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“My coaching call with Jenny was a very pivotal moment in my life. I had been having health problems such as chronic migraines and neck pain. After many doctors appointments, tests and medications, I wasn’t any better. I was beginning to understand that my negative thinking patterns were perpetuating the problem, but really needed some direction as to how to go about changing my thinking. Jenny provided very helpful insight and solid advice. I used the tools she recommended to clear some blocks from the past and rework my perspective on my health conditions and my current life situations. From that point on, I noticed a significant improvement not just in my health, but in all areas of my life. Those positive results inspired me to become a coach myself in the area of weight loss. I am so grateful for Jenny and would highly recommend her!”
“I am writing to tell you how very impressed I am with Jenny Mannion: her skills as an Akashic reader, energy healer, and caring health professional.  Her Akashic readings for me and my husband were head and shoulders above others I have read or heard about.  These readings were spot on as to what characteristics were found and beautifully explained for current and past lives.  And unlike many energy healers, there are two levels of healing: the clearing and cleansing that comes with the reading and the lovely and very meaningful prayer that comes at the end to be said for 21 days.  We loved saying the prayer as an important part of our day. Much the same could be said of the life situational readings we had.
The property reading were really different and very powerful also.  They were very confirming to me for what I already had sensed but did not understand.  They also provided much new information that was very impressive.  And I was comforted by the cleansing of the properties in question.  I felt much safer afterward.
Jenny’s process is very open and loving.  She is readily available to answer any questions and does a great job of the explanations.  You can feel in these answers and the explanations in the readings that she is very empathetic and sympathetic.  I have totally enjoyed working with her and have already recommended her to others.” – BD
“I have a sister in California who was diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma (cancer of the breast) last year in August of 2010. The doctor told her she was stage 4 and had only three months to live. Imagine the devastation I felt hearing the bad news. I left Hawaii to be with her and did everything it took to be of help to her. Being a born again Christian, I believe in God’s power and His faithfulness to His promises, that God is in control of everything and He heals people. Amazingly , my sister was cancer free in 3 months. This year ending in June however, her cancer came back in her knee and upper thigh. This time I wasn’t as scared. God healed her before, He will heal her again. Then I called and emailed Jenny Mannion who I knew months before and who had helped me in some areas of my life. Jenny performed a reconnective healing for my sister. Last month, July, my sister is again cancer free. God works in so many ways. He sends angels to help others and to me, Jenny Mannion is one of those angels who has devoted herself to helping other people. From the bottom of my heart , thank you so much Jenny, God loves you and will always bless you.” – Mila B, Hawaii


“I had a house clearing and an Akashic reading done by Jenny Mannion and her work is very real and was a blessing to me. Her Akashic Reading work has helped me tremendously to clear away all negativity and unjustified karma that I found has been hindering my progress for this lifetime from many lifetimes previously. I found who I truly am spiritually and she has set me back on my highest path and purpose in this lifetime. The house clearing that she did for me was also a blessing, I live in my grandparents old house now, and as a child I remember having experiences with entities even back then. She cleared the old entities as well as new ones and even closed the portals that were open in the house and ever since my family is calmer and has experienced no haunting’s or nightmares. My son used to grind his teeth terribly at night but since she did the work he no longer does. I have also noticed that my dog no longer growls or has the chase dreams at night. I am very glad that I found her, her work is one of a kind and it has made me feel like I am finally free to be who I was meant to be.”Tanya S. Horseheads, New York


“Jenny Mannion is an extraordinarily gifted healer. Two sessions with her have renewed my faith in energetic healing. Immediately following both sessions I experienced a deep sense of well-being and relief. Since then, I have experienced more progress than ever before in recovering from a long-term chronic illness. Thank you, Jenny!” — Lynn F.


