About Jenny

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I am passionate about helping my clients discover their unlimited potential and power. I help them release blocks and restrictions to move onto the next stage of their life with confidence. I treat each client as the most important person – because they are. I have learned how to help empower people and to remember that we are all self healing. My passion for the possibilities of healing has led to me writing over 200 articles as well,  becoming an alternative healing practitioner, writing my ebooks and having my first book “A Short Path to Change:  30 Ways to Transform Your Life” published by Llewellyn Publishing on January 8, 2016.

In healing myself of several chronic illnesses and dis-eases as well as chronic pain my life shifted and my spiritual journey began.  I suddenly knew at my core things were not as I had been told. I had been to many doctors over 7 years and all of them said I would not be getting better. Yet in 3 short weeks I had healed myself of all of my symptoms. I was intrigued and knew there was a whole lot more I did not know or understand about how I was suddenly well.  I also had such an urge to scream from the rooftops to all the diseases support groups and doctors I had been to, “yes — it is possible to heal from these diseases”.

My wanting to share led to my diving in to learn all I could and writing my ebook and articles. If I was going to learn about this I wanted to learn and study every day if I could. I began to study about personal development and alternative healing techniques. Through a series of synchronistic events I found forms of healing that resonated deeply within me that I now practice. I never expected myself to be a “healer” and in fact am not fond of the word – since it is more about the person opening up to their own healing rather than me doing to for them.  We are all self-healing.  After healing my life took continued to open up.

In gathering information on articles to write I would add books to my Amazon wish list randomly. I received a bunch of books from my father on Mother’s Day and one of them was “The Reconnection” by Dr. Eric Pearl. I had not remembered adding it to my wish list but the moment I touched it I could not let go of it – literally – I carried it around with me even after I had finished reading it – YEP it was WEIRD. Reading it had me feeling ENERGY in my body for the first time in my life. Synchronistically I had a Soul ReAlignment session done 2 weeks previously and had been told I would be a gifted energy healer. This did not even come into my consciousness with my obsession with the book – all I knew was I had to know more. After getting reconnective healing work done on me and going to a seminar I was hooked.

After the Reconnective Healing seminar I asked a close friend who lived in a different state if I could practice distance healing on her – after one session her years of pain disappeared. I began my own private practice and never cease to be amazed (7 years later) at what occurs and what the results might be. This work led to my intuition and psychic abilities opening up and a curiosity to know at a deeper level where the information was coming from. I soon completed my Soul ReAlignment Level One Training and if I had thought the distance work blew my mind – WOW – I was in for another HUGE awakening.

In Soul ReAlignment I am allowed to access the Akashic Records (the record of all of our lives and each thought, emotion and occurrence in it). I get to see who the person is at soul level and my clients resonate deeply with the information. I also look at what blocks and restrictions are keeping my client from advancing on their spiritual path with ease and am able to clear them so that they may move forward in flow. This work always blows my mind. A very common reaction to a reading is someone saying “but this sounds almost exactly like my life now”. Yep, there are lessons we are meant to learn and sometimes from different angles. It is affirming to the client to understand this at such a deep level.

It has been over five years of me doing both Soul ReAlignment work (I have taken Soul ReAlignment 2 and Soul ReAlignment for Business) and learning all I can about energetic and informational healing. I have studied some Shamanism and have read many books on energy work. I use all of my skills including my Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Penn State University when I have a session with someone. It is a very intuitive process and no two sessions ever look the same. I have helped over a thousand people over the last 7 years,

What does my life look like since healing myself? Well, I am a mom of 2 wonderful children who I can now keep up with (MOST of the time). I am in a wonderfully supportive and loving relationship which I am grateful for every day! I was in a belly dance troupe  for a few years (after being told I would never dance again). I have an alternative healing/coaching practice that keeps me busy, in awe and excited.  I have had many “terminally ill” clients with cancer that wind up healing. I see what some would call “miracles” very often and am always in awe and honored to do the work I do. My first book ‘A Short Path to Change: 30 Ways to Transform Your Life” will be published, January 8, 2016 by Llewellyn Publishing.  I am currently working on products and workshops so I can work with more than one person at a time. I met someone who I consider “the man of my dreams” and am loving our life as it unfolds together. I enjoy life and am excited for all it continues to offer me.

It has taken me a while to trust my intuition as a healer and to step into that role. Considering I do not like the word “healer” – it’s been even more challenging. For more on this read my article “What is Illness?”.  I have helped many people get in touch with their own intuition and healing powers.  I, too was ill and know what it was like to feel like I had nothing but limitations ahead of me.  I know this is not the way we are meant to live. We are meant to live a life full of joy, empowerment and awe. It would be an honor to help you discover that in yourself. Please visit my testimonials page and services page and feel free to contact me via email: jennymannion@yahoo.com or by phone 607-437-7867 to set up an appointment.

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