What do You Believe?

Belief by Sapaho

Belief by Sapaho

Beliefs shape who we are in our thoughts, bring forth strong emotions, limit what we can be or inspire us to be all we can be, cause us to act and react as we do, mirror back to us how we see ourselves and perhaps most importantly beliefs contribute not only to our emotional but to our physical well being. Have you stopped to ask yourself what you believe? I am not JUST talking about spiritually/religiously but about all aspects of life. I feel the key behind “waking up” to consciousness BEGINS with questioning the messages you send yourself daily and asking if they are actual facts you believe in. In “What If The Movie” they talk about how by the age of six we have already inherited what our family, community and people we surround ourselves believe and THAT is what makes up the “automatic pilot” recording in our brain that we react from. In Bruce Lipton’s incredible book, “The Biology of Belief” and again in “The Living Matrix Movie” it is pointed our JUST how crucial our beliefs are to our emotional and physical well being. It is time we all began listening to our self talk and asking ourselves if we truly believe the messages being said. WE control our own lives and in knowing that is POWER. Do not worry about what it has meant up until now – that was your SUBCONSCIOUS self. Begin to wake up now and take control over EVERY aspect of your own life. Know what you believe and act from that and watch as your whole life begins to change. I hope to ask and answer some questions to get you to look within and ask yourself some very important questions about belief, consciousness and how you are choosing to live your life.

Do you believe you are an active participant in your life or that things happen to you?

Yes, “the law of attraction” comes into play here but it is so much more than that. You, right this second are feeling and thinking certain things as you are every moment of the day. Are you aware WHAT you are sending out there to God/The Universe or do you believe life is out of your control and “you get what you get”.

The next time you are stressed LISTEN TO YOURSELF. Are you saying TRUE statements or are you telling yourself something a parent or someone else told you “way back when?” Examine how some of these messages make you FEEL. Write down alternatives and what you REALLY believe and want the message replaced with. Evelyn Lim from Attraction Mind Map has a brilliant FREE down-loadable report called “Transform Your Money Beliefs” about changing Money Beliefs. I feel it is important to ask yourself what you believe in EVERY area of your life; financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally and in relationships. The messages you send yourself about yourself and others impacts your daily life and your well being.

Please take some time and listen to your self talk. Especially in times of stress or times you are doing routine things like driving, folding laundry, cleaning the house, etc. You MIGHT be surprised what you are telling yourself. Please do not berate yourself if you find you have been saying some truly yucky or damaging things to yourself… listening is the first step in changing and changing means your life can never be the same ever again. Living in consciousness makes the world seem “easy” not the difficult place we often have been told it was. When you begin to listen to your heart and know you WILL get answers life flows a WHOLE lot easier!

Are you living From Your Heart or are you Living From Your Head?

I saw Shaman Lench Archuletta speak twice recently and WOW did he say some amazing things. His teachings were aligned with what the movie “The Living Matrix” proved biologically about Heart Coherence and BOY DO I love it when lessons all come together. Entertain me for a few seconds and do this exercise Shaman Lench had us do… ready… no peaking ahead!

Take a second and point to yourself. As if I was in the room with you and asked you to point to yourself……

Wait…. continue pointing….


Ready…. Where is your finger pointing? I saw Shaman Lench do this exercise twice — once in front of about 50 people the second time in front of about 200 and everyone (except one person the first time) pointed to their heart. We KNOW where the real “us” resides. We KNOW intuitively we should be living from here. We know it feels RIGHT to live from here but so many times we get caught up in the brain and in habitual reactions.

The brain and ego are useful… I am not saying forget everything you have learned and abandon everything you know and your life lessons. What I am saying is pay attention to WHAT your heart is saying TOO. THAT is where your intuition comes from and with all my studies in health and spirituality these last 2 and a half years I strongly feel THIS is our most sacred and important sense. It connects us to all to each other AND to God/The Universe. Have you ever KNOWN with your whole heart something should/shouldn’t be done/said but then allowed your brain to rationalize your way out of it? How did that work out for you? In my past experiences whenever my brain has convinced my heart it knew better – it back-fired BIG TIME!

Why is this important in living consciously and in knowing your beliefs? Living consciously means listening and honoring your heart’s messages. Being in touch with your intuition and trusting that it will NEVER steer you wrong. Ask your heart if whatever behavior/message/belief you are sending yourself is one you truly believe or if it is one your head just got in the habit of repeating. When your beliefs are aligned with your actions and negative imprints cleared your energy can flow, your heart can experience heart coherence and you are vibrating and experiencing life “in the flow” and with ease instead of dis-ease.