“A couple of weeks ago, I had a Reconnective Healing session with Jenny. We arranged a session swap with one another. I was really keen to experience this kind of healing because it appeared to be unlike anything else I’ve experienced before. On the day of the healing session, I spoke with Jenny on the phone, and I was excited but did not know what to expect. She told me to lie down for around 40 minutes, during which time she’d be doing the distance healing on her end, and then said she’d ring me back when 40 minutes had passed. As soon as I lay down, I began to feel relaxed and nurtured – I loved that I had 40 minutes all to myself just to lie down and be. However, soon I sensed a loving presence all around me. My stomach began to gurgle furiously, my knees were moving a little of their own accord and I wanted to stay conscious so I could observe all the interesting things happening, but I soon noticed I was ‘going under’ – slipping into something very similar to a hypnotic state. In this state, I noticed a spirit guide hovering around me, doing healing work. I was told to breathe deeply three times by the guide and I did. I had had flu about a week prior to the healing session and had a cough left over from this. I noticed that after the healing session, my cough eased off and my chest was less sore. While I was in that state, it was as if I was processing and releasing fears and emotional negativity with someone’s assistance. I remember feeling certain fears related to my relationships and present situation and I was shown comforting images. I am not sure if I was being shown images of the future, but I have felt reassured about certain worrying situations since then. I also heard clairaudient messages about negative events from my past and this was very comforting. It was as if I was allowed to close the door on certain past events during the session, although I am not sure how this happened. As a healer, it was very interesting for me to observe what was happening. I felt as if I had to ‘do’ something in order to heal, as I’m not used to being on the receiving end of the process, but all I needed to do was relax and just allow the healing to happen. It was also interesting in that this kind of healing appears to involve Jenny’s angels and guides, because I perceived them. But she told me afterwards that she doesn’t work with them consciously, which was interesting. I could have picked up on the presence on these guides because I had just done Jenny’s reading and I was open in that regard. All in all, it was a fascinating, comforting and very nurturing experience. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling like you need some TLC or emotional healing. The beauty with this kind of healing is that you never know what kind of healing you’re going to get – in my case it was emotional mainly but also a bit of physical healing. But because of the open-ended aspect of this session, it’s easier to get exactly what you need to heal, nurture yourself or rejuvenate.Anna Conlan Intuitive healer Psychic But Sane


Paula Kawal wrote a post about her session which I have posted below. Please visit Paula’s wonderful site: Journey InwardI recently had a Reconnective Healing Session with my good friend Jennifer Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally. Jenny (whose interest in this subject comes from the personal experience of healing herself of chronic pain) is an inspired blogger who has for about a year and a half now, been sharing everything she finds related to helping people to heal themselves.When she told me about Reconnective Healing I was of course, immediately interested :) We scheduled a time for the healing and Jenny asked me to think about what I would like healed.I explored this for the week prior to the session. I have no physical problems really. I have always been healthy and strong. I am usually the one taking care of everyone else because I just didn’t get sick, or if I DID, I didn’t get it as badly as everyone else.Emotionally, I couldn’t find anything within the scope of my awareness that needed healing at that point.I asked Source to reveal what I should work on sometime before the session.When the day came to have the session I knew what I would heal. It was more of an idea, a notion or way of thinking than a physical or emotional thing. I wanted to heal the illusion that I needed to DO anything to BE spiritual. I felt it was time to put an end to long meditations, rituals and all manner of complex procedure to get into the free flow of the spiritual state. I wanted to just intend it and BE there.So the day of the healing Jenny called me and I stated my intent, holding it – we ended the call and I proceeded to meditate on my end, staying open and receptive to what I may experience while Jenny performed the healing.What I personally experienced while she healed me was centered within my heart, third eye and crown chakras. My chest grew very warm and I saw white and gold flashes of light through out the process.In the weeks to follow I was physically, emotionally and spiritually releasing. The Nature of this release was challenging as it contained what I call collective issues that I’ve bought into and operated from through many, many lifetimes along with a belief that we have to work hard at spirituality.After the release I started to notice how easily I slipped into state. Walking, breathing, just thinking about connecting to the Akashic Records, or Source and the Angels was enough. I’ve found the gap between my normal functioning state and these elevated High Vibrational States to be very tight and natural like walking across the room rather than forced like trying to cross the Grand Canyon.What an illusion to shed!!!The power at the heart of every healing modality that I’ve experienced has always been intent, whether it is coaching, Akashic Records work or healing with the Angels the bottom line that holds it together and actually produces change is always intent and the magic of it often manifests even more greatly when working with someone else who helps you hold and magnify that intent.Love and thanks to Jenny for introducing me to this great modality 😛


A. Nashad NJ “THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to experience Reconnective Healing. All I can say is that you are amazing!! I felt each and every part of my body being healed. I truly believe that EVERYONE should experience the healing once.As a result I am still experiencing the effects of our session. Yesterday, due to me overdoing it I was in so much pain but woke up as fit as a fiddle this morning. Usually, I have to spend the whole day in bed, taking painkillers and not being able to move(I had even cancelled appts). To say I was stunned is to put it mildly to have got of of bed with NO PAIN and NO ACHES..Amazing!! and I have only one person to thank…YOU!!


