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Chakras: Guidance, Healing and Illumination, Poems for Discovering Balance

Have you heard of “Chakras”, but have no real idea of what they are?

Have you tried to learn about the chakras? Did they seem “foreign” or too difficult to understand?

Chakras have been studied and written about for thousands of years across many different societies.

Truly understanding them can change your physical and emotional well-being DRAMATICALLY!


I received the inspiration to write poems for each chakra, in order to explain them simply so everyone has access to their own inner diagnostic system for physical and emotional health. I have described each of the seven chakras in simple terms, so that they are understandable and accessible. You will understand each chakra by reading the corresponding poem. Some have even reported healings simply by reading these poems.

By reading each poem you will learn:

  • The color and qualities associated with that chakra
  • The Physical dis-eases that come when that chakra is unbalanced
  • The Emotional Ailments that arise because of imbalance
  • How to tell if each chakra is over or under active
  • Ways to Balance each chakra, such as: affirmations, foods, herbs, yoga poses, consciousness and more
  • Insights into what might be causing your own emotional and physical disease
  • Ways to truly heal from within using the guidance of the chakras

To Learn more about this Ebook and Read the Introductory Poem to the Chakras, Please visit the page: Chakras, Guidance, Healing and Illumination, Poems for Discovering Balance




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Please enjoy and feel free to send me comments. If you enjoy – an email testimonial would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

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“Wow! WOWW! I just reviewed your stress relief meditation! And I HAVE to say, I wouldn’t have ventured, at the beginning of this guided meditation, that it would take me where it ended up–EVER! What I thought would be JUST another typical “relaxation” meditation…moved me bodily and spiritually into a deep, trance of light-fueled movement—that shifted me immeasurably!! I wasn’t prepared for where it would take me, and to whom! ! And THEN–what would transpire! I HIGHLY recommend this meditation–not only for stress relief and to relax—but to SHIFT you OUT of what’s CAUSING you stress (!!) –to a place of solution! Active solution! SO–if you are in a place–where you may feel stuck–confused–or in stasis–this exercise facilitates an energetic jumpstart to your psyche’ to move beyond what you believe limits you! To return to the state we are all intended to be in! I HIGHLY recommend this! As they say in Facebook world, “LIKE”!! Or in this case–“LOVE”!!” – Steve, NY



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