What is Illness?

Illness or dis-ease is JUST That… the body being out of ease with itself.  I feel illness comes from the body, mind or spirit not being in energetic flow.  The body will give us signs of what is wrong but we are taught at a young age to “take a pill” to mask the symptom rather than look within and ask “Hey, what’s wrong?”. We are ALL self healing. We have just forgotten. Just as a cut on our body will heal without us thinking about it – because we EXPECT it to.. our expectations and what we have been told about dis-ease play a role in how our body responds.

In healing myself there were a few quotes that helped me significantly stay on my healing path.  From the movie, “The Secret” I learned that the body is 99.999% BRAND NEW every 11 months – new cells creating new organs ALL THE TIME.  So doesn’t it MAKE sense that WHAT I am telling my body about my state of health and those emotions behind those statements and my emotional state in general play a PART in what KIND of new cells are being created?  When I was going to doctors sometimes 3 times a week and hearing HOW SICK I WAS and WAS GOING TO STAY and was reaffirming to my body how sad and disappointed in myself I was that I was so ill and not able to do so many things… what kind of cells was my body told to create?  Not HEALTHY cells!

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about a fascinating study where they found that kids that had “cancer in the family” and kids that were adopted into families that “had cancer in the family” had the SAME rate of cancer. We are told and programmed from a young age to believe if there are some diseases in our family we WILL most likely be acquiring them too.  Yes, there is genetics but as Dr. Lipton has found there is also Epi-Genetics. The movie “The Living Matrix” talks a lot about how energy and information medicine works and how DNA CAN be altered by thoughts and the energy of emotion.

When life gets challenging (as life in the 3rd dimension WILL) and we do not process those challenges well (as most of us are not taught to) there will be disruptions in our energy flow. We have energy in us and all around us as Eastern Medicine has acknowledged for thousands of years and Western Medicine has chosen to ignore thus far. Imprints get put on these fields when we are not processing things correctly. Imprints can stop the energy from being in flow and maintaining the information that needs to be maintained to keep that organ in proper working order.  I look at the work that I do as smoothing or releasing these imprints so that energy can flow correctly once more. Sometimes this can result in an instant physical healing – even from things diagnosed as “terminal cancer” as I have seen now MANY times in my practice. Sometimes the healing is on an emotional or spiritual level. Sometimes it is a KNOWING of what caused the disease and peace with it. I feel each healing is appropriate and what the person needs at that time.

I do not know nor pretend to know why some people heal and some don’t – I feel there are many reasons for this.  I do know I have seen people heal when traditional doctors have given them DAYS to live – it IS possible.  It is time we all realize we are healers and all have this power to heal from within.  I feel my work helps people come to that empowerment and that realization and am so honored to do just that.

I LOVE working with people and feel very connected to them during that time.  I am passionate about my work and look forward to sharing it with you. To book a session please visit my services page. Please go to my testimonials page to hear about people I have worked with. You can pay for services on my services page or by the paypal button the sidebar. Also email me the information above and your time zone so we can set up an appointment. I am in upstate NY on Eastern Standard Time. I look forward to working with you. :-) If you have any questions, feel free to email me at: jenny@jennymannion.com

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