How Does Distance Healing Work?

How does distance healing across the world work?  How is it scientifically possible for someone to affect someone else’s physical well being so far away from them?  Are there different kinds of distance healing?  These were questions that presented themselves to me as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner as I saw miracles occurring through my own distance healing practice and felt determined to know HOW.

The basics of WHY distance healing works scientifically is: 1) We are electrical and magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. 2) By tuning into our most important organ (the heart) we can access the source of this information and use that to send information out as well. 3) We are all (every living thing) connected.  I will expand on the science behind all of these statements and tell you about my amazing experience with distance healing.

Somewhere it was decided that it was better to think of ourselves as separate instead of celebrating and utilizing our connection to each other and the Universe. I am all for personal accountability. I also feel we all have individual gifts to offer this world. BUT there are also ways we can join together to help each other and make this world a much easier place to live in.  Just as birds flying in formation will change course in an instant without words exchanged, meetings called, maps brought out and debates and arguments — we too can tap into this guidance and information system.  The birds do not have people telling them they are not connected, nor do they have cell phones, TV and the many other distractions that keep us plugged into the outside world but not plugged into our innermost being and true self.  By quieting our minds, going inwards and listening to our heart (or intuition) we too can have access to unlimited information and guidance.  I love technology but also know how important it is for us to awaken to our full potential and to do that we need not look further than deeply inside ourselves.  After we tap into that power we can use it to help not only our own lives but to help many other people as well. There are many wonderful “miracles” occurring daily and you too can help those occur without even leaving your house! ;-)

The Science Behind Distance Healing

1) We are Electrical and Magnetic beings made of Energy and Emitting light.

I am going to begin with a few basic definitions that are now important to understand to really wrap your head around distance healing and Energy and Information Medicine.  These will explain how we are MUCH more than the mechanical beings we have come to think of ourselves as.

Bio Photon – We Are Always Emitting Light

Thanks to scientist Dr. Fritz Albert Popp and his studies we now KNOW ALL living things are always emitting light.  In The Living Matrix Dr. Popp says that to begin his study he needed a photon detector so sensitive it would sense a candle 12 miles away.  When living things are put in front of this photon detector it was proven that ALL LIVING THINGS (Yes, plants included) are emitting light at all times.  These bio-photons are carriers of information and are interacting with our Morphogenetic (body) field to exchange information.

Chi/Life Energy

From Cyndi Dale’s Book, “The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of our Subtle Anatomy“:

Chi has many translations, as nearly every culture has its own version, but in general, it is vital energy of the universe. Chi is the pure and free-flowing energy that activates and nurtures life and connects the small and the great“.

Western medicine chose to concentrate on the mechanics of the body which of course are important too.  BUT the big thing missing is we are made of energy.  Many other cultures BASE their medicine on energy.  Whether it is called chi, prana, mana, ki, or the many other names — the importance is that THEY ALL RECOGNIZED the importance of naming this very important part of us — our essence and what regulates our body.

Morphogenetic Field (The Body Field)

There are fields of energy around our body that regulate what our cells are doing.  We have been in the dark for years about how a baby develops from a single cell to the complex system of cells, systems, organs and processes that run our body.  The Body Field around our body is responsible for that.  There are fields around our tissues, fields around our organs and fields around our body.  The body is constantly accessing information from that field and is being modulated by that field.  This field is what helps us maintain our basic appearance even though we are always recreating ourselves and the body is almost 100% new in 11 months.It also is what tells our body to keep a 98.6 degree body temperature and much much more.

Combining these definitions leads to the next point and is a WONDERFUL quote from The Living Matrix:

The body field is an energetic field filled with patterns of information. All of the organs in our bodies generate their own specific fields. One organ in particular seems to generate significant fields which affect the entire body. The heart is the EMPEROR…

These studies of energy and light are not saying conventional medicine is WRONG it is just taking science a step further.  It is time for a more integrative way of looking at the body and when we start to understand that our body is much more than flesh and bones — unlimited possibilities open up. The heart is indeed the Emperor and in tuning into our intuition and heart and quieting our mind we have access to unlimited information.

2) By tuning into our most important organ (the heart) we can access the source of this information and use that to send information out as well.

This made so much sense to me when I heard it and it correlates with the short exercise I talked about in my post “What DO You Believe?” done by Shaman Lench.

The Heart and Coherence

From Cyndi Dale’s Book, “The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of our Subtle Anatomy“:

The heart is the physical center of the circulatory system, managing over 75 trillion cells.  It is also the electromagnetic center of the body, emanating thousands of times more electricity and magnetism than does the brain.  Even more impressively, it is an organ of communication that can potentially manage the body’s intuition processes

Wow, I could write a post on that definition alone but I will stick with the MOST relevant information from there….  The HEART not the brain receives information first (it being where our intuition comes from).  It also is the part of our body that is in communication with the biophotons and is always receiving and regulating information to our body field. (There is a FASCINATING Study in The Living Matrix that proves the heart is where information originates).

