“The Angel Therapy Handbook” by Doreen Virtue – A Book Review

If I had to summarize “The Angel Therapy Handbook” by Doreen Virtue in a couple of words I would say “generous” and “empowering”. Doreen Virtue has been featured on Oprah, CNN, The View and many other talk shows and venues.  She holds several degrees in psychology and counseling to name a few. She has been naturally clairvoyant since birth.  Doreen has written many books and this book is putting it all together in one comprehensive 240 page package I feel everyone can benefit from. It is my pleasure to tell you a little about what you can gain from reading “The Angel Therapy Handbook“.




My previous exposure to Doreen Virtue includes owning her book, “Archangels & Ascended Masters” and enjoying her “Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards” and “Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards“. I also have visited some of her work online by watching videos and reading articles.  When you begin to study spirituality Doreen’s name comes up quickly as the “Angel Authority” and honestly her presence even from pictures IS Angelic. While she has spoken and interacted with Spirit and Angels since birth it was an experience in 1995 that made her KNOW she had to pursue this field and listen closely. You can read about it on her website or in the introduction of “The Angel Therapy Handbook“. It is a powerful story of how important it is to listen to your guidance and how fortunate she was to get another chance to do so.


Doreen teaches many workshops and also offers online courses as well as has a voluminous array of books and materials.  She is represented by Hay House which says a lot in itself and she has a wonderful reputation worldwide. I have had friends get certified by her in “Angel Therapy” and see her in person and each has told me nothing but wonderful things about her as a person. After reading this book I deeply understand why.



Please watch this short video from Doreen to learn more about her book:




The Angel Therapy Handbook” is broken into Three Parts and Eighteen Chapters.  The First Part is called “Connecting with the Angels and Archangels” and contains 3 Chapters. While I have Angel cards and a few books on Angels I can’t really say I have ever STUDIED Angels thoroughly. I have enjoyed gathering bits of information here and there and my daughter loves looking at pictures of Angels with me and reading about them. I knew I had a lot to learn. :-) The first Two Chapters of this book are WONDERFUL for explaining and defining Angels and Archangels and many terms around them.  I did not know about the “Nine Choir of Angels” and JUST how many different TYPES of Angels there are representing areas of our life from abundance and healing to beauty and family.  Doreen not only talks about the Angels through different Sacred texts but also talks about the Archangels and helps you understand who is best to call on for what purpose.


The last Chapter of the First Part is about Mediumship.  Not only how to contact your departed relatives and loved ones (including pets) for yourself but also how to do so for others.  Again, Doreen’s explanations seem so simple and easy to adapt. She takes the woo woo out and it reads like a simple how-to book and you leave each chapter ready to try out the exercises immediately.


Part Two is called “Angel Therapy Methods” and includes nine chapters. The first chapter talks about how to begin to communicate with Angels and how to get rid of fears and other issues that might be blocking that communication.  The next 5 chapters explain a favorite topic of mine – how we ALL receive information differently and how to get in touch with your inner guidance system and the WAY you receive information.  Doreen explains the 4 main “Clairs” in the next 4 chapters: Clairvoyance – “Clear Seeing”, Clairsentience, or Clear Feeling, Claircognizance, or Clear Hearing and Clairaudience or Clear Hearing.  These Chapters are SOOOO valuable.  Not only does she give you guidance in how to know which one you are most attuned with BUT she gives you exercises on how to deepen your connection with EACH one.  Being Claircognizant and Clairsentient myself I cannot tell you HOW much I appreciated these exercises! I had to stop myself from staying in that space where I was wishing I had known all this information YEARS ago. 😉  Doreen is definitely gifted at simplifying and making this information readily available for all.