Suzie Cheel at Abundance Highway from AustraliaI have experienced two of these across the sessions and found that with Jenny’s expertise I have been able to shift a block that happened for me when I was 16 years old. I had an accident, my heart stopped, I was unconscious for a week and my life changed. I was blessed not to suffer any brain damage but have held onto some cellular memories for 40 so years. During my second session with Jenny I could feel the energy shifting out of my head, Jenny is very gifted. The Next is written about by my good friend Robin Birch from Let’s Live Forever in Australia about her partner’s experience with distance healing sessions with me as well as Franks’ experience:Distance healingOne thing that Frank said helped him during his hospital stay was the two distance Reconnective Healing sessions I organised for him with my blogging friend Jenny Mannion. Jenny is in upstate New York and we are in Melbourne, Australia. Jenny has written about distance healing in her blog post here: Distance Healing.For the first session, late on our Saturday night, Frank didn’t know about it until I told him the next day, and for the second, late on Sunday night, he knew in advance, and he lay still and told the others he was meditating! He felt a warm glow/energy descending over him during the session, and some other sensations and awarenesses—he felt that it really made a difference.So thanks Jenny! I met Jenny through blogging and had never heard of Reconnective Healing before starting this blogHe wants me to do the describing of what happened in the second session, which he knew about before-hand…At one point he felt a cool “breath” on his face, that lasted for quite a while, and he felt a “touch” on the nose – on the side, where he had a skin cancer removed and a skin graft, a couple of years ago. He says the “breath” could not have been the air conditioning. When he told me the next day he had felt a cool breeze on his face and that he had “got a touch on the nose”, I felt quite comforted myself!He also told me a couple of days later he had felt a warm glow descend over him from the head downwards, during the session. A nurse came in to see him after the session was over, and she said he had been dozing when she had dropped in (during it), and he told her he had been meditating! I think she quite liked that.Also, he reckons that he felt relaxed after the first session, which he didn’t find out about till the next morning – which I think I can testify to, because when I rang him the next morning he was having a great time with the other guys in the ward, talking and laughing – he says it was the most relaxed he has ever felt! (he was still bleeding at this point.) Frank says it might have even done the other guys some good!One thing I think I mentioned in the email that went missing was that when I had my two sessions with you, Frank was obviously feeling better afterwards – his lower back problem was troubling him a lot at the time.So thanks again, Jen, for your love and support – especially as the timing wasn’t very convenient for you! I’ll turn this over to Frank…Hi Jenny,Thank you so much in aiding my speedy recovery, I really do believe you had a major impact on it, I felt quite odd in a very special and nurtured way during the process, an angel from afar.All my love, Frank


Evita Ochel, From Evolving Beings: “I recently experienced my first Reconnective Healing session with Jenny Mannion, and I am so grateful for this experience as it was truly transformational for me on so many deep levels. I went into the experience with an open mind and heart, and not suffering from any physical ailments, it was my intention to experience a reconnection to self. The experience indeed brought me that and so much more, as I felt the energy surging through every part of my body. It was by far the most profound experience I have had to date of this nature, and there are many beautifully powerful parts of it that are hard to put into words. It is thus such a blessing to have Jenny share her gift with the world and I highly recommend her services, for any type of healing be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or just to reconnect with your higher self.”Evita Ochel – EvolvingBeings.com You can read her full post about her experience here.


Patricia Hamilton from Patricia’s Wisdom:For my Birthday, after I came home from the UK (August 2009) with painful knees also, Jenny had sent me a copy of her ebook. I had read it several times, and most of her posts after that gift. In San Francisco I had wandered around her site attempting to find some relief….Robin, of Lets Live Forever had made the introduction through a post she had written.…and now Jenny was on the other end of the phone.Her next healing suggestions were – stop worrying, you are too full of worry and it is the ego that worries; – she gave me a change exercise to do for release; – told me about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on You Tube; – be in the NOW; – need more meditation time to heal; – more water, drink more water; – I had a friend named Henry who really resonated with me (Henry was the main character in the last book review I did!); -to enjoy the feeling of peace; – go for a short walk and get back moving; – and about 4 other great ideas about who I am inside – WISE was one of the words she used.I enjoyed the feelings of peace and the sunshine that was flooding in on me and the amazing pain relief – totally gone. About an hour later, I started out for a short walk and 15 minutes into walking I knew I had made a mistake – my whole leg went tight – I think it was too cold.I was able to patiently use her suggestions and now 10 days later, the leg is still stiff upon the start of movement, but I am totally pain free….Just the relaxing alone made me feel so much better, and the warmth and tingling feelings were an added benefit of getting stuck energy moving again. I have been following her exercises and can produce a bit more healing energy every day.I have started using the Alfred E Newman expression “What ME Worry?” to start each meditation period and it makes me laugh and relax. I was unaware of how much worry I have going on within me and now that I am aware I can make the change.My Medical Intuitive at uvbluehealth did call me and said she could really feel the liver cleaning out again….and she thought it was good that the ebook fundraiser was completed and off my mind.I just wanted to put out a hearty Thank you to Jenny Mannion for her generous phone call at this busy time of the year and refer you to her site for a very amazing healing experience or just to read and buy her a cup of coffee!Thank you Jenny for being there and for your generous help and yes, yes the freedom from pain ! I am stepping carefully but the healing is manifesting. What a relief.Have you had a friend in need experience, where someone just stepped up and gave you some pain relief? Do you think this is just too new age for you? Jenny works on those questions too.To read Patricia’s full post, please visit her site here.