Are you believing health or are you believing disease?

Believe me I KNOW first hand how hard this one can be. I WAS my diseases – ALL of them, EVERY diagnosis made up who Jenny was and I was living from that. The tests proved it over and over again, my doctors confirmed it, the pain in every part of my body sure didn’t let me forget it…. I felt there was NO OTHER WAY TO BE. UNTIL I began listening to what I said and knew I was not doing myself any favors by the messages I was repeating “I am SO sick”, “Ow the pain”, “What won’t get done today due to my pain?”…. and Oh so many more I don’t really like to reflect on for too long any more! 😉

In my work as a mind/body mentor the number one question asked is “How can I say affirmations that I am healthy when I feel so sick?” Good question. My answer is always to say something believable for you. If a client has hired me they are already looking for natural ways to heal from within and on some level KNOW they can be better off then they currently are. I ask them to adapt a message THEY can BELIEVE for example;

“I am working on my health and every day I am healing and feeling better”. Or,

“I am learning more about healing every day and gaining tools to help myself heal from within” or

“I am open to receiving new ways to feel better and trust I am receiving guidance” .

There are MANY to use but as the trailer from The Living Matrix shows whether or not you believe you have the disease and what that means makes ALL the difference in how your body reacts. Our bodies are always recreating cells. We are 99.99% NEW in less than a year. Where your beliefs are contributing to what kind of cells are being created. Are you telling your body to create healthy cells or sick cells? I have shown this trailer before but for those who have not watched it yet I highly recommend it and the movie.

The study Bruce Lipton talks about that I mention in my review for “The Living Matrix” shows quite clearly what he quoted in “What If, The Movie”, “Yes, the genes are the blueprints but WE are the contractors”.

What are your beliefs telling you about your health? Do you believe you will get a disease because people in your family have it? Do you believe you can heal or that you are damned with whatever condition you have? WE choose our health and healing with our beliefs. I feel it is important that those are conscious beliefs being chosen not default subconscious beliefs that have been pre-programmed. In my post “We Are all Healers” I give 2 quick healing exercises to try on yourself and on others. It is important to remember that “worrying” about your health or someone else’s actually sends out negative energy – picturing or wishing yourself or someone else healthy sends positive energy.

If you are not living in flow with your beliefs and emotions there will be negative imprints on your energy fields. Having these negative imprints does not allow for energy to flow freely through your chakras and for your body to gather and moderate correct information.

Do you know about the chakras and what imbalance to them means?

Beliefs not congruent to our true selves and negative emotions cause imprints on our energy fields creating disharmony and illness. Learning about chakras can help you to zone in on the emotional belief behind a physical or emotional imbalance.

After reading Caroline Myss’s book “Anatomy of the Spirit” and reading up on chakras I was inspired to write a few poems based on each chakra (still got a few to go!) ;-). Another wonderful book is one recommended by Lisa at “Mommy Mystic” “Cyndi Dale’s “The Subtle Body:An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy” (read Lisa’s review here) which is superb and a must encyclopedia for all healers or anyone wanting to learn about energy or information medicine – thanks Lisa! Lisa wrote a brilliant series on the second chakra which is especially important for women’s beliefs and how they see themselves. I highly recommend reading her whole series on the Second Chakra.

In medical intuition I see the chakras come into play a LOT and I hope this poem can put simply what the power of the first chakra is, what it means when it is blocked for your physical and emotional health AND what you can do to unblock it. Here is a Poem about The First Chakra – The Root Chakra (Beliefs from Others)

THE FIRST CHAKRA: The Base (or Root) Chakra

The base (or root) is the first chakra

Visualize an enormous tree, the roots firmly holding it to the ground

It is our disconnection from this chakra

That causes us to feel uncertain with ourselves or blown around.

The root chakra is connected with our skeletal system

Much like the trunk and branches of the aforementioned tree

It is your base, your core, inner structure

Grounding you to the Earth with its solidity.

Where you are from and messages learned

Influence this chakra whose color is red

Your community, family and “tribe”

Their own beliefs you may be repeating in your head.

You are NOT the culmination of sayings,

habits, ceremonies and what others think.

ANY belief in these messages, if negative

Will cause your self image and confidence to sink.