The next Three Chapters in this section are also extremely valuable.  Chapter Ten details how to give an Angel Reading. Doreen gives several exercises and ways to begin this immediately. Of course with practice all of this becomes much easier and natural. Chapter Eleven talks about Oracle Cards and other Divination Methods. Doreen recognizes that different methods will resonate with different people.  She offers many tools that you are sure to walk away with something that ensures you begin to notice when in fact you ARE communicating with Angels and ways to work with them.  Chapter Twelve is about Angel Therapy Healing. As an alternative healing practitioner, I found this part illuminating.  There were methods in this Chapter I had heard of like “Etheric Cord Cutting” and ones that were brand new to me like “Vacuuming”. Doreen shares how to call upon the Angels to help you with these and more healing methods in detail. The Second Part of this book held SO MUCH USEFUL and easy to access information and all I kept thinking was “HOW GENEROUS OF DOREEN – PRICELESS Information”. :-)


The Third and Final Part of the Book has Six Chapters and is called, “You Are a Spiritual Teacher and Healer”.  It includes Chapters Named, “Lightworkers and Your Life Purpose”, “Action Steps to Take Right Now”, “Putting Yourself Out There”, “You Are a Professional Speaker”, “You Are a a Spiritual Healer” and “Self-Care for Spiritual Teachers and Healers”.  WOW!!!!  Doreen gives you all you need not only to get in touch with these gifts we all have and work with them comfortably but she then empowers you to take it to the next step and do it professionally NOW.  I have been doing healing work for the last 3 years and I can say with confidence she addresses most (if not ALL) of the issues I have encountered in stepping into this work with both feet. Once again Doreen’s generosity as a Lightworker shines through.



Can you tell I LOVED this book? 😉 I truly feel anyone that picks this up can gain something from it.  Whether you have a curiosity to learn more about Angels, want to connect with your inner guidance system, are curious about Mediumship or have had questions about being a Lightworker and how to step into this work – there is something for everyone! :-) I HIGHLY recommend “The Angel Therapy Handbook“.  I welcome comments. I would love to hear if this interests you, if you have encountered Doreen’s work before or if you want to share any experiences you might have had with Angels, Mediumship, Guidance or stepping into the Role of a Lightworker.  Thank you to Doreen for such an AMAZING book – I learned a lot and am enjoying the exercises thoroughly.  Thank you to Hay House for bringing consistently brilliant spiritual materials to the public. :-) It was an honor to review this book and I highly recommend you check out Doreen’s website to learn more about her.




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    Awesome Jennie,

    I don’t have this book thanks for reviewing and interesting I have just finished a 4 week daily video course with Sonia Choquette which is- onging for me wonderful and has helped me make some shifts.Now have My A team- of 7 Archangels
    I still use Doreen’s cards daily- currently Archangel Michale set

    Love and hugs
    Suzie xxoo

  2. says

    Hi Suzie!!! :-)

    I love Sonia’s work as well – congratulations on finishing a course. :-) One of my close friends uses Doreen’s Michael cards and they are AMAZING as well.

    I do think you would love this book. I miss you and hope we get to catch up soon. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading and taking the time to comment.

    Much Love and biiig hugs, xoxo

  3. says

    This is such a thoughtful book review. I know you are asked to review a lot and this book stands out as one of the best you’ve ever encountered. Thanks for following your path and for taking the time to help our daughter become comfortable with her gifts and skills. Imagine if you knew at the age of 8 what you are teaching her now!

  4. says

    Hey Hon – I mean Ray ;-),

    Thank you for reading and for your support. This book definitely did stand out for me (I guess the 20th time I said how much I enjoyed it MADE it clear?). :-) Christina is SO in tune already with her gifts and is just getting more comfortable.. it is a beautiful thing to watch. You add Tae Kwon Do and she is a powerhouse for sure – and she’s 8! I cannot imagine what I would be like now if I had read and understood gifts like this book offers. Thanks so much for the last 16 years of support and encouragement!

    Love, xoxo

  5. Angela says

    Hey Jenny,

    As soon as I started reading this post, I jumped over to Amazon and ordered this book. So excited! Loved Qi Gong with you last night…pushing those trees. Thank you for this review, it gave me the nudge to get Doreen’s book.
    Hope to see you at the TKD test tomorrow.

    Love you!
    xoxo Ange

  6. says

    Hey Ange,

    I am sooo happy you ordered the book – I know you’ll love it. :-) I always enjoy Qi Gong and it was so nice to be outside pushing trees with you and J. The kids are both getting their blue belts tonight so I will be there! :-)

    Love and hugs, xo


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