The heart has coherent rhythms and incoherent rhythms that are in correlation WITH our emotions.  When you are around someone who is very calm and relaxed and it seems it is emanating from them — that person has a coherent heart rhythm and you can feel it just by being around them. I bet you can also tell when your own heart is in coherent rhythm and when it is not.

Dr. Deborah Rozman’s quote from The Living Matrix brings up a very important point, “Dr. Deborah Rozman states:

When the heart’s rhythmic beating pattern is smooth and ordered it is called a coherent rhythm. That coherent rhythm entrains or synchronizes the brain rhythm, the nervous system, the bodies organs and glands all dance in harmony to that heart coherent rhythm.”

From Cyndi Dale’s Book, “The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of our Subtle Anatomy“:

This coherency is at least partially within our control.  Studies have shown that holding positive thoughts in our heart creates coherency between electromagnetic and biophoton emissions, which then changes the DNA so that our bodies are healthier. In other words, DNA can at least partly be controlled by our thoughts.”

This is what Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about when he talks about Epigenetics.


I have referred to Dr. Lipton in several posts and his work with Epigenetics.  Basically it means CONTROL IS ABOVE THE GENES.  Meaning as Dr. Lipton states in the movie, “What If?“, “the genes are our blueprint but WE are the contractor”. Please see my review of The Living Matrix for a study as an example.

I find these discoveries about our heart and Epigenetics so very important.  We can control our DNA with our emotions and thoughts.  We also now know our heart is the place where we gather information from outside us first.  When I do distance healings it indeed involves my heart and not my head.  When I set intentions those too come from my heart.  The more the brain or ego is involved the less effective I feel distance healings would be. I would also like to include the next definition since it is very important in Energy and Information medicine and clearly paints a picture of how energy flows through our body.

The Acupuncture/Meridian Lines

From Cyndi Dale’s Book, “The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of our Subtle Anatomy“:

“The meridians are energy pathways for chi, the true foundation of the traditional Chinese system. Chi is vital energy and anagolous to the prana, mana, maya, and is anagolous to the prana, mana, maya, and orgone of other systems, as well as the ki of the Japanese healing world.  It is also spelled “qi” in many traditional systems.  Chi is the force that animates and informs everything.”

Cyndi later cites Dr. William Tiller‘s work which states:

The meridians, which lie in the connective tissue, are antennae for subtle energies.

Through reading Cyndi’s amazing book I also learned about Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom’s extensive work with the meridian system. He proved that the meridians serve as receivers of energy signals from the outside world much like a radar system.  He was also able to shift the flow of energy through the meridians and circuit points so that diseases such as cancer and certain autoimmune diseases were cured.

In The Living Matrix:

Peter Fraser explains,“In the 1980’s it was discovered that the acupuncture system is an organized meridian system.  Cells want to organize in a certain order and want to communicate in certain directions.  The order makes it an information system.

Dietmar Cimbal later states, “We have over 70 Trillion cells in our body.  These information fields ensure the coordination of cells so that each cell knows what to do and knows what the other cells are doing”.

Lynne McTaggart explains that “dis-ease is scrambled information.”

Information Medicine unscrambles this information so that we can be optimally well.I am so grateful for The Living Matrix for bringing so much of this information to the public.

I felt the meridians were important to include since MANY other countries use this as the basis of medicine and we are seeing it become more utilized in the Western world.  It also allows us to visualize ourselves as more energetic beings.  Many “alternative therapies” are based on the meridian system.  From Acupuncture to EFT — it is known that the meridian system is now valid and many of the new information and energy modalities are also making use of it.

3) We are all Connected

Just like the birds mentioned above, we too are all connected.  Have you ever thought of someone and the phone rang and it was them?  Have you ever had a feeling something GOOD or BAD was happening with a loved one far away and KNEW you should contact them? There are so many ways this presents itself in our lives and I think most of us have had similar experiences where we KNEW we were much more than just our skin and bones. :-).

When we begin to see ourselves as more than our body and to study ourselves as electrical, magnetic and energetic beings it is a lot easier to imagine how we can connect.  Our energy fields extend far from our body. Our heart can receive information from much further away than 5 feet from us – how else can you explain thinking of someone and the phone ringing? Lynne McTaggart began The Intention Experiment which joins thousands of people world-wide via the internet to set the same intention at the same time.  One person or place is pre-chosen, everyone sets the same intention and the results have been amazing.  If we look at this scientifically knowing what we know now about our make-up it just MAKES SENSE it would work.  If we have more energy and electrical power going towards that one intention it is reasonable to assume it would be much more POWERFUL.

