Jenny Mannion is a gifted healer who had a very important first client; herself. For nearly 7 years Jenny suffered with chronic pain and received such diagnoses as “Chronic Mono “, “Fibromyalgia”, “Factor V Leiden” (A blood disorder which “caused” a blood clot and hospitalization and “Benign Hypermobility Syndrome” (aka “Ehlers Danlos Syndrome”). She was in doctors offices and receiving invasive medical tests 2-4 times a week. She awoke every day feeling like most people only experience on their worst day of “the flu”.  She was told there was no hope of her getting better and that she WOULD be in a wheelchair.

Jenny came across materials that helped her shift her health and heal herself in 3 weeks. In healing herself she found her passion for it and decided to dedicate her life to it. She has spent the last 5 years educating herself on the mind/body connection and a multitude of healing techniques. If you are suffering from any of the following ailments Jenny can help you, she has been there and understand deeply what it means to be in many different kinds of pain.

Are you suffering from any of the following?

  • Depression?
  • Chronic Pain?
  • Migraines?
  • Serious illnesses such as Cancer or MS?
  • Anxiety?
  • Emotional issues?
  • Feelings of Overwhelm?
  • Physical Pain that you can not seem to overcome?

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Primary Healing Techniques

  • Reconnective Healing and “The Reconnection” (Advanced Training)
  • Akashic Record Reading and Clearing (Advanced Training)
  • Soul ReAlignment Consultations and Clearings (Advanced Training)
  • Distance and In-Person Energy Healing
  • Mind/Body Mentoring – Jenny helps you KNOW and CONTROL the power of your mind and emotions over your health. Jenny also helps you adapt new habits to ensure your lasting success.


Jenny has tens of testimonials for the life changing work she administers. Here is a video and a few written tributes so you know what results to expect:



“I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with Jenny Mannion: her skills as an Akashic reader, energy healer, and caring health professional.  Her Akashic readings for me and my husband were head and shoulders above others I have read or heard about.  These readings were spot on as to what characteristics were found and beautifully explained for current and past lives.  And unlike many energy healers, there are two levels of healing: the clearing and cleansing that comes with the reading and the lovely and very meaningful prayer that comes at the end to be said for 21 days.  We loved saying the prayer as an important part of our day. Much the same could be said of the life situational readings we had.
The property reading were really different and very powerful also.  They were very confirming to me for what I already had sensed but did not understand.  They also provided much new information that was very impressive.  And I was comforted by the cleansing of the properties in question.  I felt much safer afterward.

Jenny’s process is very open and loving.  She is readily available to answer any questions and does a great job of the explanations.  You can feel in these answers and the explanations in the readings that she is very empathetic and sympathetic.  I have totally enjoyed working with her and have already recommended her to others.” – BD

I did the Akashic reading with Jenny and 2 healing sessions. The Akashic record reading made so much sense to me on a soul level and brought me closer to myself knowing why certain things were repeating in my life really helped me to move forward and make a shift.
I did the healing from an emotional stand point. I felt so much love and appreciation after our session. And talking with Jenny Is great because she was obviously meant to be a life coach. she is so loving and motherly her words  are perfect ! It feels safe talkin to her and she’s very soothing yet direct and leaves no questions unanswered. I’m so glad I found Jenny. She changed my life. — NF


In the 30 minute consultation Jenny will intuitively figure out what you will need to help you heal. Jenny can help you create LASTING change and a healing mindset.

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