Heal and Empower Yourself First to Be The Change you Want to See in the World – The World Shift-20 Declaration

It is undeniable that the world is going through a HUGE shift right now.  It requires all of our attention. It also means taking a different approach then what has been proven time and time again NOT TO BE WORKING.  Dr. Deepak Chopra says it plainly in this video introducing The World Shift-20 Declaration. I highly recommend watching and also visiting the World Shift-20 Site to read the Declaration in its entirety.  Healing the world begins with healing ourselves and remembering who we are.  Remembering our connection to each other and the world as a whole.  There are simple steps we can do to facilitate this and it all begins with bettering our own lives.  Contributing our gifts to help ourselves and others.  Healing by knowing we are all Divine and limitless and reaching out to others to inspire and empower.

Dr. Deepak Chopra was one of the people instrumental in me healing myself.  I consider him a visionary and an inspiration.  In this video he talks about what we can do to help facilitate the change needed to ensure this SHIFT is a positive one for Mother Earth.  The World Shift-20 Declaration was co-created by Deepak’s mentor, Ervin Laszlo,  David Wooflson and Claudia Welss and also included the input of all 20 members of The Worldshift 20 Counsel which includes Dr. Deepak Chopra.  Please take the time to listen, comment and pass on.

Thank you Dr. Deepak Chopra and all the Member of The Worldshift-20 Council for creating this Declaration.  TO read it in its entirety please visit this link.

It is time for us ALL to heal and BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.  It BEGINS with us and we can make this a positive time to change the world as we know it.  We all have it in us.  We are all Divine and limitless.  It is time we recognize it not only to heal ourselves but to ensure the future is bright and beyond what we ever dreamed was possible. I did this on such a small scale after healing myself and know that life IS what we create by our thoughts, emotions and actions.  It is not as “hard” as you might think.  It is quite easy actually once we take steps to reconnect to our soul and our inner being. We become guided and we KNOW there is no looking back and falling back asleep.  We stand in our own power and it feels like life is totally different and more amazing then we ever imagined possible. We all have gifts and wouldn’t it be a beautiful world if we all recognized them and were sharing them with others for the future benefit of all humanity?

I used knowledge learned by studying Dr. Chopra and others about the mind/body connection to heal myself from 7 years of several chronic diseases in less than 3 weeks.  I would like to share my journey with anyone interested in taking similar steps – please email me at jenny@jennymannion.com with the subject “ebook” and I will gladly send you a FREE copy of my ebook.  It is time for us all to help others in any way we can and create a world we are proud to live in for our generation and the many that will follow.

Thank you.. please share with others so we can all co-create this shift and make it a positive one.


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    Hi Zeenat,

    Thanks so much for sharing. :-) It is so important for our time and an amazing affirmation of what you, I and so many others are trying to do at this time – spread love and inspiration. It is not just “nice” but critical at this time for us all to remember who we are and begin to step into the powers we ALL have. I LOVE Dr. Chopra and actually had a dream about he and I speaking the other night.. when I asked myself today WHY – I found this and just HAD TO SHARE. :-) Life is just beautiful when you “let go” and simply trust.

    Much love and big hugs, xo

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    Hi Jenny

    Wow… that was so powerful. Markus and I watched it together without blinking. We both got shivers, as I know our cells deep within are speaking are saying yes, this is why you are here, this great time of awakening is upon us and we can help others understand it and live the new change, expand their consciousness and rise up to be the most loving and wise beings we can be.

    The message from Deepak is amazing and truly so timely and so needed. I am so happy to hear that this council was set up. I look forward to spreading awareness about this as much as I can.

    Many thanks Jenny for sharing this and helping the world transition to a state of pure love :)

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    Hi Evita (and Markus), :-)

    I am so inspired by the work the two of you are doing. Our connection in Rochester bringing us all together in person (with an event as powerful as The New Moon Expo) celebrates Deepak’s message. We came from all over the world to celebrate our unity and one-ness. We all connected on such a deep level despite different cultures and upbringings. We are all ONE and unlimited as I know we have talked about before. It IS such an exciting time to be alive and to be doing the work we are doing. I am optimistic, like Deepak that through the many ways we can all connect all over the world – a new brighter day IS coming.

