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This is a place to come for some answers to healing questions. It feels like the more we learn about topics like healing, the mind/body connection and the law of attraction – the more questions we have!  Your questions can be about healing, the law of attraction or about any of my services.  I have been an alternative healing practitioner for the last 5 years and have studying healing since healing myself of several chronic illnesses. It has been a passion of mine, since healing myself to learn about healing. I can offer you resources and my outlook on things from my experiences. Many of us have the same questions but do not know how or who to ask. By you asking questions – you help many others who have had the same question. To thank you I will give you a free 1/2 hour session if I answer your question on my website. (Or you can use the 1/2 hour off of one of my services – a $150 value). There ARE no silly questions. To ask me a question email your question to me at jenny@jennymannion.com with the topic: Question.  Thank you! Below are a list of the questions thus far – click on them for the post answering them. I am very grateful!


Can all illness be healed?  Is it possible that our Souls chose certain illnesses that are not meant to be overcome?


How Does Someone Who Practices Positivity All The Time Get Sick?


What if someone close to me does not believe in the Law of Attraction?


I’ve been thinking about how to know whether a health issue stems from a physical problem or otherwise a state of mind or being; and can both be healed the natural ways you promote?


Do You Believe that if a specific Healing Modality did not work for me before that it might work for me now?


Are there any Spiritual Tools that Help with Worry and Depression?


“How does one overcome illness using the mind when the mind is in a state of distress?” and “How were you able to do this and maintain it especially after so many treatments and tests?”


Can an Akashic Reading explain why someone is schizophrenic?



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