One on one distance healing works the same way.  We CAN connect with others and I feel it comes from the heart and combines with whatever modalities/energy/Information frequencies we have as well.  I feel the power of intention makes it possible for all of us to be distance healers and with healing energies such as Reiki or Reconnective Healing we are taking it to the next level. In the movie The Living Matrix, former astronaut Edgar Mitchell talks about how his pancreatic cancer was healed by distance healings done by the famous healer Adam Dreamhealer. Adam has his own techniques for distance healing and has a wonderful testimonials page. Adam also has a place for group intentions. There are so many different modalities and like I say with all healing — I think resonating with the modality is what makes it appropriate for you.

Summary of the Science and HOW it Relates to Distance Healing

1) We are more than just the bones and flesh that house us. Energy and our electrical system is what modulates information. We are electro-magnetic beings.  Our bio-photons, heart, meridians and body field are communicating — sending and receiving information at all times.

2) Our thoughts affect our energy and the information being sent out.  When we are thinking negative thoughts or have not processed a negative experience correctly negative imprints get put onto our body fields and only disturbed or scrambled information can get through.

3) When energy flow is shifted dis-ease can heal.  When imprints on our energy fields are removed energy can flow better and heal scrambled information.  This perspective on healing enables us to see that there are many more healing possibilities and modalities when we acknowledge our body is electrical and magnetic.

4) If our emotions affect our field and the energy and information we are sending out — doesn’t it make sense that if we hold a positive thought in our mind and send that intention out to someone that it would affect them too? In my post “We Are All Healers” I talk about the importance of when someone near and dear to you is sick (or you yourself are sick) to send out positive energy — think of them healthy, try not and WORRY or talk about “how sick they/you are and how bad it all is”.  THAT sends out negative energy.

5) Energy and Information healing unscrambles the imprints on the field. This healing also transmits positive energy and information.

6) We are all connected as one.  Distance healing works with the information fields that are omni-present.  Therefore, it really does not matter if I am next to you when we have a session or as far away as Australia (my furthest and some of the most powerful, so far).

7) With Lynne McTaggart and The Intention Experiment — doesn’t it makes sense that if there are MANY people sending out that SAME SPECIFIC INTENTION that more energy going to that one spot will help the situation/person even more?

I hope this all makes sense  to you. Distance healing works because we are all connected ANYWAY.  We are not taught as children how to keep a thought or an intention but this is so very IMPORTANT.  The thoughts we think and our corresponding emotions are contributing to what kind of information we are sending out.  Since beginning Reconnective Healing I am very aware of what certain emotions DO to My Body and if I find myself in a funk I certainly do NOT want to stay there any longer than I have to.  I choose to process the emotions, learn from the experience and MOVE onto being in coherence once again.

When I was sick for years I told myself repeatedly as doctors and tests proved that I was so sick and I felt the sadness, guilt, worry and helplessness that can go along with chronic illness and disease.  I don’t think there were many stretches of time in those 6 years where I was in coherence so I was not allowing my body to heal.

Why different modalities such as Reiki or The Reconnection?  If you a frequent reader of my blog you KNOW I am a HUGE believer in different modalities for everyone.  These different modalities send different information and energy frequencies.  I am someone who didn’t have the slightest idea WHAT energy even felt like until I took my training to become a Reconnective Healing Practitioner.  The energy used in Reconnective Healing is far from subtle and is tangible.  I am a big believer is picking a modality that resonates with you.  I have heard of many success stories with different modalities and there are even plenty of successes with NO MODALITY and just setting intentions and sending that energy to a person.  If you want to participate in distance healing but are hesitant or want to see proof — please read my post on The Intention Experiment and see if that resonates with you. I hope I have made SOME of the basics of the science behind Distance Healing clear and I will welcome questions and do my best to answer.

My Experience with Distance Healing

After seeing the movie The Living Matrix I was grateful, amazed, humbled and inspired to write my review. I finally had a way to explain Reconnective Healing that resonated with me and was scientifically backed up.  Since then I have given over 50 distance healings with amazing results. Emotional issues of over 40 years cured, chronic pain and disease gone, people connecting with their intuition and inner guidance systems, MANY physical problems solved and so much more….  I am one of OVER 60,000 Reconnective Healers and there are SO many other modalities out there.

In my experience there is absolutely NO difference between an in person session or a distance healing.  With Reconnective healing there are many strong sensations the client (and I) receive and they are the same regardless.  This has been proven to me time and time again and I am still amazed and grateful each and every time.  I also work with medical intuition which is also another reminder to me how we are connected.  When I work on a client long distance I can feel where their pain/problems lie in my own body.  Medical Intuition is a whole other post as well but it is another affirmation to me that time and space do not matter in relation to healing.

I have many experiences mentioned on my testimonials page. I LOVE this work and I believe in it with my whole heart because I have seen it work repeatedly and love not only how it affects my clients but how it makes me feel.  During and after distance healings (and in person sessions) I feel love, calmness, gratitude and a connection to the Universe and the person I am working with.

Distance healing does work and I hope I have made how and why it does work a little more understandable.  I welcome questions, comments, etc. and would love if anyone wanted to share their own distance healing experiences.