If the root chakra gets blocked

You are uneasy with people and your inner being

You may feel abandoned and weak

While clearing this block would be freeing.

If you feel unlovable, insecure, that goals are unobtainable

Energy to this chakra is being blocked from flow

In acknowledging and clearing these false messages

You will empower yourself, release the blocks and let go.

Like a huge tree that has been standing tall

Through winds, storms and hundreds of years

You must KNOW the strength this connection to the Earth holds

Or else face feeling alienated and consumed by fear.

Consistent blockage in this area

Can cause obesity, arthritis, cancer, addictions and more

AIDS, depression, sexual disorders

Immune system issues, constipation, bones and legs that feel sore.

This chakra is located at the base of the spine

Balanced you feel confident, courageous, alive

In consciousness you can gain freedom from replayed insults

Attaining release from self deprecation is something for which to strive.

Perfect balance in the root chakra

Means manifestation of abundance and health.

You are secure, centered and grounded

Areas of your life can now obtain wealth.

When this chakra has excessive energy

One can be biased, greedy, sadistic and judgmental

This is usually overcompensation from past insecurities

Requires thinking back to when life was elemental.

How do you balance the root chakra?

First you have to go deep inside

Confront learned inner messages, beliefs and feelings

Tell them they can no longer hide!

Facing long held beliefs may seem difficult

But visualize yourself as strong as that tree

The sooner you face your inner storm

The quicker you can feel alive and free.

There are affirmations you can use

To help you on your way

Sending yourself positive messages confirming your personal power

Is a wonderful method to change the beginning of each day.

Celebrate the TRUE YOU inside

Each difference that is unique and strong

Tell yourself you are happy, creative and smart

Forgive yourself for anything you have been told “you did wrong”.

Dance and feel your feet caressing the Earth

To strengthen your connection to the base

Feel the happiness of being alive

Allow the joy to spread across your face.

Becoming aware and clearing negativity

Finding comfort in your own skin no matter what others have said

Means you love yourself as a physical, emotional, intellectual and sexual being

Have decided not to replay negative messages continually in your own head.

You are honoring your connection to the Earth

Breaking the chain of negative customs and self limiting beliefs to be passed on

You are celebrating your individuality and your gifts

You can accomplish anything with these negative messages now gone!


In my ebook, “Discover How to Heal Pain Naturally” I talk about my system “The Paging Me System” to wake up to consciousness and heal from within. I have updated it to include a section on Self Love because I feel if you have self love and consciousness the world is truly yours to have whatever you want. I changed the title and updated it to include more resources. I offer a ½ hour free consultation after completion of the worksheets (or at least a thorough read through of them).

There is also Information and Energy Medicine that corrects these negative energy imprints. I am a Reconnective Healing Practitioner (distance and in person) and through seeing The Living Matrix you can find out about other modalities that do the same.

Awakening may seem, “hard” or “scary” but believe me it is freeing. As Shamen Lench said and I have felt deeply these last two years “it feels like a remembering of who we are and who we are meant to be”. A real connection to our heart, our soul and our divine purpose. We all have gifts to share with this world to help us and everyone around us. Listening to your beliefs and acting from the heart and your true self is the doorway to a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I hope I have shed some light on just how important our beliefs are. The first step in awakening is listening to yourself and hearing what you are telling yourself daily. Science has now proved how important our beliefs are to our health and well being. Only we individually can ask ourselves if we are living from what we believe is true or are we living from some program pre-recorded that we feel we have no control over. If YOU don’t have control over your beliefs, thoughts and actions, who does? 😉

I would welcome comments and love to know what you think about beliefs and the role they play in our lives. Are you living in congruence to your true beliefs?


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    Jenny, thanks for linking to my post offering my free ebook on Money Beliefs! Beliefs are essentially made of thoughts. They are repeated thoughts in our head. Because we put energy through emotion in them, they become beliefs. Hence, it is very possible to change a belief that is not helpful. We are never stuck with a belief! Thoughts are perceptions that can be far from the actual reality. Unfortunately, many of us grow up, without ever questioning about our beliefs. We just accept them on blind faith, never realizing that they can sabotage our intents and create much havoc in our lives.

