank you so much Cath for sharing and for your links to Heroes of Healing.

On the same theme of healing and finding modalities that work for you. Robin of Let’s Live Forever posted recently about a weekend seminar she had with Brandon Bays. Brandon Bays’s work is called “The Journey”,she was written about on Heroes of Healing by the wonderful Suzie Cheel from “Abundance Highway” as well as being featured in the movie I can’t stop talking about “What If?“. Robin posted some videos of Brandon Bays to accompany her wonderful post.

Kelly of She Power wrote a beautiful post this week about “A Moment of Bliss“. Ahh Kelly – your writing always moves me and I wish you many more continued moments like this one. Remember — I want to be given a head’s up for your first book signing – no doubt in my mind you will be a hugely successful writer! You are so so gifted! :-)

Tim Brownson of A Daring Adventure has been a favorite of mine for a while. His comic observations on life are a beautiful thing to see in the often serious personal development blogosphere. In a recent post, he took a bit of a different path to make his readers sit, think, visualize and be grateful in his post, “Imagine This“. He got so many comments that he wrote a brilliant follow up piece to a few questions called, “Do You Want to Change?“.

Ever work with your dreams? I did experience lucid dreaming a few times as a child and it is an intention to get that skill back. Jay Frawley of Inner Noodle has a brilliant series going on dreams (9 parts) “The Inner Guide to Dream Analysis” that is well worth pursuing as well as many other inspiring posts such as “How to Save the World”. Thanks Jay for your wonderful writing and support!

Marelisa from “Abundance Blog” just write an inspiring ebook on tapping into your creativity called, “How to Be More Creative — A Guide for Alchemists“. Mare is a wonderful person and writer and I highly recommend checking out her blog and her ebook.

That’s it for today – I wasn’t even going to post but so much goodness and inspiration is all around me – gotta “go with the flow”. :-) As always, I welcome comments, questions, suggestions and would love to hear from people as they see the movie “What If?“.
Please take the time to visit the brilliant bloggers I highlighted.


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    Thanks for the mention, Jenny. The workshop really was great, and I have finished reading Brandon’s book now, and it really is an amazing healing book. The workshop gives you a wonderful experience of Being in Source, and opening up.

    I love the picture – your children are beautiful! Great creed!

    Cheers Jenny – and thanks fro the continued support. x

    Robins last blog post..Making The Most Of Life

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    Jenny, thank you so much for the link love!! Your personal creed tells me what a beautiful person you are. You have every intent in living your best life possible.

    I also like the photo of your kids. I share the same thoughts. It is knowing that I wish to be an inspiration to them that keeps me going sometimes.

    Much love and blessings to you!! A gem emanating brilliance – that’s what you are!


    Evelyn Lims last blog post..My Personal Creed

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    Hey Jay,
    You are quite welcome and thank YOU for all your support and kindness. I love your dream series and am following along taking part and moving forward even though I am not posting publicly about it. I am remembering more dreams than I have in years.

    Thanks for the sweet words…. steal away…. happy you like my words! Thanks for commenting!

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    Hi Robin,

    I am so happy you got so much from the workshop and book. It is such a beautiful thing when we find a teacher and/or modalities that resonate deeply. I have had many over the last 2 years and it continues to excite me and blow my mind as I realize JUST HOW MANY modalities and teachers there are available to us! Even in the last 2 years I have seen this increase so dramatically.

    Thanks for your kind words. My kids make me very grateful every day. They are very sweet and we make sure we tell each other we love each other and hug and awful lot. :-) I am happy you liked the creed. I love those guided writing moments and poems often come to me in 10 minute spurts like that one.

    Cheers to you too Robin. :-)

    Love, xo

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    Hi Evelyn,

    You are quite welcome and thank you for the inspiration. As I said I was planning on writing for myself and when I saw your creed and went to Daphne’s site and read more I was inspired!

    Having children does help bring me back to center whenever I revert back to any of my “old Jenny ways”. 😉 I have seen many changes in my son since I have healed and have no doubt they are a direct result of me and my outlook on life changing. My daughter was born knowing she could do anything but my son needs a little more convincing.

