PAGING ME SYSTEM – Awaken To Your Higher Self to Heal

tree meditationMy life truly began again in healing myself of several chronic illnesses. Instead of the dire future I was promised with chronic pain and ending up in a wheelchair, I gained health beyond what I had known in 7 years and a true sense of POWER over my own destiny. I also gained a love and passion deeply rooted in helping others also discover and harness that power. Not only to heal physically, emotionally and mentally but to truly begin to live the life of their dreams defying all odds or whatever they may have been continually told up until that point in their lives.  

Early on in my healing I was asked to write an article on “how I healed”. What came out was a System – “The P.A.G.I.N.G. M.E. System” which is an acronym that includes all the methods and tools I used to heal myself of 7 years of chronic illness in 3 weeks.  I have coached from this for the last 6 years with great results and as I gain new tools I add them in and share them with my clients.

This weekend, on Saturday March 1, 2014 in Oneonta, NY  I will be presenting about THE PAGING ME SYSTEM. How in waking up to consciousness, our Higher Self and self love we can truly become our BEST SELVES and live from our SOULS (who KNOW no limits). I hope if you are in the area you can join me. After that will be a 4 week class on Wednesday evenings that will include energy work, meditation and tools for moving through each part of this system. This also helps us to connect with our Higher Selves and heal from within.

I wanted to include the PAGING ME poem which describes this system simply. We often make things WAY more complicated than they need to be.  It might have taken 20, 30, 40 or 50 or more years to create the patterns we have in place but you can truly begin to see REAL changes in your life after a few days of implementing the techniques and tools.  I am an alternative healing practitioner but I know it is never truly ME doing the healing. I provide tools and the knowledge I have gathered so that my clients can begin to tap into their Higher Selves and heal from within. I am so excited to be teaching this workshop and for the classes that will follow. I hope if you are in the area you can join me on this journey. Enjoy the PAGING ME poem and I wish you all the best and send you many blessings for ALL areas of your life!

The P.A.G.I.N.G. M.E. System  by Jenny Mannion

The PAGING ME System is a way to connect
with your Higher, Inner self – your SOUL.
It is about awakening into consciousness to heal.
Embracing that connection and living from there is the goal.

P is for Pardoning, yourself and others
a step “challenging” for some two-fold.
You have to fall in love with yourself
And let go of blame, often deep seeded and OLD.

Cutting away at the thick ropes
that have kept you anchored in the past
allows for freedom, power and forward motion
the NOW and future are yours at last!

A is for Attention Shifting
from what is “bad” or hurts to what is right.
Wayne Dyer’s quote, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
can help you see things in a new light.

If you have a pain or stress that is recurring
one you feel physically or emotionally within
after observing, shift to an “anchor” or good time
allowing that positive vibration to win.

G is Gratitude for Everything
The most powerful healing tool of all.
When you stop to truly FEEL all that is good
your current “challenges” can cease to matter at ALL!

From the air you breathe, people you love, having clothes and food,
you will suddenly realize abundance is all around.
When you stop and truly EXPERIENCE this at its deepest level
more goodness and things to be grateful for ARE sure to abound.

I is for Influences, keep them positive
from news, situations and the friends that you choose.
Remember true all-weather energizing friendships win
Energy vampires, zap your energetic life force, too precious for you to lose.

N is for No Negative “Self talk”
Turn it around to see and say it in a positive way.
Even being stuck in traffic shifted to “Yes!, Time for reflecting and singing”
Can greatly change your outlook on the day.

G is for Goal Setting which is crucial
if you don’t know what you want, how can you possibly know the way there?
It is important to set mini goals to guide you
Think of it as climbing stair by stair.

M is for Meditation
which is transformational for your well being in a short amount of time.
A walk through nature, mantras, deep and conscious breaths
ALL will calm and soothe the non-stop ego-ic mind.

E is for Education
Your mind is YOURS to teach.
When you are learning things you are passionate about
You expand the levels of joy and satisfaction you can reach.

The Paging Me System simply put
are steps to heal, connect and learn from the true YOU.
By embracing, loving and living from that space
Life will be more in flow and joyful than you ever possibly knew!

