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I am THRILLED to Announce the release of my new Ebook:

Chakras, Guidance, Healing and Illumination, Poems for Discovering Balance

The journey writing these has been a healing one for me. It has been fueled by my passion in discovering the powers and guidance the chakras hold.  Please visit the page on my new ebook to hear more about it and also to read my Introductory Poem.

Thanks so much for all the support!! I appreciate it greatly and am so happy I get to share these with you!




Are There Any Spiritual Tools that Help with Worry and Depression?

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This next question is from “Usually Happy”. Thank you – I look forward to our session together!

Dear Jenny,

Usually when we think of healing we think of physical illness; however I was wondering if you have any tools or suggestions in your spiritual healing arsenal to help with worry and depression. Although I consider myself to be a happy person that is not prone to depression, lately I have felt overwhelmed with worry and a feeling of not knowing what to do to the point that I can start crying and really do not want to talk to or be around others. I start to feel angry and sad all at once. Even though I know these must be irrational feelings, considering most of the things I worry about are out of my control, I can’t seem to help it. Do you have any suggestions for re-gaining control when plagued by worry and depression?

Sincerely, Usually Happy


Firstly, depression and worry are emotions that as humans we all will experience at times in our lives. If they feel extremely severe where we feel we are in danger of hurting ourselves it is crucial to ask for help immediately. If you are experiencing these emotions there are several things to notice and also countless tools you can use to process and move through it. It is important to also remember emotional and physical challenges are connected. Our emotions are very powerful and affect our energy and flow of energy. When we ignore the emotional for long enough or do not process emotions correctly it can begin the onset of physical ailments. It IS important to notice our emotions – all of them and to work with them to get a better understanding of ourselves and the moment.

I love the quote “Worry is negative goal setting”. There is also the quote”worry is praying for something we don’t want”.  As humans, we worry. It is quite natural and we can be extremely hard on ourselves and get STUCK in that place of imagining all kinds of things that could happen. When we worry we are not being present. We are letting ourselves get swept up in our self talk and own thoughts and usually that is a downward spiral.  Most of the time this worrying is unfounded… if all the negative things came to fruition we were spend the time and energy worried about – it would be a pretty overwhelming place to be.


Attention to our emotions is a positive step. I wrote a post a while back, “Appreciate EVERY moment not just the good Ones” where I featured  one of my favorite poems by Rumi, “The Guest House” which states the importance of welcoming each emotion. When I feel worried there are a few of my favorite tools I use. 1) I get present – that might take a guided meditation to pull be back to the moment or simply a watching of my breathing. 2) I examine what I am “worried” about and listen to what I have been telling myself objectively. Most of the time I am going overboard letting my mind do “worse case scenario” and not stopping to see the many ways the situation could rectify itself in a positive manner. By doing this I realize I am contributing negative energy to the situation and not “allowing” for the positive to come in. 3) I sometimes will make myself (while consciously present) go to the worst case scenario, acknowledge it and then come up with best case scenarios.  These all help with processing the emotions and seeing there are always alternatives. 4) I try to “surrender”. Notice the word TRY.  With some situations it is easier than others – we all have our situations that give us more pause or concern. When we surrender it is not “giving up”. I also write an article sharing the differences between Giving up and Surrender. We are saying, “Universe, I KNOW it is hard for me to see all the possibilities now (when we are in this highly charged emotional state it can sometimes seem impossible to see a positive outcome) BUT I trust that things WILL be shown to me and everything will work out for my Highest Good”.  Again, this is for working through emotions sometimes we will need to just quiet our mind and other times kick start ourselves to get ourselves out of the funk ASAP.


There are numerous ways to quiet our minds so we can begin to look at things a little differently. We can meditate, using a guided meditation if necessary. We can walk in nature. We can do some awareness exercises – like sitting and listening, then listening further and really becoming aware of our surroundings. We become so amazed that we did not notice half of those sounds before this quiet peace comes over us as we sit and are present. If you have ever felt energy – simply sitting and feeling energy can help bring you to a calm state of mind. By feeling energy and allowing it to flow through your body you are activating a self healing and you can become centered and calm very quickly.


If you feel you have dwelt there enough and you really want a change of mood NOW – there are many ways to switch out of a funk and a few require asking someone else for help.  We can call as friend that makes us laugh for a walk or talk. We can watch a funny movie, read a funny book or listen to a song that makes us smile. We can do something for US – yoga, a walk – anything that brings us JOY. Many times when we get in these states of worry and depression we become so very hard on ourselves. Celebrating what we love is a way of honoring ourselves and bringing ourselves joy. Doing something we love; gardening, cooking, exercise of some sort are all ways to shift our moods.  If you truly feel you have been there a while and need someone’s help there is always energy work by a practitioner – as you know distance does not matter.  The number one feeling people report to me after a session is “a deep sense of calm and peace”. You don’t have to do this alone. If there is a recurring theme you might need help to shift to a new state of being.