    Thumbs up to your suggestion about following on our intuition!! Well, I decided to follow an inner voice and saved US$700 in a purchase that I made yesterday. I would have paid the higher price but stopped myself when I realized that I didn’t feel right. I waited about two days, checked intuitively and finally decided to make a credit card booking. I was told that there was a family promotion for the holiday that I was booking and not only the cash savings, we can get an extra night stay for FREE! I’ve got more similar stories to share and they are all about following our internal guiding system. So I am certainly agreeing with you about listening to this voice, rather than the voice of our ego.

    Evelyn Lims last blog post..What Do You See if You Are Standing Next to God?

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    Jenny, this poem is wonderful, you are going to do all the chakras, right? (I hope so!) Thanks for the link, that series is very important to me, and it means a lot that you like it, as I respect your knowledge and opinions.
    As for the general theme of your post, this idea is becoming more and more important to me. I came to energy studies from spirituality first, and then into healing, as opposed to being focused on healing first, and then spirituality. But either way, it all comes together. Limiting beliefs and ‘self-talk’ can negatively impact our health and our ability to heal, and it can also limit our ability to experience the full range of spiritual experiences and insight available to us. At the same time, I’m uncomfortable with some systems that seem to ‘blame’ people for their own health problems, as that’s counterproductive, and I believe sometimes we just need to go through certain things – we are here to experience and learn after all. But I know that you are not doing that, and all your posts on this topic are so valuable. I have actually referred several meditation students with health problems to your site, for exactly that reason!
    Namaste as always- Lisa

    Lisa (mommymystic)s last blog post..Raising Freethinkers: A Practical Guide for Parenting Beyond Belief – Book Review

  3. says

    Hi Evelyn,

    It was my pleasure to link to your book. Ray and I loved it and used it along with Slade’s class. I don’t think I realized I had many of the beliefs I had about money until I went over your list. :-) Now can you do one on every other aspect of life? 😉

    I am so happy you saved money by following your intuition. I am listening to mine a lot more and am amazed how easily things go when I do. I still hit those habits that need to be broken down but am aware of them before or as they surface now and see I have a CHOICE on how to act. It is VERY empowering. :-)

    Always a pleasure to hear from you Evelyn. Thanks for reading and commenting. You know I am a huge fan of yours!


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    Hi Lisa,

    I’m working on some more chakra poems. I have to go back for the 2nd one and will use your post for more ideas on that. I was so happy to see you list 21 ways to care for your 2nd chakra because when I was learning about that one I did not find that many ways ANYWHERE. And I LOOKED. :-)

    I certainly don’t blame people for their health problems. AND I feel illnesses come with lessons attached that are priceless. I would not have healed even a few weeks before I did because I was not ready emotionally or physically. I learned so much from those years ill and without all that pain and those diseases I would not be where I am today and for that too — I am so grateful.

    I do know in hindsight some of the things that contributed to my dis-ease but they were not in any way brought on consciously by me…. but believe me forgiving myself STILL was an issue hard for me to face even though my logical mind asked “what is there to forgive if nothing was done intentionally?”

    I am very happy for the new science being able to PROVE how these new (which as we both know are actually some ancient)modalities work. I do witness “miracles” every day and I thought I was grateful BEFORE! 😉 The world is going in a beautiful direction with health and healing. I look forward to seeing a very integrated system evolve that involves information and energy medicine as well as all the wisdom we have gained from conventional medicine.

    LOVE your writing Lisa, I am so happy to reference a few of your posts and I am SO SO grateful for your support!

    Lots of Love, xo

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    This post is fearless…you mesh physics, poetry, literature, metaphysics, quantum research, and personal experience in a fluid stream of sharing. You are a fierce inspiration…in a beautifully gentle package!
    Love ya!

  6. says

    I Just love your root chakra verse, as Lisa says we assume you will do all the chakras in time- a wonderful idea.

    That base red chakra can be a challenge! Feel I am clear on that one. Think no 7 might be my challenge.

    There is a consciousness happening around you topic here, I listened today to a call where in my words who you be is so important, Lance wrote about it recently, it for me all ties in with intuition, listening to that small still voice inside that knows. it is getting to the knowing that can be for me a challenge. Won’t it be wonderful when I stop trying to figure it out. Coming real soon now

    Thanks for your wonderful thought provoking posts

    Suzie Cheels last blog post..Real Life Law of Attraction Story

  7. says

    Awww Amy — Thank you! :-) Yeah, Ray said this could have been 4 different posts — but I write as I think… in a steady stream intermingling all relevant knowledge into one longggg summary. It actually helps me to wrap my head around it better as well. :-)

    Nice to think back on the time with Lench and I really want to write some other things down he said before they aren’t as clear in my head. He gave me so many A-HA moments that related to my many other studies.