Guided Akashic Journey

akashic guided journeyI am so very excited to offer my new service of Guided Akashic Journeys

I have created an immersive meditation I will lead you on so you can access your OWN RECORD.  By connecting you with your own Akashic Guides you will feel the certainty of having your questions answered. If any doubts arise, I will be there with my guides to offer you support, reassurance and confirmation.  After our session you will then know how to go into the Records on your own to access information.  A priceless gift you can use at any time.

I recently offered this service to the brilliant Director of the movie, “What If?”, James Sinclair and this was his response;

“Dear Jenny, thank you for the incredible journey of going to the Akashic Records, the Cosmic Storehouse of all records of eternity.  Your meditation process is a powerful vehicle to successfully travel to this 5th dimensional place of unconditional love and bliss.  You are giving a tremendous gift to everyone who wants to access soul records, connect with their True Self, receive guidance/healing and/or hear their own intuition. Your guidance and unconditional love were vital to the experience, along with your amazing presence that facilitates the safest space to delve so deeply.  I very much appreciated your accurate intuition along the way and I will be highly recommending this session!   Thank you again.” – James A Sinclair

To learn more and to order your session to connect to your own record, please visit my page Guided Akashic Journey!  Thank you – I am so excited to go on these journeys with you and have you walk away KNOWING how to access your own record at any time!  




Gratitude – The Easiest and Most Powerful Healing Tool of them All!

GratitudeGratitude is one of the most powerful tools I know for shifting energy around any situation or relationship.  So many times we are focused on what we don’t want, don’t like or are worried about what will be. We judge situations and deem them “bad” and also are our own toughest critics.  We become wrapped up in our own minds and patterns of thought and sometimes days, weeks or even longer periods of time can pass without us taking that time to truly FEEL gratitude in us for all the things that ARE working in our lives.

My friend Zeenat, from Positive Provocations asked me to write a post (along with other blogging friends) that will be posted on her blog on her birthday, Saturday, September 28, 2013.  Please visit to bask in Zeenat’s amazing healing and loving energy and her beautiful outlook on life and to send her birthday wishes! I am also including a very special offer and gift for her birthday via that post. Her request inspired me not only to write this longer post about gratitude with exercises but also to show my gratitude to my subscribers. If you book a session in the next 72 hours – before Wednesday 11PM Eastern Standard Time.. I will give you a 1/2 price rate on ANY service (and Yes, that WILL include multiple services). Just a little THANK YOU for your love and support over the years. You can visit my services page and my Akashic page for more information and look at my testimonials to learn about other’s experiences in working with me.

Having been so ill for over 6 years I remember clearly how easy it is to be caught up in all the things I couldn’t “do, be or have in my life” instead of focusing on what I DID have. I still maintain that gratitude was one of the most instrumental tools allowing me to heal myself in three short weeks.  So how CAN we show gratitude and what are the easiest ways to bring this daily practice into your life? There are several ways I have found VERY effective to bring the MAGICAL energy of gratitude into your life:

1)  Make a list – of the first 10 things that come to mind that you are grateful for. (There are ALWAYS things to be grateful for – a roof over your head, food, friends, family, a pet, the health that you DO have).

2)  Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself. These can be hobbies that bring YOU joy or aspects of yourself.. are you a good listener?  Kind? Generous? So often we repeat to ourselves what we DON’T like about ourselves – this is a powerful exercise in affirming our self love. 

3)  In the morning or at night before bed the mind is in its most receptive state.  It is also the time we are known to “Worry”. Use this time to take a minute or two and reallllly think deeply about a few things you are grateful for and all the aspects that make that person or situation a gift in your life.

4)  Tell someone that you care about that you are grateful for them. You will make their day and warm your own heart in the process.

5)  Make a Gratitude Journal – at the end of every day or even sporadically during the day – write down things that made you smile, happy or brought a sense of relief to your life.

These are just a few simple and easy ways to express gratitude. There are many ways to express gratitude and as you begin to it raises your energetic vibration allowing MORE things to be grateful to come into your life. How do you express your gratitude toward life and all the wonderful things in it?