The Living Matrix New York Premiere


I knew after I saw The Living Matrix how important it was and that I wanted to bring it to the masses. I watched it a few times for it to sink in and to finish my review. At the end of my review I said I wished I could buy a copy for everyone but since I’m “not quite THERE yet” ;-) I thought the next best thing would be bringing it to my community. It is official. Oneonta is hosting THE New York Premiere of The Living Matrix movie in Oneonta, NY on August 30, 2009 at 3:00PM. It is on the beautiful SUNY Oneonta College campus in the Hunt Union Ballroom which can seat 800 people. We are finalizing guest speakers for a question and answer section afterward and BOY am I excited!

The Living Matrix is a documentary featuring many scientific studies as well as real life stories of how Information and Energy Medicine IS the New Science of Healing. Not only did it give me an easier way to explain Reconnective Healing (as a Practitioner I was VERY grateful for that) but it also brings MANY modalities to light as well as the evidence that true healing occurs EVERY day. I feel this movie is a must see and will inspire so many to begin to look at life, health and healing very differently.

Once I set bringing the movie here as a goal (A BHAG ;-) ) everything seemed to magically come together. I talked and got advice on how to proceed with the film’s wonderful Producer, Susan Becker, I am working with an awesome team of people, I am involved in the spiritual and healing community here who are more than willing to help spread the word, I received a MAC just in time to design the Program for the event…. I truly feel this has been the law of attraction in action and everything we have needed to pull this off is presenting itself. The event is being Sponsored by The Unity Wellness Foundation which is a not for profit. They will assist people monetarily who resonate with Energy and Information medicine but do not have the money for treatment or education. A perfect combination since I feel after people see this there will be many more people who do want to pursue learning and treatment. If you are in the New York area at that time or can see being here PLEASE visit the ticket site and buy some tickets. They are $10 in advance and $15 at the door.  If you know anyone in this area – please forward and tell them about it. This will be something to remember and I feel so blessed, amazed and humbled that it is happening. Thank you Diana, Amy, Cindy, Dawn & Lisa for organizing this with me — I cannot even find words to express my gratitude.

Thanks to all my friends who have offered to help out — I have tears of gratitude when I picture the end result! Whoo Hoo!

As always, I love sharing — tell me some of your goals that have come true that have blown you away!