    Me? Fearless? That’s a word I would use for you — traveling, workshops all over the place, new projects, 2 beautiful teenage girls…. 😉 Another wonderful weekend comin’ up! Look forward to seeing you!
    Love ya! xoxo

  8. says

    Hi Suzie,

    I am happy you enjoyed the poem. Yes, I had intended to do them all… and still do… just got other stuff I am working on as well – as you know. 😉

    I love hearing that you are listening more to that voice inside Suzie. You definitely are very open and while it might seem hard sometimes to turn everything off — enjoy the quiet, give yourself that much needed rest, sit and ask questions knowing you will get answers… it is priceless. Life does flow SO much easier when you do that. I used to think it a luxury but now know it is a necessity if I want my life to run smoothly.

    You are quite welcome — I am so happy you enjoyed my post. As you know you have been an inspiration to me. I LOVE BHAG! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :-)

    Lots of Love,

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    Jenny, your post offers many helpful references and thought-provoking ideas. You are a caring source of info! This post reminds readers different perspectives exist to a given situation. A variety of people are accessible and willing to empower others to answer their own questions. The book references you make are always worth noting. Some human beings interpret books as signposts along their journey to heightening awareness. As you kindly suggest, everyone is awakening and can learn to listen closer to inuition. When you are open, growth unfolds.

    Liara Coverts last blog post..Accept the soul invitation

  10. says

    What a fantastic article! I truly believe our minds have a tremendous effect on our health as well as our passions & happiness. You have hit the nail on the head with this one. Thanks so much for sharing these insights.

  11. says

    Hi Liara,

    The last line you wrote is so true, “everyone is awakening and can learn to listen closer to intuition. When you are open, growth unfolds”. It is the distractions that keep most from listening… we have constant noise around us and it can seem like a real effort to shut everything down and simply turn inwards. We have the answers and if we have a difficult time finding them there are TONS of modalities, teachers, book and videos to help.

    Thank you Liara for your kind words. Those books and posts I mentioned are very helpful. Your blog also offers endless information and insight for going within.

    Love, xoxo

  12. says

    Thank you Imaniceperson! Yes we have been told since birth to exercise and eat right but not to listen to our inner guidance. They are all important to our health and wellbeing and hopefully in the future the importance of where our minds are will be given as much attention! 😉 Thanks for commenting.

  13. says

    Hi Jenny, I stumbled and reviewed this. I want to say it has been a pleasure watching your writing style evolve and mature.
    This article is clear and direct, I love how it begins. You challenge the reader in a very simple way, and provide social proof for what you are saying. Really great work. I am proud of you! You CAN heal pain naturally…and I know you are doing it for many people…
    Much love to ya!

    Todds last blog post..How To Deal With Life In Tough Times

  14. says

    Hi Todd,

    It is SOOO nice to hear from you and thank you so much for your kind words and support! I have missed you and look forward to catching up. I know you are up to amazing — changing the world stuff and I am so proud of you too! It has been such a gift to meet you and share our journeys and I would say we have both evolved quite a bit from when we first met!

    Lots of love to you too Todd. Ray and I were just talking about you the other day and wondering how you are. I hit the big 4-0 this summer so we’ll be celebrating QUITE a bit! I’ll keep you updated on dates and hopefully we can meet up. :-)

    All the best for all your projects Todd. You too, are helping so many people. :-)

    Love, xo

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    Hello Jenny!

    This is another fantastic compilation of thought provoking ideas and definitely stirs one’s mind.

    When I started asking questions a long time ago, sometimes the answers were beyond me. Looking back, I know I was on the right track, but was not ready yet, or perhaps did not have the tools to put it all together. That happened about 4 years ago, when I started to not only deeply ask what it is that I believe, but actually confront and challenge my answers. Well as painful as it was at times, amazing things came out of it. And today I have no doubt that I am the driver of this vehicle. I am the creator of this life and I am the love that is able to transform.

    Have to see this new movie you talk about, The Living Matrix, I saw the trailer a while ago and know that it is another fantastic addition that is right up my alley too! – Thanks :)

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    Hi Evita,

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :-) Yes, The Living Matrix is RIGHT up your alley – you will LOVE it!

