When Everything Changes – Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch (A book review)

when-everything-changes2Do you look at change as bad? Are you stuck in place because you cannot even digest a change that is happening to you? Has a change profoundly affected your life? Are you going through a change right now that can use some light shed on? Do you consistently fear change? Well, life is always changing. WE are always evolving, cells renewing, moving forward even if it does not feel like it. Neale Donald Walsch’s book “When Everything Changes – Change Everything” can help you get through the changes of life gracefully but it is so much more than that. This book has changed the way I look at all change and even the way I look at life. This book can awaken the unconscious and put anyone on the path to knowing their inner self on a fast escalator inward. I have spent the last few days digesting this book. Me, who thought I had a firm grasp on change, on consciousness, on life. I not only recommend Neale Donald Walsch’s book, “When Everything Changes – Change Everything (In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace)” to people going through a noticeable life change but to everyone. Not only does Mr. Walsch have this incredible new book but he is also changing the way books are read which I will highlight as well. It is my pleasure to present a brief insight into Neale’s latest book and to encourage people to read it.

When Everything Changes — Change Everything

(In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace)

I have been receiving Neale Donald Walsch‘s “What God Wants You to Know Daily emails” for over a year. I also loved when Evelyn Lim of “Attraction Mind Map” wrote about him for the Heroes of Healing Group Writing Project here. I really cannot say how many times the words from Neale’s daily emails seemed perfect for the day ahead but I will say it was OFTEN. I read his emails in the morning before work, often breathe in the truth of the statement and am much more ready to begin my day. When I received an email telling me about Neale Donald Walsch’s new book, I thought, “I know about change — I am going through only positive changes right now — this book wouldn’t apply to me”, but then a little voice inside said, “get it — this is an important book” and thankfully I am getting better at listening to that voice!

Neale Donald Walsch’s book is aligned with my own vision of life these days. I see life as a collage of mind, body and spirit with our soul holding the deepest messages patiently waiting for us to ask so we can remember why we are here in the first place and which direction to go in. He puts it perfectly here in his introduction:

“By mastering both aspects of our being we remember not only how to think, but what to think. What I’m clear about now is that the mind is a tool, a mechanism, and the soul provides the fuel for that machine. The less fuel you use, the more inefficiently the engine will operate. On the other hand, if your soul fills your mind with spiritual energy, you will be Mind-Full — and the workings of this engine can produce miracles.” — Neale Donald Walsch

I KNEW when I read this in his Author’s Note I was in for a treat, a further awakening to my soul and BOY did I get it. After each chapter is a poem written by Neale’s wife, Em Claire and WOW are her words perfect for your journey through this book. Neale writes about his Nine Changes that Can Change Everything and they sure do. Neale takes you through each change and it feels like he is holding your hand through each one. There are times when he KNOWS he has said something that you will need to digest and he puts breaks in called “Breathing Space” for you to soak it in.

Neale’s Nine Changes That Can Change Everything are:

1.) Change your decision to “go it alone”

2.) Change your choice of emotions

3.) Change your choice of thoughts

4.) Change your idea of truths

5.) Change your idea about Change itself

6.) Change your idea about why Change occurs

7.) Change your idea about future Change

8.) Change your idea about life

9.) Change your identity

Mr. Walsch takes you through each one of these with ease although boy will your ego rise up during some of these chapters. Mine did and I will admit inner turmoil at times as realizations hit me and I felt myself growing. His ideas make sense and he does not speak as a guru but as a man who has known loss of health, homelessness and someone who had to do a whole lot of looking within himself.

There are so many profound statements, observations and even charts and equations offered in here that JUST MADE SENSE. Even through the tears I read on because for me, tears while reading a book like this — means I am indeed hitting on something that is a remembering, my ego is struggling with it and it WILL cause growth. Mr. Walsch divides the book into 2 Parts: Part One: The Mechanics of the Mind which he talks about changes 1-4 and Part Two: The System of the Soul where he describes changes 5-9.

Neale Donald Walsch also breaks down Truth and Reality into three parts each which really rang true for me. There is the Imagined Truth, the Apparent Truth and the Actual Truth and Neale shows you the importance of differentiating and how to live in Actual Truth. There is Distorted Reality, Observed Reality and Ultimate Reality and Neale can help you move through these.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts is when Neale talks about the different types of meditation techniques you can use…. and most are not sitting cross legged chanting. :-) I gained some new ways to meditate and I feel many people would resonate with his methods.

As I mentioned Em Claire., Neale’s wife writes a poem at the end of each chapter. I will include one here just to show you what a treat they are. This one resonated deeply with me:

“Long at Sea” by Em Clair (2007)

I left The Home so long ago now

that I would not recognize my own face.

I constructed the Boat of My Life

and I set out

into the open sea

waving at all who knew

that the seas would give me

everything I could handle

and everything I could not

and yet they waved, and I set out

into the open sea

in the Boat of My Life:

built from the Soul, crafted by Heart

and with great innocence I pushed off

into the open sea

and have been away from my Home

so long now that I would not recognize my own face

but I know that Home –


remembers me

—- Em Claire

When Everything Changes is an Interactive Experience

Aside from Neale’s writing which honestly feels like a conversation with a friend gently guiding you — there are also other ways which he has made this an interactive experience. Neale Donald Walsch has set up an online community for his readers to ask questions and support each other called The Changing Change Network (which goes live shortly). The Changing Change Network will feature:

1.) A place for your Questions and Answers

2.) A Personal Interactive Desk to keep track of online study or write in your online journal

3.) A Message Board

4.) Video and audio clips from Neale

5.) A Resource section on people and organizations that can help you with change.

6.) Articles

7.) Schedule of workshops and the ability to attend them at a discount as a member of the network.

8.) Network support center and FAQ

9.) A place for readers to write in how they survived a big change in their own life.

All of the above resources are amazingly free or you could go to Neale’s site and choose to order the Changing Change Workbook and Study Guide or to enroll in Neale’s eighteen week online course which includes the workbook and many other exercises and guidance. There is also a way to help people who need a scholarship for this program. This book is much more than a book. This book offers a new powerful way to change your life and the way you look at it forever and to get support and help with a community while doing it. I cannot recommend this book enough and know it will be one I refer to my own clients for a while to come. Yep, ALL of my clients reading this – go ahead and pick it up — I will be telling you to anyway! ;-)

Remember change is ALWAYS occurring. Imagine the ease felt if when each life change was met, even a “seemingly horrific change” it could be faced KNOWING it was for the best. Imagine the confidence that would come with KNOWING your life and all change is bringing you closer to your Divine path. Imagine understanding that even FEAR is an emotion that comes out of love and what power that would bring. Picture having the tools of different ways to meditate so that you can achieve peace and a connection within. Neale Donald Walsch can teach you all of this and more in this book “When Everything Changes — Change Everything“. I cannot think of a more timely subject and I need to thank Neale and Em for their beautiful words. I CHANGED this weekend, grew where I did not even know I needed growth, changed deeply inside my perspective on ALL change and I thank Neale and Em Claire for being a catalyst for these changes.

I will end with another inspiring quote from Neale Donald Walsch. Please leave comments and let me know how you view change.

Change is an announcement of Life’s intention to go on.

Change is the fundamental impulse of life itself.

– Neale Donald Walsch