Stress Relief Guided Meditation

I was thrilled to write my first meditation for a Stress Relief Workshop I taught with my talented colleague, Justin Deichman. Some of the comments I received after the meditation were; “I felt transported”, “I think I left my body”, “I have never felt a meditation that deeply”, “It made me feel so deeply relaxed” and a few people told me point blank, “You MUST record this”. So – two months later – here it is and I am very happy to be offering this 23 minute Guided Hypnotic Stress Relief Mediation to my readers and clients for $15.97.

During this 23 minutes, you will be guided on how to deeply relax your body. You will feel all your cares slip away and some will feel as if they cannot feel their body they are so relaxed.  I will deepen that relaxation and lead you to a beach where you will have the opportunity to release a worry/stress, gain something you have wanted and get guidance on a question you have wanted answered. After the meditation you will continue to feel deeply relaxed. Come join me and please let me know how this works for you.  This is a perfect way to begin the day or rejuvenate in the middle of the day. Or even destress after a long day at work.



I was asked to record this guided meditation that I wrote and shared during  a Stress Relief Workshop I ran with my very talented colleague, Justin Deichman. This is a 23 minute journey that will leave you feeling relieved, relaxed and rejuvenated.  You can order here for $15.97:

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