The Love List Project – It is Healing to Say What You Love and WHY

rainbowsAs people who know me are aware, I LOVE “LOVE”.  I was extremely touched when I heard about “The Love List Project”. The premise is simple; think and share what you love and WHY. The WHY adds another dimension and this project had me thinking a LOT this week.  In saying WHY you love something you not only connect with that person/thing more deeply but you also shine light on your inner self.   It is healing to concentrate on  what you love in your life and why. This project inspired me so much that I wrote a poem about SOME of the things/people I love and why.  Thanks to my friend Lance, from Jungle of Life for sharing this wonderful idea by Kristin Tennant.  If people took the time to think about these things weekly in their life as  proposed what a truly beautiful world it would be.

The Love List Project — Background

As I mentioned, I heard about this first through Lance, at “Jungle of Life“, in his post “What is Love, Really”.  Lance highlighted that it was Kristin Tennant from “Halfway to Normal” that this project began with, in “The Love List Project“.  Kristin asks that every Friday you go to her post and share part of your list there or you can share your list on twitter by posting with the #lovelist hashtag.  I feel this is a brilliant idea.  If we all took even a few minutes one day a week to reflect on some of the things and/or people we love and why it would put us in a place of love and gratitude surely radiating outwards to others. Thank you Lance and Kristin.  Following is a poem I was inspired to write after hearing about this project. I would encourage all my readers to also do this exercise — boy does it make you feel GOOD!

My Poem

What do I Love and Why?: A Poem Inspired by The Love List Project

What do I love and why?
What a revealing question to pose.
As I delve deeper into my list
my love for each deepens and grows.

The first thing that flashes to mind is family.
My immediate and extended who are ALL gold.
I love them all for their individuality
the special gifts they each offer and hold.

I love the friends in my life
they are true, honest and fun.
Whether talking, walking or just “being”
I feel their presence is a prize I have won.

I have always loved dancing
belly dance, yoga dance, modern and more.
It transports me and makes me feel alive
a sense of being grounded yet floating over the floor.

I love the promise of rainbows
their hues shining brightly through the wet.
They show life always has colors and promise
even in times when you feel stagnant or spent.

I love cross country skiing.
Getting out in the cold to move.
Winter can make me feel shut in
skiing gets me back in my groove.

I love laughing and being silly
whether it is with my kids, friends or hubby, Ray.
It loosens up any tightness in my physical body
makes any stress melt quickly away.

I love being in the moment
the joy of being present and here.
I can reflect on what I am grateful for
eliminate any worry or fear.

I love walks in my local park
the comfort of being surrounded by fields and woods.
Feeling the current season so strongly
it is impossible not to feel good!

I love reading other’s writing
whether it is fictional or true.
It educates and takes me
to knowledge and places I never knew.

I love writing my thoughts down
whether it is privately or right here.
It allows me to contact my inner self
make my thoughts and feelings real clear.

I love the practice of Reconnective healing
because it turns up our intuition real loud.
When we turn inwards and listen to our inner self
we do things that make ourselves proud.

I love waking up each morning
lying still silently saying what I am grateful for.
Each day brings miracles and blessings
another day means the promise of more.

I love saying what I love
and reflecting on why.
It fills me with tears of gratitude
gives me a powerful natural high.


Declaring what you love and explaining WHY can empower you.  It allows you to concentrate on the GOOD — no, make that AMAZING in your life. So many times people get trapped into thinking about what ISN’T good or what ISN’T working. This is a simple exercise to shift into a place of love and gratitude.  I hope my readers will take the time to leave their own list here, at Lance’s or at Kristin’s blog.  Also you can follow Lance, Kristin and myself on Twitter and use the #lovelist hashtag to tell us what YOU love and WHY. Thank you Lance and Kristin for the inspiration this week and for helping me stay in a place of love.