The most important thing in all of this is self love. Be kind to yourself – act as if your best friend was coming to you with these worries and wrap your arms around yourself as you would them. Tell yourself it WILL be okay. Get present. Know in that very moment you ARE safe, you are OKAY. When you feel ready – try and process some of what it going on. If you need help to get into that space – use some of the tools I provided above or reach out for help. Just as we love helping others – others love helping us. Sometimes it is hard to reach out and ask for help – but just as you would want a loved one to reach out to you.. they want you to reach out too.


I look forward to our healing session and know it will grant you some peace and relaxation. Thank you so much for your question!


Healing Answers – How to know where a health problem stems from and can it be healed naturally?

The next question is from BC from NY. Thank you BC!

BC Wrote, “I’ve been thinking about how to know whether a health issue stems from a physical problem or otherwise a state of mind or being; and can both be healed the natural ways you promote?


We ARE body, mind and spirit. As such any physical problem is a reflection of some dis-ease in our bodies.  We need not know necessarily WHAT caused the dis-ease though certainly sometimes that can help us to heal.  What IS important is what we are doing NOW with it and how are we moving forward. Yes, I do feel all dis-ease can be “healed” naturally but “healing” can take many forms.


When I was ill and beginning to heal myself I wanted answers to everything. WHY did I get sick?  Did “x” make it happen, how about “y”? I wanted to blame something and felt that would help me.  I came up with MANY influences of why my body stopped working but that was not what helped me to heal. Our body has usually sent us MANY clues and messages before we come down with physical illness. The challenge is to begin to listen early on so we can hear what it is telling us BEFORE symptoms worsen.


Many times when we are ill we blame ourselves or something/someone else.  It is more important for us to come into a state of Grace, forgiveness and acceptance for ourselves and the issue than try to “figure it out”. Many times when we do “figure it out” it gives us more reasons to be unkind to ourselves. Blaming ourselves will only worsen any symptoms and dis-ease and will not serve us in healing.


Obviously if we are eating fast food all the time, not exercising and topping it off with sugar we encouraging dis-ease in our bodies.  But if we are doing all these things we KNOW are not good for our body – guaranteed we do not think very highly of ourselves which is much MORE of the key issue and what we need to address.


I feel the basis of healing is knowing we ARE okay. Loving ourselves, understanding we are more than our physical bodies and recognizing that even a dis-ease can be a gift to teach us something. As humans we are quick to label and judge, “this is bad”, “this is good”. I could call my 7 years ill my biggest hardship or I could call it the greatest GIFT of my life. It truly IS all in how we look at it and what we tell ourselves about it.


The same is true with “healing”.  Is healing necessarily a disappearance of dis-ease?  I heard a Neale Donald Walsch quote recently that resonated deeply with me on this:

Illness is a not a sign of spiritual weakness but of spiritual strength.

 When we fall ill there are some who will say, “Why did you create that for yourself?” They might convince you to see it as a sign of spiritual weakness or failure. It is not. It is a sign of spiritual strength.

All challenges are a sign of spiritual strength, and of the readiness of the Soul to move on; to evolve even further.


All this being said, YES dis-ease can be very challenging and sometimes we DO need HELP to heal on whatever level that can be. I do believe there is always healing possible no matter WHAT that looks like in that particular situation. And sometimes, YES it is a complete removal of ANY AND ALL PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS and MANIFESTATIONS.


I have worked with NUMEROUS cancer patients.  Many given the diagnosis “terminal”. After working with me many of my clients have seen their cancer “disappear”. Some have not but have healed on other levels; emotionally, spiritually, a lessening of physical symptoms or come to a place of deep peace they were missing before. ALL are gifts of healing. It was VERY difficult for me in the beginning to not be attached to the results.  But it is not ME that determines WHICH healing is appropriate.


Our state of mind can usually use some improving and this will go a long way to helping our physical challenges. There are many exercises I offer in my ebook to facilitate this and I love mentoring clients on how to get into a better state of being. I am very grateful to have the toolbox I have acquired to help people on their journey to well being and health. I feel most of us can benefit from some healing and I know I, too enjoy looking to my friends for help.  We are all meant to help each other and my work IS my passion. I am grateful! BC – I greatly look forward to our session together – thank you so much for your question! :-)