    I agree that with awakening comes some extra questions, a need for tools to confront what you find and feel that it is when you begin to see what those changes mean and feel empowered that you are propelled forward. In a way I was very lucky I had my health challenges as badly as they were because I could see and FEEL in days a shift and change in my body. Noticing I was getting stronger propelled me forward and even I slipped backward (let’s face it I STILL do sometimes 😉 ) I was determined to keep going.

    We are given such power and gifts — each one of us and it is such a gorgeous thing to see people awaken to that! Thank you for your work — your site gives so much useful information on evolving on MANY different levels.

    Love, xo

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    I feel strongly that there is a correlation between positive aura/vibes/attitude and positive behavior. I see it everyday with myself and my loved ones. And the converse is true–negatives, stress, anger, unattended pain or maladies, will truly bring you down.


    Mike Fosters last blog post..We Have A Winner!

  18. says

    Hi Mike,

    Yes I hope our children and future generations will be taught the importance of our thoughts and beliefs. Where you focus truly defines your reality. I choose a very happy one, living from my heart and helping others and since making that decision and commitment everything is EASY. Very cool! :-)

    Always a pleasure Mike. Thanks for the comment.


  19. says

    Hi Anna,

    Yes the heart is reliable but that head does like to intervene. 😉 These past 2 weeks I was taught a lesson repeatedly and it wasn’t until the third time when I listened to my heart I got the direction I needed to be facing – some old habits die hard! 😉 Luckily I find my way back to asking my heart pretty quickly these days which makes everything seem easy and run a whole lot smoother. I don’t think my heart or intuition could ever steer me wrong and I am so happy I made it a priority to learn how to listen. :-)

    Lovely to hear from you Anna! We’ll have to chat soon — it’s been too long. :-)

  20. Mike says

    This whole thing really gets down to the root of happy living. It’s hard, but possible to believe what we choose to believe, and that in turn shapes our very existence. The sad part is that we are not taught this earlier, and are left undoing all that has been done until the time we discover this truth. Keep up the awesome work Jenn, you change lives!!

  21. says

    Hi Jenny,

    I love the word “awakening” – it makes me feel so alive, just hearing it. It’s like coming awake from a deep slumber, to being more aware to what’s coming from within. Which, by the way, the pointing exercise – how powerful, just the simple act of pointing at myself – it was. Jenny, it’s great to be here today, and be reminded to awaken what is truly within – and listen to what comes from the heart and soul of “us”…

    Lances last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

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    Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your kind words — as always they are so greatly appreciated. It is my hope and passion to help change lives. :-) Sometimes in just looking at something a little differently the whole world can open up.

    I am seeing more and more people awaken and so many people helping to awaken others. My college intern and other young people I have met in my community give me hope that this is in fact happening on a larger level every day. :-) I am working with my children and in the 2 1/2 years since I have healed have found a HUGE difference in my son. My daughter – well she was just born knowing she can do ANYTHING and lives a life with no limits. I think it is up to us to begin teaching children this NOW so they won’t have to wait until later in life to awaken… they will live their whole lives that way. :-)

    It may seem “hard” to un-do all that’s been programmed… but considering how long that program might have been running, the actual time to “un-do” AND the benefits from aligning with what you Do believe — I feel it is well worth it. Time is the pressure we put on ourselves but really as long as we are moving in the right direction there is no need to feel RUSHED. Enjoying the journey, celebrating each little success and learning from each half step backward is part of the process and it is important to enjoy that as well.

    Okay Mike — didn’t mean to babble! Hope all is well and finals are done soon.

    Thanks again. :-)

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    Hi Lance,

    I love that word awakening as well and it does just FEEL right doesn’t it? 😉 We have so many distractions to keep us asleep…. tv, cell phones, all the to-do’s of regular life…. It is SO very important to turn inwards and just “check in” with our inner selves. I went YEARS not hearing myself but I wasn’t listening. I didn’t even really know I could. 😉 We get so caught up in the “daily grind”, the automatic pilot we are so used to being on that we just assume we are that robot we project to the world. There is SUCH POWER in knowing we are so much more.

    In that awakening is a remembering which is beautiful. Like your soul is saying “thank you” for acknowledging me…I’ve been waiting for you! :-) THAT inner part connects us not only to the essence of who WE are but to God, to others and to the un-limited-ness of being. THAT is the place which I aim to live my life from and know that trusting in that part of me aligns me with all my gifts and the greatest joy of all which is helping others.