    I remember James Ray’s quote that has always stuck with me, simply, “Be Impeccable – why would you want to be anything but?” I do want to live my best life, Divine purpose and help as many people as possible while learning as much as I can. Wow Evelyn there is SO much to learn! I am so very grateful to be alive now and witness this shift going on and all the wonderful things being brought to light. It is my absolute pleasure and honor to help bring light, love and information to others.

    Thank you for your kind kind words. You know I think the world of you too. It has been wonderful to watch our journeys unfold side by side across the world from each other! Onwards and upwards! :-) I am excited to see where our journeys bring us and am very much enjoying the ride!

    Love, xo

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    Hi Daphne,
    It is a pleasure to meet you! I spent quite a bit of time at your site and really enjoy your writing. Thanks so much for the inspiration and I love the Creeds that you collected and the way you went about describing how to write one.

    I am very happy you enjoyed my creed – it was helpful for me to write it! I still get “off track” at times but know when I do expect miracles — miracles occur! I am so psyched for spring time in upstate NY and to get to planting and growing. I still don’t believe sometimes (nor does anyone that grew up with me in NYC) that I am good at gardening now and how my gardens have grown every year since moving upstate. :-)

    Thanks again for the inspiration Daphne. It is greatly appreciated and I look forward to staying in touch!


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    Hi Jenny,

    This is so wonderful! Your creed really speaks for what I’ve witnessed in your writing already. So, this all just seems to be so in line with “you”. And what you’ve written is really coming from your soul.

    The more you write, the more drawn-in I am to what you are saying. You speak with such conviction, and love – this just all feels to come from deep within.

    You shine Jenny! And this creed is exactly why. Maybe I’ve said it before, I just feel it even more after reading your creed. And this is not some superficial light, it’s one that comes from a place that is true and right – it’s coming from your soul – and it’s a message that is beautiful.

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    Hi Lance,

    Thank you Lance! Wow – I am kind of speechless – your words are so so kind! :-) Know that they are greatly appreciated and mean a lot to me.

    I do write from my soul and thanks to Slade it is much easier to tap into that source now. It used to be only when my emotions were high (happiness or sorrow) that I could really get into that space. Now I just ask for it and there it is – pretty cool!

    Thank you again Lance, for your words, support and for all you do. Your words have brought me up many times when I needed it and for that I am forever grateful. You are inspiring many and bringing many people together with your words. It is a beautiful thing to witness! :-)


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    Each of your posts inspires readers and encourages them to be more aware about perceived thoughts and feelings. Suggesting readers explore other blogs is another way you gently remind readers they have power to help themselves. As you demonstrate how you take responsibility for the nature of your existence, this offers ideas for those who choose to access inner truth, renew energy and experience resurgence of power and core identity.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..Why move to a place of compassion?

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    Hi Liara,

    Thank you — that IS what I am trying to do – inspire and encourage. I know not everyone is ready and everyone is very different in what will resonate with them. We can all work at our self awareness and own empowerment no matter what level of awakening up we are at. Some days I feel totally awake and aware 99% of the time and other days I have a harder time staying present and aware and give in to distractions.

    When I am in those moments of clarity and connecting with my inner divinity and true self the world is SUCH a beautiful place where anything and everything is possible. It is my goal to obtain that state of being as often as possible.

    I love that I get to share my journey and resources with others – it makes it that much more beautiful.

    Always a joy to hear from you.

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    My favorite is: I will accept what I can’t change and “go with the flow”

    This is the one I struggle the most with. Finding the balance of the courage to try at something and the acceptance of whatever the results are.


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    As ever incredibly powerful stuff. Some people see stuff like that and think “Yeh that’s ok” and do nothing about it.

    The fact is it works writing stuff down like that because it allows us to shift our identity and that is always necessary with substantial, positive change.

    Nice one!

    Tim Brownsons last blog post..Finding Your Own Path

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    Hi Derek,

    Yep sometimes it is “hard” to “go with the flow”.

    I wrote a post last year about “Conquering Fears”

    When you try something new I believe it is conquering a fear simply by trying. It doesn’t matter how it turns out because you have felt empowered enough the take a chance and that is something worth celebrating!