    I love you and Markus and am sooo grateful the internet brought us together and we were able to meet in person for REAL HUGS! I know we will see each other again but always FEEL our connection – and for that I am so very grateful. Thanks for all you and Markus do Evita!

    Lots of Love and hugs,

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    Hi Dear Jenny,

    This is very powerful. I particularly LOVE the questions he raises, because they are something I have been asking lately, and they help me right now make more clear my own path. In fact I think I am going to write a few of them down, particularly “What are my strengths, what am I here to do, what are the things that I know about from experience, what are the things that bring me to life, and so on. Because those are things that will be my gift to myself and the world.

    I am loving that I am connecting with you, Evita & Markus, Simon, (he and I had an amazing conversation on Skype), Zeenat and other truly amazing and inspiring kindred souls. We are all coming together awakening each other more fully, inspiring each other, and strengthening the fabric of love, forgiveness and compassion. I am very excited about it.

    I also sense in my that my path is linked to yours, Evita’s, Zeenats, Simon’s, and others. Although I’ve not yet met you all in person, I can feel you with me. It is even creating a shift in myself toward my true purpose for being here. Talking with Simon the other night, he pointed out things in me that I’ve lived with for so long, that I just take them for granted. It was incredible!

    I LOVE this line of yours, Jenny: “…begin to step into the powers we ALL have.” YES!! This is the shift I have feeling VERY intensely, and connecting with you and the others is part of it. I am in an wonderful period of reevaluate my life, so as to claim more fully who and what I really am.

    I love you Jenny and am so grateful to connect with you in this way.

    Robin xox

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    Hi Robin,

    It has been amazing, hasn’t it? How we all have connected just like Deepak says across the world and formed such bonds.. we are all helping each other come into our full powers and realize our potentials and it is BEAUTIFUL.

    Deepak raises many amazing questions in this video and points. We HAVE the resources now to connect globally. We have the resources to help us discover our powers within… yoga, meditation… We DO have so many ways of KNOWING we are connected now.. The internet, Facebook, etc. has made the world a smaller place. I have connected so deeply to you, Simon, Evita, Markus, Zeenat and others online and it is BEAUTIFUL.

    I feel you with me too Robin. Reading your book made that stronger and awakened parts of me that I didn’t know needed to be awakened. :-) I thank you for all that you are and do. It is a JOY knowing and connecting with you.

    Much love and big hugs,

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    Hi Jenny. I’m a big fan of Deepaks, and the world can change if we think globally. It’s time to be all that we can be. Our potential is unlimited, and when we come together with open hearts and open homes we can do anything. With great love, Simon.

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    Hi Simon,

    :-) Why do I always smile when I say or type your name? 😉 I think it’s because I feel your love the second I say it… You are the change you and I want to see and I am so grateful for the work you do.

    It is about opening our hearts… we CAN do anything.. and we have seen some pretty AMAZING stuff these last few years! I love the idea of everyone waking up to their gifts and sharing them with the world. I have seen the growing consciousness online in the last 4 years and I am optimistic it and love is spreading. It is an amazingly beautiful time to be alive. :-)

    Love and hugs,

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    Jenny, I am so happy you shared this…so happy. Its such an imperative part of our connectedness and growth.
    My immense gratitude to you for bringing this to light and for helping me learn so much from this.
    You are so awesome! Thank you again.
    Much Love~
    p.s. i know I commented before…but i just had to come back and listen to this again and again and again. I need this video to become engraved in my heart. I love all the comment here too.

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    Hi Jenny,
    Be The change we want to see in the world- my fave saying.

    I love Deepaks Live the question.

    This is so powerful and I know why we are connected and all the others who have commented here. We are what I am calling Change Warriors and I am excited to think I will be interviewing you all in 2011 so we can spread this message of change even further
    Yes we do need to remember and I will move forward with love and action

    Love and hugs

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    Jenny, its wonderful how you encourage everyone to awaken to the good they are already doing, as well as the untapped power of our own thoughts and feelings. To resonate on the same wavelength or frequency as many others reminds us of collective power to change the world. Recall Gandhi echos, ‘be the change you wish to see.’


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