    I LOVE that exercise as well Lance. SOOO simple yet telling. :-) We KNOW at a deeper level we are more than the flesh and bones that house us. It is bringing that to the forefront of our consciousness and living from that — that will bring us happiness, power and alignment with our gifts to the world. Doesn’t seem so hard, right? 😉

    I greatly appreciate your comments and support Lance.

    Much love to you and your beautiful family, xo

  24. Aneeta Nashad says

    Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! I loved the poem, it really brought me into my center again. Your post really really helped me today! The exercise ofcourse blew me even though I kind of knew…does that make sense? But thankyou Jenny. I can feel your energy through your post and cna truly say that I am so glad I read it. Would you believe that I was just about to turn my computer off and then thought about your post! Today of all days

  25. says

    Hi Aneeta,

    Always so happy to hear I have helped. No, I am not surprised you were affected by the exercise but KNEW 😉 For you at this point I feel it is just a remembering — you KNOW this stuff. You’ve read it, you’ve felt it, you’ve lived it, you’ve experienced it. :-) But there are still moments where we need gentle reminders…. especially after a day that seems like “one of those days”. Please give yourself credit for how very far you have come — a habit we can both overlook sometimes! :-) You — my sweet Aneeta are already awake — yes you might nod off temporarily from pure exhaustion or due to moments of habits that have turned into stress — but there is no turning back now. Only greatness ahead! And considering how great you were to begin with I can’t even imagine what your future holds!

    MY mom was so touched by your comment and said “So WHEN are we seeing her?”

    Lots of Love and BIG HUGS,

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..What do You Believe?

  26. says


    Wow. This is quite the article! I am sorry that it took me so long to get out here and read it. I needed a few minutes to really focus in and read the whole thing! Fabulous. I loved it. I need to see those movies you keep talking about! You are definitely a HUMP DAY HERO!!

    Amy Jewell / Cirklagirls last blog post..Hump Day Heroes

  27. says

    Hi Liara,

    :-) This book is on my wish list at amazon. It DOES look good, doesn’t it?! It is so inspiring how much more information is coming out about this. With books like these and movies like The Living Matrix – this important information is making its way to the masses which is so beautiful to me!

    Lovely to hear from you as always.


  28. says

    Hi Jenny – This is a wonderful post and I especially enjoyed the part about listening to your intuition. Sometimes I feel very good at this and other times I feel I could use some work. Learning to trust yourself is about knowing that your intuition always leads you towards growth. We need more reminders to use our intuition. Thanks!

    Amanda Linehans last blog post..The (P)erceiver’s Guide To Goal Setting

  29. says

    Hi Amanda,
    It is SO important to listen to our intuition – you are right — it always leads us to growth. One of the issues I find with many of my clients is distinguishing between the ego and intuition. When people are sick and sending negative messages to themselves it gets difficult to trust any voice that tells them to do something. I feel in falling in love with yourself and forgiveness of yourself you get closer to that inner voice. It is always there but sometimes the world around gets too loud to hear it. Meditation is also an amazing way to connect. I learned from Slade who I can’t recommend enough as a teacher.
    Thanks so much for reading and commenting! :-)

    Jenny Mannions last blog post..When Everything Changes – Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch (A book review)

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    Hi Jenny, Tremendous article. I have to agree that what you believe is very important. What do you recommend to tell someone that is down so low, they can’t seem to even think positively about anything? I know people that are in such pain (physically and mentally) every day from things that have happened in their lives that they can’t even begin to start thinking positively. It doesn’t help them to give them this information because they are not ready to accept it or benefit from it. What would you suggest I do to help these people at least begin to heal?

  31. says

    Hi Chris,

    Firstly thank you so much for reading and for your nice comment. :-)

    Chris, everyone is on their own personal journey. You can present them with stuff, BE the example you want them to see but I do not recommend constantly showing something to a person who shows no interest. Yes, there are different teachers and modalities to present them with — and that is certainly okay for a bit but if that person is not ready to begin their healing journey — it is not anyone’s place to CONVINCE them otherwise. If I had received The Secret or any of this information before I was ready to heal I would have resisted it. My illness served for many lessons learned in my life and I am very grateful for that experience (although of course thrilled to be past it).

    I wrote a post “What to do When someone in my life does not believe in the law of Attraction and I do” here: http://jennymannion.com/healpain/2008/03/law-of-attraction-question-what-do-i-do/ This post answers that question in a little more detail.

    Thanks again Chris for visiting and commenting!



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