    When negative emotions begin to get the worst of you I think it is important to remember that your feelings are meant to teach you. I wrote a post about my favorite Rumi poem, “The Guest House”:

    Thanks Derek for visting and taking the time to comment. It is appreciated!


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    Hi Tim,

    I am so happy you like it and it did help me a lot to write it down. I have been getting in touch a lot more with my inner self but it helps to have a clear vision of what I want for my future. I’m great at writing down goals, schedules and lists out the wazoo but this was a new and wonderful exercise for me.

    Always a pleasure to have you comment Tim! Thanks for taking the time.


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    Jenny, I love all of these, especially:

    I will accept what I can’t change and “go with the flow”

    I will meditate on what I need to “let go”

    I think this is so important, even if we think it is something we are already doing, by writing one’s thoughts down it reemphasizes it, making that much more attainable and believable.

    Now I need to get to work and write mine.


    Mike Fosters last blog post..You’re Doing What, Mom?

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    Jenny, I love your personal creed. It’s perfect and I can relate completely, so can I just copy yours? It would save me actually having to think for myself. *grin*

    Thanks for the link love and I have to say I was struck by a lot of the same posts this week. Cath’s especially had me quite emotional. I am so unbelievably happy for her. I also want to say you offer up such a supportive, loving site here – it really does you proud and is an asset to the blogasphere.

    Kelly x

    Kelly@SHE-POWERs last blog post..What’s the Secret to Enduring Friendships?

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    Hi Mike,
    Thank you — yes that line is one I need to remind myself most of as well!

    I am so grateful I found this exercise (thanks again Daphne and Evelyn)and agree it is an important one. Writing HOW you want to live your life is a good step in making sure you do act it out and live from it.

    I’m excited to see yours! Thanks so much for commenting.


    Jenny Mannions last blog post..My Personal Creed

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    Hi Kelly,

    Thank you for your sweet words. I love talking with others and feel so blessed by the people I have met (like you) by blogging.

    My pleasure for the link — you know I am one of your biggest fans! Actually a good friend that I showed your blog to also LOVES your writing and has read almost all (if not ALL) of your posts. She’s also ready for your book! :-)

    Cath’s successes have been so amazingly inspiring to read about! Every time I hear a story of healing it resonates so deeply — reminding me of what it was like after the first few weeks where I realized I had regained my health (and the fullest potential of my life) BACK. Just typing about it can bring tears of gratitude! I am so happy the Silva system is working so well for her and it definitely has me curious to check it out even more.

    Thanks Kel, I know your own personal creed would be brilliant but feel free to use mine until you write your own 😉 I’ve often said how similar I see us! :-)

    Lots of love, xo

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..My Personal Creed

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    Hi Stacey,
    Cool! This post and idea that Daphne started has brought lots of inspiration!

    I can’t wait to see your painting when it is done. The state of expecting miracles is one I actually have been practicing. When I am aware enough to really get my vibration and everything aligned with it…. guess what? Miracles occur. Sometimes I allow the distractions of life to get in the way and THAT is something I am working hard at overcoming or at least let come up less frequently.

    Thanks so much for your comment and I would love to see your finished product for your kitchen.


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    Hi Jenny!

    Wow was this every so beautiful and moving! What a fantastic idea!

    There are so many points there that I share with you to a tee!!!! I think it really makes it for a beautiful way to live and enjoy life fully and in the most compassionate way possible!!!!

    P.S. Are you going to the “I CAN DO IT” in a couple of weeks by chance?

    Evitas last blog post..What Role Does the “News” Serve In Your Life?

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    Hi Evita,

    The conference is the same weekend that my daughter turns 6 — so No, unfortunately I will not be there this year. We also leave a few days later for Disneyworld so the timing was not good for us this year. There are so many amazing teachers that will be there! Have a great time and I expect a full report when you return! :-)

    Thank you for the kind words on my creed — I agree a fantastic idea and it has been wonderful to read the many difference creeds. I am not so surprised we have more than a few ways we want to live our life in common! (Great minds think alike) 😉

    Always wonderful to hear from you Evita — thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. :-)


    Jenny Mannions last blog post..My Personal Creed


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