How Can Meditation Help Addiction?

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For many of us, being caught in the grips of an addiction is a potentially life-destroying thing, causing many years of suffering, confusion and self-loathing along the way. Addictions come in all forms, and we are aware of the fact that all too often, we do not realize that we even have any sort of problem or compulsive behavior until we have already gotten ourselves tangled and trapped in a web of addiction, denial, and serious difficulty.

An addiction is essentially a mental – or occasionally a physical – compulsion to a particular substance or process, brought about by an imbalanced psychological response to pleasure or comfort. Research consistently shows that almost anything can become addictive with time, even substances which are widely regarding to be ‘non-addictive’, meaning that the spectrum of addictions and the ways to deal with them is an extremely broad one. Many people try to shake addictions through abstinence, through slow and steady rehabilitation, through replacing one substance with another, or through all manner of counseling, therapy and treatments. However, it is a sad fact that a high percentage of addicts will often relapse back into addictive behaviors, with each and every relapse making it harder and harder to quit once and for all.


The Sacral Chakra


According to experts within the field of energy healing, addictive tendencies arise due to an imbalance of the body’s energies. In particular, they point to the body’s second main energy center, the Sacral chakra, located around the groin area. The body’s chakras are essentially powerful vortexes of energy which oversee the physical, mental, and spiritual health of an individual, and which can have a significant effect on the way our bodies respond to various stimuli. For example, a blockage or problem with the heart chakra can result in not only cardiovascular problems, and other difficulties relating to the physical heart, but also in a wide range of emotional problems and frustrations relating to empathy, sympathy, love and the ability to express affection. The Sacral chakra relates to things such as our sex drive, and our pleasure centers. A blockage or leakage of energy from this particular chakra is often related to selfishness, sexual dysfunction, addictive or compulsive behaviors and an unhealthy relationship with sensory pleasure and self-satisfaction. As such, if you are suffering from addiction, there is a high likelihood that your second, Sacral chakra is blocked and not spinning and radiating powerful positive energies they way that it would in a normal and healthy individual.


Natural Solutions


Thankfully, there are many natural, safe and relatively simple solutions to addiction which can genuinely help you back on the road to recovery, and which work positively with your body’s energies to ensure you restore a natural balance and harmony within yourself. By working with your natural energy sources, you can relatively quickly heal blocked chakras, and pave the path to a strong and reliable recovery which will equip you with the tools to pick yourself back up again swiftly and effectively should you relapse back into old habits. Meditation is a vital method for self-healing and dealing with addiction, as it invites a sense of peace and space back into your mind which is constantly being pulled towards an addictive substance, and which needs to quiet down and put itself back in order again. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years around the globe, and is proven to have a highly positive effect on our lives, and in particular, in the way we see ourselves. When we are struggling with addiction, it is all too easy to slip into a state of self-loathing, something which quickly creates a vicious downward circle. Meditation can give you the peace of mind and sense of perspective required to overcome such feelings, and fix your priorities as well as teach you to love and respect yourself and your own inner strength.


By combining meditative practices with Sacral chakra healing, you can piece together a routine for helping yourself escape addictive habits and tendencies. Try to take out a minimum of twenty minutes each day to sit still, breathe deeply and empty your mind of frustration and negativity. Focus on your sacral area, and visualize powerful healing energies returning to this part of your body. It may help to repeat positive affirmations to yourself while doing this, such as ‘I am strong enough to escape addiction’ and ‘I believe I can succeed’, over and over again. This will invite positive energies back into your body, and such a routine can make a powerful and lasting difference to your life.


Take the free 3 minute chakra test to find out if your Sacral Chakra is opened or closed:


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