Being “In the Flow” to Heal

We have all had those times when we feel “in flow”.  All is going well – almost “too well” we might find our inner pessimist saying disbelievingly. Life feels effortless and like we have angels all around us making everything all right. The beautiful thing is LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO FEEL LIKE THIS.  We, us humans living here in the third dimension make this SO hard and most of the time we feel so OUT OF FLOW that we have not a clue how to get back in it. There are a few ways I have found to “get back in flow” that I would like to share with you as well as some resources (even an AMAZING FREE Healing offer) that will help.

Often we are so in our heads and on automatic pilot that we run through our day and relationships without really thinking. We are reacting unconsciously and the way we have been acting the last however many years is the way we will react the next time that situation arises.  Being “In the flow” means connecting to our soul and KNOWING we are more than the programs that run in the background of our life.

Here are a few quick ways to find our way back to flow:

Meditate: Whether it be a cross legged OM-ing meditation, becoming conscious of your breathing or a quiet walk alone through nature… TURNING OFF THE NOISE and connecting to our soul is CRITICAL in getting back to flow.  Sometimes when we quiet the world around us we are aghast at some of the messages we are sending ourselves – some of which we don’t even truly BELIEVE.  When we connect inward we are made aware of things we have over-looked before.  Sit quietly for 10 minutes and if you have trouble quieting your mind try the following exercise:

Have you got “Monkey Mind?”  With any thought that comes up – imagine it being a cloud and drifting away.  As each drifts away the skies get clearer.  The sun is soon visible.  Breathe in.  Breathe out. Repeat. Sit in that stillness of the clouds being away and the sun shining (even if it is brief it is deeply healing).

After time alone connecting inward – I always feel more in flow and in touch with my true self rather than my ego-ic mind that tries to run the show!

Ask for Help: Call a friend that makes you smile.  Go out for a walk with a friend or just chat on the phone.  Being around positive people can change your outlook and make you look at things differently. I know when I feel out of flow I can get into these states where I can be giving a client advice I need to hear but not hear it for myself.  BUT if my husband or a good friend tells me – THEN I hear it.  Tell people you are feeling “out of sorts”.  Let someone you trust give you advice or lend a hand.  This was something I had problems with FOR YEARS but once I realize that I was denying people the thing I loved (helping others) it became easier to put myself in that space.  I ALWAYS come out feeling more in flow because of it.

Treat Yourself to a Healing: Some people feel “I don’t need a healing”.  Hmmmm I ALWAYS can use a healing.  (Yeah, my friends KNOW I am an energy junkie) ;-) Even when life feels good there is guaranteed to be SOMETHING in my life I am not seeing with utter clarity.  Healing is NOT only about the physical.  Most physical challenges begin in the emotional or spiritual before they manifest into physical illnesses and dis-ease.  Treating yourself to a healing modality and time to lie down to receive is healing in itself (before the session even BEGINS).  You are affirming you ARE worth that time and you DO want to feel good!  There are many different modalities of healing.  If you are a reader of my blog you know about my services which I am passionate about; Reconnective Healing, Soul ReAlignment TM (Akashic Reading and Clearing) and Mind/Body Mentoring. There are many other forms of healing as well.

I just heard of a VERY generous offer my friend Simon Hay is offering for 100 FREE Healings to Celebrate his 100th post on healing.  If you do not have the money to purchase one for yourself I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer. Simon is a VERY gifted and sought after healer – he is a brilliant person as well.  Simon also recently wrote a WONDERFUL guest post over Zeenat Merchant-Syal’s wonderful blog “Positive Provocations ” called “Self Healing – The Bravest Moment” that I HIGHLY recommend you read.

I always say with a healing to pick a healer and modality you resonate with.  Not everyone is an energy junkie like me saying, “Bring it on”. ;-) There are sooo many gifted healers – and so many beautiful forms of healing out there.  Each has the ability to make you feel much more connected and in flow.

SET GOALS: If you don’t ever set goals HOW do you know where you are going?  I am constantly setting and re-setting goals.  I believe in mini goals (baby steps) and letting go on the SPECIFIC outcome to get to the final goal.  If you do not have any goals or are not in touch with what they are you can feel like you are floundering and have no direction.  I set goals in all areas of my life; financial, relational, physical, emotional, etc.  What areas do you feel “stuck” or “out of flow” in your life?  How can you make it better?  Short term – as in what is the next STEP you can take?  Long term – what does the final outcome look like?  These steps might change course but if you write down even the next 2 steps – it is a start and can get you feeling back in flow.

GRATITUDE: I  spoke with a client recently who had forgotten she had anything to be grateful for. She has many “material things” others dream about.  She had gotten very caught up in this 3rd dimension, the messages she was sending herself and her automatic pilot. When reminded of her health, ability to travel, friends, etc. she paused and took a deep breath and FELT that gratitude.  When we find ourselves amongst challenges gratitude can seem the furthest thing from our mind. We are “stuck” in the complexity of the situation, the world around us and all seems “so hard”.  “Why me?”, “What did I do to deserve this?”, “How the heck am I going to deal with this?”, are some of the most frequent words I hear and I also used to say when I was ill.  Taking 5 minutes to tell yourself things that ARE GOOD in your life makes SUCH a huge difference and can cause an IMMEDIATE SHIFT!  Call it Law of Attraction or whatever else you want to call it but if you are sitting in negativity you are attracting more toward you.  If you are showing you are grateful for what you have you are attracting and calling to you more things to be grateful for.  Gratitude was my #1 healing tool that shifted me instantly into a better space.  If I find myself down or out of flow it is the number one tool I reach for.  We ALWAYS have things to be grateful for.. the fact that you could read this and have a computer and electricity is a start.  Food, air, friends, family… there is a never ending list.  What is yours?  Saying it to yourself or out loud a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes at night can shift your life around to a place in flow with the Universe VERY quickly.

These are my top 5 ways to find my way back to flow.  When you are in flow – your body FEELS it.  There is no stress, no resistance and your body has optimal resources for healing all that ails it.  What are some of your ways to find your way back to being in the flow? I would love for you to share in comments.  Thank you!!!