(Using the Mind/Body Connection and the Law of Attraction)

It IS possible to heal chronic pain and dis-ease. This e-book offers tools to do so just as I have done.

While many illnesses according to the doctors are not technically “curable”, I am living proof that people with chronic illnesses can have a better life without relying on pills. In just a week I felt better than I had in months — if you use the steps I outline you will feel better SOON.

There are worksheets in the back to get you started.

Discover How to Heal Pain Naturally

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  1. […] I was ill for over six years and believed I had done “everything I could”.  I had been to doctors and more doctors and tests and more tests and they all pointed to the same thing…. I had several chronic diseases and would in fact be getting WORSE not better.  I joined several “support” groups but quickly found out most of them were only supporting me when I was talking about how awful my life was or what medications I was on.  Few were actually telling me to look on the bright side and NONE mentioned the HOPE of healing.  I read books and more books on living with chronic illness and disease.  Several of those books even suggested me having a small funeral for my “old” self since I would never be the same and moving on from there. I had tried no meds, lots of meds, no exercise, gentle exercise, took all the doctors advice on what and what not to eat and a vitamin regimen…. NOTHING made me feel better and EVERYTHING I felt was sealing my fate. […]

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