Lance Ekum, from Jungle of Life:Being that Jenny and I are physically separated by distance, I participated in a distance healing session. To set the stage, Jenny and I spoke on the phone. We then ended the phone call, and I found a quiet place to lay down.(of note: no two experiences are exactly alike, each one being very personal)Forty minutes. My only focus was to relax.What I experienced really began as a deep sense of peace. There was a tingling sensation in my hands and feet, and to a degree – in my face. And then, there were moments of what I would describe as a much deeper sense of peace and connection with myself. In these moments, there was the experience of a glowing sensation, and a warmth throughout my body. Usually short moments, each very meaningful to me personally.I went into this not having something that I was specifically looking for healing from, just a true desire to experience a deeper connection with myself.And before I knew it, this forty minute window of time was done.Coming out of this, the biggest connection for me, during the session was really these moments of deep peace and connection.Three weeks have since passed since Jenny and I worked together on this reconnective healing session. There were these real feelings that initial day…feelings of peace and connection. Is this something that would last, though? Or would life just go on as normal?Three weeks.Moments that have been deeply good. Moments that have been challenging. Moments of uncertainty. Life.Is anything different?Because, this is great and all – to have that feeling of warmth and peace that I experienced during the session. Does this really change anything, though?TodayI believe at the depth of my soul that there is a deeper level of peace within my being. It’s not something I can quantify. Maybe you see it, talking to me…and maybe you don’t. Maybe you wonder how I can know there is more peace within me?This I know. I do feel at peace in my life. And that peace is greater now than it has ever been. Can I say for certain that it’s fully (or even, in part) related to this reconnective healing session? No. Do I believe it is? Yes. I believe that all of my life’s experiences have led me to where I am today, and it’s a collective of all of that. I have now had two experiences in the last several months that have taken me further along this path of believing that we are energy. And we can affect that energy.The last couple of weeks have been filled with much connection with everything that feels right…even in those moments of uncertainty and challenge.For Lance’s full post, please visit his site here.


Amy Putkonen from Cirkla:I did not know what to expect in my Reconnective Healing session with Jenny Mannion. I had gotten an idea the day before to ask for healing around the topics of Time and Money. So, in the Reconnective Healing session, we worked on this. As I laid there, a part of me was panicking that I would fall asleep and miss the whole thing or get caught up in the “monkey mind” and waste the session. As it turned out, none of that was relevant. In fact, ironically, it was the very understanding of its irrelevance that was the content of my work!So many times, I panic on issues of not having enough time or not having enough money. My body and mind seize up around these notions. It is this that I set out to heal for myself in this session.As I lay there, a visual came to me of my body outline containing the true essence of me as a river of energy (imagining an actual river) flowing through my core to wash through all the impurities. I knew that, in each solitary moment, I was fine – both financially and chronologically. No matter how dark it has ever gotten in my entire life, in each moment I have been fine and my fears had been unproven.Why had I doubted? It seemed ridiculous – in that moment – to fear. It occured to me that part of my struggle had been to do everything myself, for fear of handing over the almighty dollar – when, all along, there are wonderful people like Jenny there to support me and escort me to my better self.My fear of money and time translates to fear of receiving. “I receive. I receive,” I kept telling myself this as I lay there. I told this to myself when I started the session to avoid falling asleep.Turns out, I had a very beautiful and enlightening session with no needs for concern at all! Jenny Mannion is a powerful healer. We live halfway across the country, but her work was as if she was right here in the room with me. Thank you, Jenny, for your gift of healing! 

Thank you so much for checking out my testimonials page. If you would like to order or want to find out more about my services please visit My Services Page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at jenny@jennymannion.com or call me at 607-437-7867. Thank you. :-)


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